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This decision making in leadership assignment help is a case study provided herewith deals with the aspects of leadership, cultural and performance outcomes. It elaborates the kind of leadership one leader must follow in order to attain maximum satisfaction from the work held by the employees whether being an autocratic or democratic or mixture of both. Also, it deals with the traits one leader must have to achieve success for any organization. Priorities must be set in advance and when achieved must be compared with the desired targets to see whether such targets are achieved or not.

The employees consider themselves more associated with the organization when they are involved in the decision making process of the organization and they feel protected there if they are supported by the superior level of organization.This case enumerates the different leadership styles and which needs to be adopted, cultural and performance aspects of any organizations in detail with the questions given herewith.

1. Should Bison be taking a more hands-off or a more hands-on approach to the business? Justify your response.

In Meat Pack, which is a family madefood production business situated in Sydney, Australia Is leaded by Derek Bison, who is the CEO of the company, which helped the company to achieve profits of AUD $300 million by group sales. The company was dealing with 2 major changes- leadership and cultural and performance changes. Bison had the characteristics which had both negative and positive characteristics- Negative being that he was interfering, obsessive, never satisfied and restless kind of personality whereas positive side had vision, driven, competitive. Bison later on started working with an executive coaching and senior leadership developmentcompany. Large number of team members stated that they gained a high level of vision, understanding and awareness from Bison which made him really enthusiastic but later on Bison focused only on senior strategy team. Bison also developed 12 kinds of behavioral outcomes in 3 different colors such as red, green and blue. Bison was in process of changing the red color of behavioral outcome of Meat pack into blue in color. Bison On the other hand had his positive side too in which he used to motivate the employees and to provide them with best training and development opportunities before the organizational work which was later appreciated by the employees as they felt investment in their development. It shows that Bison is a mixed personality having traits of both autocratic and democratic kind of leadership.

Bison after getting influenced by people introduced Human Synergistic Circumflex to Meat Pack which influenced 12 behaviors into three colors: red (aggressive/defensive), green (passive/defensive) and blue (constructive)

It was later on discovered by Bison that the culture of Meat pack was red in color and if it is needed to be changed into blue the level of organization must be changed from hierarchical to horizontal which needed employment of front managers and making their duties more responsible and accountable

It was also held by Bison that he was feeling affected by the change as he was not able to interrupt, intervene in between others when he felt that the decisions are not taken properly and the required progress in not made in the business decisions of the company

Further the head of sales, COO stated that the company has lost some of its senior leaders which were accountable to Bison, and he being an autocratic leader leaded to ego clash and personality conflict with the senior members and a permanent loss to the company. But the positive side of Bison was that members and employees feel enthusiastic and encouraged after talking to him and if talking to each other and also in the the methods were applied to achieve and sustain those targets and whether proper understanding is established between employees and the managers or not. Bison was so determined towards achieving targets that his main focus was to ascertaining and achievements of targets only and no care was taken on how such targets are achieved.

From culture and performance point of view Bison introduced a smooth form of organizational leadership structure which made the employers and employees more responsible and accountable in their respective duties. Also, he believed that the employees who are working in an organization from few years should not be removed as they are emotionally connected with the company. On the other hand, employees also feel safe within the organization as whatever decisions are taken in the company results into best decisions for company and employees. Bison also focused on training and development of his employees and also encouraged all the employees in such a way that they use to feel themselves a very valuable part of the team. (Bass, and Stogdill, 1990)


From the above scenario, it can be concluded that the Bison was following autocratic type of leadership. Autocratic leadership means a style of leadership in which one person has the control over all and major decisions of the company and has all the powers regarding the same whereas Democratic kind of leadership is a style of leadership in which all the persons are free to take decisions and is given importance and may even participate in decision making process of an organization.

Bison was very interrupting, dominating kind of personality who believed in giving orders to the subordinates. This made the organization to lose its very crucial senior members and due to such dominating personality the personality conflict occurs in the organization between the employees. (Kotter, 2001)

Bison should use hands off technique in the organization and provide with the decisions which are important to the company but should not bind them with his ideas and decisions. He should motivate and guide the subordinates rather than dominating and ordering them as it will result in losing all the valuable employees of the organization. If Bison start using hands off technique he may have following gains-

  • More people will tend to interact with him.
  • People will feel free while interacting and while presenting their ideas.
  • Keeping in mind the positive outlooks of Bison, people will feel safe within the organization as he supported them.
  • Bison was appreciated by different managers who helped them to improve their overall personality because of the involvement of Bison in their training programs.
  • Bison was very supportive while providing training and development activities to his employees.
  • Due to Bison and others policy which were implemented in the organization for its betterment made the employees feels comfortable to work in the environment as Bison and others believed in the theory of creating and implementing the best decisions for the organization which favored everybody. (Stockley,n.d.)

All these factors on one hand or the other will help the Meat Pack to achieve growth and success because of the presence of a leader like Bison in the organization.

2. How far has the senior leadership change been effective? What else might senior leadership do to influence change more positively in the near future Changes effective so far?

Bison is a very dominating and interrupting kind of a leader who use to involve him in day to day decisions of the organization. For changing the mindsets of the employees, he joined the executive coaching and strategic leadership development company so that he may change the mindsets of his strategic team, and it was further claimed by the employees that they got a lot of understanding due to this experience. Bison however was feeling very much encouraged through this activity but afterwards he dropped out the idea of involvement in coaching and he concentrated on strategic teams only.

The positive change which was seen in the strategic team was that the team comprised off COO, CEO and CFO who are head of sales, head of people and head of business respectively.  Bison thereafter raised a discussion by which he came to know that people feel motivated and encouraged after talking to him for a while among themselves and with each other which marked a positive change.

From the cultivation and performance point of view, Meat Pack introduced an ERP initiative which combines various departments of an organization such as finance, production, investment and finance which are focused on timely and efficiently achieving of its targets.

The organization which in past focuses  on achieving the targets, no matter how are they achieved and no care was taken if the targets are not achieving the way they were supposed to be. Now the focus is on effectively and efficiently completion of the targets with the involvement of the subordinates in the assigned task.

Due to the uniform structure adopted by Bison in the organization, the employees and senior management level are more accountable and responsible for the targets assigned to them as the uniform structure demolishes any discrimination and letting employees achieve their tasks with more dedication. For example, Bison encouraged the line managers to take more accountability and responsibility in their hands and to select the best employees all over the world to lead them rather than only managing them.

Bison aimed to appoint at least six persons on one account so that the managers may have accountability and persons to manage.
Because of Bison’s efforts, employee’s loyalty and trust remained intact in the organization as they felt themselves safe and comfortable as all the decisions were taken was in the benefits of all the employees as well as in benefit of the company.

Bison also helped the employees in achieving their proper training and development which may in upcoming time gives assistance in achieving the specified targets of the company to mark the overall success.

Bison also invested his time in various training courses of the leaders so that they may lead In more efficient way which made the employees to consider themselves as the most important and valuable part of the organization.

Bison created a strong emphasis on setting priorities. Performance feedback and its accountability for which Bison invested his time in enhancing the leadership qualities of its middle and superior level of managers by providing activities such as leading, hiring, Motivating and sometimes resigning and rejecting too which improved the overall personality of the managers as stated by the feedback received from such managers. (Bass, and Stogdill, 1990)

Improvements in the near future
One of the areas which required improvement was when Bison openly stated the discussion; The CFO of Meat Pack had a doubt that who will be answerable to whom? Whether Bison will be answerable to the senior strategic team or the senior strategic team is answerable to Bison. For this a proper hierarchy plan must be maintained by the organization stating who report to whom and in what circumstances.

Further another area of improvement is that the employees who are working in the Meat Pack are working for around six to fifteen years in some cases, they are actually dissatisfied by the culture of working as the employees are actually tired of getting repetitive nature of work again and again and requires the change in the working culture to get rid of such monotonous working life.

For this the company should follow job rotation method, so that more number of employees can be retained in the organization without getting dissatisfied by the quality of work. (Reilly, 2010)

The further line of improvement lies when the employees who are young and smart leave the task incomplete as the task which are communicated are far way different from the task which are completed. This is because the number of managers to communicate and keep a check on the targets is low than what is required. In order to solve this problem all the data which is feed manually must be feed electronically which will not only save the time, but also allow the managers to concentrate on regulating the new employees and help them in achieving their targets. (Cooper, 2013)

3. To what extent has Meat Pack’s flatter structure helped create cultural and performance change? Have there been any barriers to the cultural change? Cultural and performance change-

Bison tried to transform the outlook of all the managers of strategic team for which he joined the executive coaching and become the part of leadership Development Company who thought Bison was a very dominating and interrupting kind of personality. Due to this step taken by Bison, all the managers expressed their views that they were getting better awareness and vision through this change.

Bison was a good communicator and through his communication with others, all the managers feel open to communicate with each other and with Bison too, in the meeting or other than meeting which also makes a good sign for creating a uniform structure

Due to Bison’s flatter change in the organization a new concept is launched which is named as Enterprise ResourcePlanning, helps to integrate and combine the working of various departments that are production, investment, finance and management for successful completion of set targets making the organization more structured without any collision between any department.

Bison also made effort in the creation of flatter structure for creating structural and performance change for which he empowered the managers to take more accountability and responsibility on them.

Bison also focused to have at least 6 persons in particular information so that the managers may have more number of employees to lead on, have more level of accountability and may give more responsibility to the employees for achieving the overall targets set by the organization.

Further Bison, because of his ability to take the right decisions for the organization which profitable to all, construct the trust and loyalty for the organization. Also, Bison’s determinations and outcomes made employee to retain in the organization for more than 15 years in some cases which speaks a lot about the success of an organization like Meat Pack.

Like a coin has two sides, even one organization may have two sets of people. On one hand people remarked themselves as safe while working with the organization like Meat Pack due to their working and are happy and satisfied with their positions. On the other hand employees who are complainers and dissatisfied with the organizational change are also present but the employees who are satisfied are more in number than who are dissatisfied with the organizational change.

Bison considered his employees as the most valuable assets of his organization and he strongly believe that employees are the most important part for the success and growth of any organization. He, for the overall development and training of the employees invests his full efforts in developing various skills required and to develop the basic principles, morals and code of conduct which further may help in achieving growth quickly as he knew that employees are the key to success.

Bison placed his full efforts to develop the leadership qualities among the employees so that all the employees may lead and manage their teams which will make them more accountable and responsible for their jobs. Due to this effort, All the employees was feeling a drastic change in their personalities and considered themselves as the most valuable asset of the organizational team which again is a positive sign for such uniform change introduced by him.

In the past the managers focused only on managing the work, they were not bothered about the well-being of the employees. But Bison’s uniform change in the organization changed the managing employees to leading employees where managers try to keep their employees motivated by the every possible activity they can. Further they sit down with the employees to listen to their problem patiently and providing the solutions to the employees. (Stayer, 1990)

Barriers to the cultural change
Bison introduced a plan in MeatPack to understand the human behavior known as Human Synergistic Circumplex. The 12 behaviors were categorized into 3 different colors namely red, blue and green. Red denotes aggression, Green denotes inactiveness and Blue denotes self-construction. When examined it was found that the organization was found red in color that means the culture was aggressive and not satisfactory  which is a huge barrier in cultural change.

The organization had some uncertainty in roles and jobs among the employees and creates a contingent situation between the roles and responsibilities assigned to the employees. For example, in meat pack a manager had a doubt that he is or he is not a part of strategic team and on the other hand a member who was a part of the strategic team was not present in the meeting.

It was also held in the meeting that due to Bison’s interrupting nature Meat pack has lost various strategic team leaders which were important for the success of the organization as they had a conflict with Bison.

The monotonous kind of work which was repetitive in nature was also a reason which became the barrier in the achievement of overall organizational structure as because of same job responsibilities the employees were losing their interest in the job which ultimately affected the overall objectives of the organization. (Bien, and Ospina, 2012)

Miscommunication turns a huge barrier in any organization, as in Meatpack the employees were assigned to do one task and when the task was completed it was far different from the work which was assigned to do. This was because of lack of communication and lack of follow up the work from time to time by the managers.

Cross cultural clashes were also became one of the barriers in achieving the utmost organizational goal as because production was increasing at a very high rate so as the employees were employed on the production line very quickly and the employees who belongs to different cultural backgrounds were not given time to interact and communicate with each other to build understanding leading to ego clashes and conflicts among them. (Grol, and Wensing, 2004)


From the above assignment it was held that the studies of organizational behavior, culture, leadership style and organization’s performance all are required to achieve sustainability, growth and success in an organization. In the above assignment we have earned that the leadership styles may be of different types and should be used accordingly. The organization must be clearly defined in which rewards, compensation must be defined accordingly which makes the difference between failed initiative and successful business. A clear cut well defined organizational structure must be established for determining any changes in the organization as well as determining the hierarchy whether horizontal or vertical wise is followed in the organization.


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