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This is a solution of digital business assignment help in which we discuss ways of digital business, real or marketing hype and myth of cloud computing.


Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds due to the convergence of people, business and things. In the current scenario, digital business refers to use of ICT tools for offering information and description of the products and services that helps to influence the decisions of the target customers as well as support to maintain the long terms relation with them ( 2014). It involves creativity, invocative approach and culture according to business areas that helps to maintain the effectiveness in the operations.

Ways of digital business

Following are the ways of planning and performing the digital business:

  • Mobile computing: In the current scenario, mobile computing is key form of the digital business as by offering the information through smart phone applications the organizations are achieving the target.
  • Cloud computing: This is an emerging trend in the digital business which has potential to grow and meet the objectives of business.
  • Internet of things: The basic element of digital business is internet as communication and collection of the information is being done through this to create awareness.
  • Social media:This is one of the most preferred digital business tools of ICT that helping in the marketing and built communication with the target people (Gong, 2009).

Critiques to definitions

According to definitions the digital business is essential form of current business models that is helpful in expanding and encouraging the business but it requires the high amount of investment and risk free process which influence the decision of the organization and potential customers to deal in such kind of business. Digital business is new form of business that involve creative functions and process that improve the offering of the products and services. however it is good for attracting new customers but the lack of knowledge about function and process of ordering the goods and services is affecting the business and buying decisions of the customers. Organization need to work on these elements to improve sales.

Real or marketing hype

According to me digital business is real that is creating place in the market as people are showing their interest in the buying and selling of the products through online sources. This kind of business approach is helping organizations and customers to find and develop customized products and services that support to maintain the long terms relation (Huang and Benyoucef, 2013).

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Internet things

The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects that contains embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with the objects' internal state or the external environment. Following are the key trends that disrupting the business:

  • International standard
  • Lack of physical infrastructure
  • High investment

Characteristics of big data

  • Volume:The quantity of generated and stored data. The size of the data determines the value and potential insight- and whether it can actually be considered big data or not.
  • Variety:The type and nature of the data. This helps people who analyze it to effectively use the resulting insight ( 2013).
  • Velocity:In this context, the speed at which the data is generated and processed to meet the demands and challenges that lie in the path of growth and development.

Difference between web 1.0 and 2.0

Web 1.0

Web 2.0

Less use of protocol

Uses the HTTP

Lack of future oriented functions

Relevance to future

Need less time

Has lot of time

Lack of customized browser

Providing the customized browser

Single user

Multiple user

Myth of cloud computing

Cloud computing is always about money: While prices are dropping, especially for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), not all cloud service pricing is coming down. Assuming that the cloud always saves money can lead to career-limiting promise (Intan Salwani, 2009). Cloud computing is goal oriented and helpful in the planning and managing the information about the business and other prospective that would be helpful in the planning the operations and proper utilization of the business objectives that would influence the course of the business to achieve the goals more professional manners.


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