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Decision Support System Proof Reading Services

Introduction of DSS Design

A decision support system is a more of an intelligent information generating system that takes row data, process or analyses them with the help of some specific tools to assists user in making decision strategies. Designing and developing a DSS describes how one can build a DSS using spreadsheet framework. The extended functionality of spreadsheet DSS is it consist functions and formulas, referencing, charts, tables as well as statistical analysis and works with large amount of data.

A DSS is an information system that supports organisation to make decisions. A decision support system helps in management, planning, making strategy of business organisation to make and take decision which is not so easy to plan in advance. A well-structured decision support system help users to compile essential information from large repository of raw data, files, personal knowledge or from documents to identify problem and make decision to solve them. The basic working process of DSS can be understood by the help of below depicted figure.

Decision Support System OZ Assignments

Definition of a Decision Support System

The information system which helps to make decision is called decision support system. A DSS help by assisting to make decision by collecting and combining data, analytical tool and techniques, simple and user friendly software into powerful information system which support structures, semi-structured and unstructured decisions.

1.Structured decision support system is a pre-specified, well routine and consist specified procedures to handling problems. A Structured DSS expressed in terms of steps, flow charts, table, mathematical operation and analysis.

2.Semi structured decision support system is  a type of DSS in which some part of problem domain has clear and specified answer provided by un-definite procedures.

3.Unstructured decision support system is not either pre-specified or repetitive and has no defined processes to handle problems.

It is an interactive, adaptable and more flexible computer based information gathering and generating system which uses rule, techniques, models, mathematical formulas, databases, row collection of information to make a decision for a problem domain.

Is the Decision Support System is suitable for the project.

A decision support system best appropriate tool to get a better decision making instant assistance, achieve goals and to solve a critical business problem in short time. Here I have discussed why a DSS is a best appropriate tool for this given project:

1.It helps to handle large amount of data like perform search database Management System

2.It provides flexibility for report and presentation

3.It helps to take decision more quickly to quickly resolve problems

4.Help to enhance personal efficiency

5.Help to maximize processes of decision making

6.Help to make competitive advantages to compete with competitors

Discuss the following:

Justify suitable Mark-up Type for the business?

The most and best appropriate markup type for business is “Supplier”, because it is gives maximum benefit to the organization as after total expenses the supplier markup makes total “10880466217” profit for the organization.

Assess the impact of Mark-up Type on the customer’s decision to purchase. Justify your answer.

If import duty of markup type is high then it directly affect price of goods and customer avoid to purchase high price products but if a markup type has lower import duty then price of product will  automatically become minimum which is enough to attract customer. In this a way selection of mark type impact on decision to purchase from the company.

Outcomes to provide discount to big orders was implemented? Why? 

If the organization makes strategy to offer discounts on large order of products then they have to strictly make future strategy to analyses impact after offering discounts. They have to make strategy and take care that the discount offers will not affect organization total profit.

1.There is maximum probability of making more net profit if company offering discount plan on products.

2.If a total import duty will automatically increase by certain reasons then company will face big loss.

Recommended Freight Type for the business and Why?

The Freight types “Vicky Run Transport” would be the most appropriate for the business. Vicky Run Transport makes more profit to the organization in comparison to rest of the freight types. By having this freight type company can offer total discount for orders “10167328452” and it help to makes more profits about ”10880466217” to the company by having total freight outwards expenses “10167328452”.

What impact on the business’s profit, if the cost was transferred to the business instead of the customer?

If all Freight type business profit would be transferred to the business instead of customer then it the business company has to face major impact on total profit. There are certain organisation and commodities presents that have more expectation from the organisation. If the cost was transferred to the business then company sells their product at their own conditions. In this situation company will make more profit at minimum total expenses.

Which country is suitable for the business to import from and why?

“Luxembourg (Vicky Run Transport)” country would be the most appropriate for the business to import from at the moment because the LU import duty has minimized order of total importing cost, quarterly variable expenses, total quarterly fixed expenses, purchase expense and total freight outwards expenses in comparison to others.

Issues that cause the business to rethink its choice of country of import. Justify your answer.

The issue due to which the business has to rethink its choice of country of import is:

1.If the export duty country will changes their plan.

2.If the local government of that country increase tax rate on import duty.

3.If natural disaster will occur in that country.

Due to all these issues company will face loss suddenly.


I have successfully completed the essay on Decision support system design and after completion of this essay I can answer of each facts about importing and exporting of products from different regions as well as I know what actually a DSS is. I have also understood concept of markup type and way to select best appropriate from several which can maximize profitability of organisation. I also know that a freight type play vital role in determining of product cost.

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