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Narcissism is identified as therapeutic self-absorption personalize issue which arises by a flatulent self-image and obsession to fantasy in the individual and it also includes exceptional calmness and composure shaken only when the propensity to take others for indeed or to exploit them. In simple words, Narcissism could be described as people’s behaviour or excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance. It arises due to the extreme self-centeredness arising from the failure to make differences and distinguish the self from other external objectives. As stated by Carpenter, (2012) it is depicted that modern society is filled with egoism and flatulent every person here is self-centered due to arising in failure from discriminating themselves with external objects. However, this has emerged as one of the biggest issues and resulted to egoism on the individual basis. Ideally, the egoism is replicated with the name Narcissism and it is ideally found in young babies or recognized as a mental disorder in humans. In today's business society, narcissism is found in all human beings as an identification of their personality. Society is filled with egocentrism people as people seem themselves and their scrutiny and judgment as the only ones that matter to them. All have thought that what they are thinking only matters.

As per the view of Martin, Côté, & Woodruff, (2016) It is divulged thatin today's modern society people don’t understand the suffering of others; they don’t even realize how their behavior hurt others. They recognize their innocence but not having sympathy with others. People nowadays, manipulate, maltreat, abuse or misuse the ones who are close to them to get the things they want. They became selfish as they never feel wrong in this, to put themselves as a priority without considering the needs of others. However, the main reason of increasing. As stated by Jones, et al. (2017) it is divulged thatNarcissism in individual behavior is based on the divergent thinking and gained half knowledge. People are considering themselves superior and their competitor as menial. Always be judgmental and behaving arrogant to others. Peoples have lots of fantasies of great attainment, power, achievements and recognition. But according to time if they fail to achieve their fantasies they became harsh to others and taking out their anger on family and friends. They are associating only with the people's they find equal to them. The people they are surrounded with who are respected and accomplished help them to gain senses of superiority and dignity. As per the views of Grijalva, & Newman, (2015) it is divulged that they are needed excessive praise and attention for themselves in every way from others. It is considered that when counterparts fails to express their appreciation and respect, they misdeed and feel inappreciative which might lead negative indicator for the others and people may feel offensive on this thing. All these factors of narcissism present in the modern society and effected badly to human behavior and personality. People takes others for granted and humanity vanishes which might result to destruction of the human society and people’s helping natures to others. This Narcissism has been rising mostly in the modern Western societies due to self-esteem, attraction towards the dearest things. It is also one of the personality trait perhaps more troubling one which might negatively impact the human’s divergent thinking and their decision making perceptive. Many researchers have suggested Narcissism in the human behavior is one of the biggest reasons behind the rise of the modern epidemic.

It is analyzed that subject of Narcissism has intrigued people for centuries and claimed that it makes people more epidemic. As per the views of Matosic, et al. (2017)it is analyzed that when people achieve so many things in their life they get started to become self-centred and they starts to lies on the continuum from healthy to pathological. However, on the positive side of Narcissism, people use it as a trait to gain self-confidence, encounter typical issue and make strategic planning on the basis of their own knowledge and caliber. Nonetheless, Narcissism becomes issue when individual started to think or becomes preoccupied with the self, needing excessive information and becomes egoistic with his existing knowledge. As stated by Jones, et al. (2017) it is divulged thatThe main issue of the narcissism arises when individual achieve so many things in life and he started to gain ego in his learning. He might start to feel that he is the greatest and achieved so many things in his life. As per the views of Carpenter,2012 it is revealed that the foundation of narcissism arises from the base of keeping own-self different and superior from others.

The negative impact of this narcissism is found on the historical culture, human behavior and sustainable use of the scarcity of the resources. The higher level in the modern society has been found in this sort of practice. In Australia, it is analyzed that when people achieve particular designation or position then they tend to act differently and started to feel superior to others. However, in corporate world, the concept of narcissism does not exist due to the process functions but in real world when people indulged in social person on their personal level they still carry their narcissism attitude and treat others like subordinate to them. As stated by Braun, Aydin, Frey, & Peus, (2018) it is divulged thatthis narcissism organization behaviour which they started to adopt becomes their reality and they started to avoid certain other intents such as use of divergent thinking, respecting others, honoring promises, needs, and desire and leave the concept of forgiveness and self-acceptance. These sort of issues have emerged at the higher level of society who are living their life at good designation and have been negatively impacted the society. However, with the ramified use of the technologies, people are started to carry narcissism behavior on their own. Most of the people are revealing their personal traits and divulges what they have achieved in their life. It is analyzed that narcissism behavior has increased not only in the people who are at the higher level in society but other middle class people are inclined towards the narcissism behavior. In many articles, researchers have divulged that with the narcissism behavior decreases with the age.

Younger people have higher score of narcissism behavior as compared to other matured people. The main reason of increasing narcissism behavior in the people at higher level of society is lack of knowledge and understanding on the particular task. As stated by Liu, e al. (2017),it is analyzed that with the changes in time, narcissism behavior has been labeled as modern epidemic in society pointing to rapid change that occurred in industrial times and relative causes. More than 10% people in society are facing the issue of the narcissism behavior mostly the people who are young and achieved so much in short span of time. The main negative impact of this narcissism behavior is found when the people with the narcissism behavior started to hurt others who are around them. They started to make them feel their subordinates and consider themselves as higher to them. It has resulted to increased issues and problems in their undertake work which may be destructive if they carry the same attitude in long run. In addition to this, another issue which may arise is d related to destruction of the balanced work functions in society. It is analyzed that if people do not leave this attitude then it may negatively impact the social construction also individual behavior towards the others.


After analyzing all the facts and details research on the personality trait of narcissism is present at higher levels in modern society, it could be inferred that the narcissism behavior is the kind of the self-ego which does not depend upon the class and particular age. However, the percentage of having this narcissism behavior issue in the younger and people at the higher level in society is found higher. The only method to overcome this issue is to spreading the knowledge and strengthens the knowledge of these two people. They need to learn to adapt with the changes, developing coherent and divergent thinking and taking biasfree decisions in the betterment of the society. The aligning the interest of the people with the overall society development would be the best method to mitigate the issue of narcissism behavior issue in individual. The crux of this research is that it is not necessary that narcissism behavior issue would be found only in the people who are at the higher level in society. There might be chances that narcissism behavior may catch young people and other individuals who have got everything in the short span of time.


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