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Digital Audit Target Audience Analysis Assignment Help

Digital Audit and Target Audience Analysis Proof Reading Service

This digital audit and target audience analysis assignment help is explore on target audience analysis and a product, digital media, digital audit etc.


Healthworks Everton Hills was established in the year 1986. It was the foremost fitness centre in Brisbane. It is engaged in the provision of services in the area of gym, fitness and health care facilities. The target customers of Healthworks Everton Hills are the mothers from the middle and high class societies of ages between 25 to 40 who have children; and secondly the youth generation who aspires to be healthy and fit (Healthworks). Healthworks Everton Hills has a number of competitors in the market; therefore it should identify its competitive advantage andmake plans to attract more customers towards its products and services.Audit is the examination of an individual, image or mechanism for the assessment of its viability and elimination of the risky factors to a great extent. Digital audit refers to the analysis and interpretation of success of the brand in the achievement of its objectives of online marketing.

Digital Audit and Target Audience Analysis Assignment Help

Digital Audit and recommendations

Digital Media Audit

Client: Healthworks Everton Hills                                                 Date:


Examples and Observations

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Broad vision of how digital media can transform the company


In this technological era, digital media is playing a significant role in transforming the businessoperations. A number of business organisations are serving their customers through online services. Healthworks Everton Hills is engaged in providing personal health care and fitness services and 10 weeks packages along with the membership of the gym and other related services. It is encouraged to use digital services for gaining the attraction of the potential customers and motivating them to avail the services of the fitness club. It facilitates a strong communication system among the existing members of the organisation. Healthworks Everton Hills club is offering varying services such as yoga, standard yoga, group health care classes etc. Its main motive is to educate the people about the values of healthy lifestyle and motivate them to stay fit and healthy for a better tomorrow. Digital media helps in spreading the message of Healthworks Everton Hills to the world through active and strong internet based services (Digital).


Integration of marketing, IMC and digital strategy



Every organisation should communicate clear and unambiguous messages to the public about the services and goodwill of the organisation in the market. IMC is a process of maintaining a strong coordination among the various numbers of communications channels, so that the message delivery should be appropriate and advanced.

Healthworks Everton Hills has introduced its website and Facebook page for the management of its number of outlets at different locations. Marketing of the offered services becomes easier with the help of digital media communications. Healthworks Everton Hills has posted its time table of the classes and demonstrations about the training methods on its Facebook page to attract the target audience. A favourable brand image of Healthworks Everton Hills is created in the market of gym and health care services (Evans, 2015).


Digital strategy (please articulate)



The digital strategy of Healthworks Everton Hills is to rebrand the organisation with the name “Active Life Fitness Everton Hills” and offer more advanced services and facilities. It is looking forward to open an account on Instagram also for the advertisement and promotion of the services offered by it. It is to be linked to the existing Facebook and site for the maintenance of the coordination among all the digital media techniques. Healthworks Everton Hills wants to spread its business all over the world for which proper research is needed. It can be done through analysing and evaluating the needs and desires of the prospective customers (Leibtag, 2013).

Healthworks Everton Hills can achieve its goals easily with the help of digital media. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of the business of the club. All the customers should be encouraged to share their ideas and views about their experiences of the availed services. This would help in attracting more potential clients. Advanced technology and software’s should be used for the communication purpose. The brand image of Healthworks Everton Hills should not be compromised with the weak communication structure. The digital strategy of maintaining the consistency and coherence of the messages should be focused.


Strategically consistent, company-created brand messages


The consistency of the brand messages is to be maintained by proper strategic planning. Healthworks Everton Hills is engaged in the integration of all the brand texts which satisfies the viability of the mission and vision statements set for the establishment of the organisation. The main focus of the Healthworks Everton Hills fitness club is to provide a healthy future to the people at reasonable pricing policies. It is started by a family in Brisbane and managed solely on a local base.

A variety of messages are used by a number of digital media techniques which should be coordinated and consistent. Healthworks Everton Hills has decided to use Instagram for spreading the images and quotes to the interested audience. Brand messaging is the motivational slogan used to demonstrate the brand (Steven, 2012). Healthworks Everton Hills uses “Working with you today will result in a healthier lifestyle tomorrow”. (Healthworks)


Degree of company involvement in digital and social media


Healthworks Everton Hills is involved in the digital advancement facilities for the communication of the services offered by it.A large number of customers can be engaged with the help of digital resources and social techniques (Smiciklas, 2011).A strong team is managed by Healthworks Everton Hills for maintaining and updating the existing websites and Facebook page. The youth generation is mainly targeted by the Facebook profile. Regular posts are made to encourage and drive the attention of the potential customers who intends to have a better future by staying healthy and active. Healthworks Everton Hills has prepared a budget of $ 15000 for SEM and $ 5000 for the management of the group or community. Healthworks Everton Hills believes that digital media can be one of the best sources responsible for the success of the organisation.


Digital tools and social media used by the company



We can find Healthworks Everton Hills on -

Website (




Frequency of use of digital and social media tools



Healthworks Everton Hills is involved in the digital media techniques to a great extent for the promotion of its activities. The most common digital tool which is used by it is Facebook. It facilitates the incorporation of attractive and customized pictures, animated features and influencing titles and slogans. A small demonstration of the conducted activities such as cardio, group exercises, PT, swimming training, weight lifting and other sports can be given on it (Steven, 2012). It is updated on a daily basis to aware the potential customers about the new techniques and methodologies used by the organisation. The website presents the information about the locations, time table, membership requirementsetc. which is updated on a second most priority within a gap of three to four days.


Examples of content shared




Healthworks Everton Hills has shared a wide range of contents on its digital media tools. Its main purpose is to promote their activities on a social platform to attract the target audience. The posts on the Facebook page are in the form of images, status and group events etc. which promotes the gym, medical &health care and fitness facilities offered by it. The time table is presented of different locations and the range of prices is given.

The views of the experience holders are presented in a different section in website so as to encourage the prospective customers. Values and commitments of the organisation are mentioned to increase the morale of the visitors.

Active Life Fitness

Values and commitments



Strategic user engagement




Healthworks Everton Hills club is adopting the digital media for targeting the mummy market. The women of ages between 25 to 40 years are targeted who have children for their better tomorrow. They are motivated to stay fit so that they can manage their home and children properly. The second target of Healthworks Everton Hills is the young generation of ages between 17 and 25 because they are very conscious for their health and fitness.


Measurement of digital performance



Healthworks Everton Hills evaluates the performance of its digital tools by identifying the number of likes and comments on the posts on Facebook and the reasons of negative comments are identified and corrected (Healthworks). The number of visits on the website indicates the perception and preferences of the customers.



  • It is recommended that the Healthworks Everton Hills should use other social and digital techniques and tools for the promotion of the organisation such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, HFC applications etc.
  • It should appoint more skilled and experienced social media marketing managers for maintaining and updating the digital media.
  • The name of Healthworks Everton Hills will be changed to Active Life Fitness Everton Hillsin the month of Mar or Apr 2016. Therefore, a new Facebook page is created with the new name. However, the website is still presented with its old name. It can create a state of confusion among the visitors about the real brand. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to clear this confusion and aware the visitors about the new brand.

Target Audience analysis and a product / competitor overview

The responses of the target market audience are analysed and interpreted for the assessment of the success of the marketing strategy of the Healthworks Everton Hills. The main targets of a fitness centre should be the youth generation, men and women of ages 25 to 50 and motivates them to live a healthy and fit life. The competitors should not be taken for granted and the quality and reasonable prices of services should be maintained to hold and attract the customers.

Club Coops is the main competitor of the company and is also located in Brisbane with the facilities of health club, a number of tennis courts and squash courts. Another strongest competitor is Albany Creek Leisure Centre which has the largest aquatic and gym centre in the north side of Brisbane. ACLC is engaged in providing the best leisure services to the customers. It also provides extra facilities like rapid river slides, shopping, physiotherapy, cafe services at terrace etc. The Gap health & racquet is serving the larger community of Brisbane with the facilities like health, gym and cardio, weights, private training, and 24 hours service etc. It also gives a tough competition to Healthworks Everton Hills. Therefore, it should make efforts to formulate a competitive strategy to stand in the competition and attract more customers to its organisation.

It can attract more customers as compared to its competitors by adopting reasonable pricing policies, customer oriented approach to serve its customers. Customer satisfaction is the best advertisement technique, as the satisfied customers advertise our brand to their friends and relatives.An understanding of the competitive advantage should be created and better advertisement options should be used. This would help the brand to gain better position as well as profits from the market.

Consumer Insights

The reviews and responses of the customers are very important for the success of the marketing strategy of Healthworks Everton Hills (Evans, 2015). It should be taken into account for the satisfaction of the customers. Regular feedbacks should be taken about the experiences of the service users.

Justification of Recommendations

The above mentioned recommendations are justified as it will help in the extension of the business of Healthworks Everton Hills by advertisement and promotions on a number of social media tools and techniques. The academic resources are included in the assessment of the viability of the digital audit. More customers are attracted if the gym trainers and other managerial personnel are skilled and experienced.A digital audit helps in the integration and measurement of the communication system established for attracting the target customers.

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