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This report is about Danila Dilba, health and social care organisation of Australia which is providing its services in primary health care and community’s welfare. The company is working in the welfare of Indigenous population in Australia. This report is a study about identifying the ratio of life expectancy of population of Australia and difference between the effective health of indigenous and non-indigenous population of this country. Danila Dilba is working in this sector and making its efforts to reduce the life expectancy and the distance between the quality of both indigenous and non-indigenous population (Longo, 2012).


Danila Dilba is a larrakia word which means ‘dilly bag used to collect bush medicines’. Larrakia people gave the name Danila Dilba Biluru Butji Binnilutlum in which Biluru Butji Binnilutlum means ‘blackfella (Aboriginal people) getting better from sickness’. It was established by the communities of Darwin who are land owners of Darwin and Palmerston in 1991 (DanilaDilba Health Service History, 2016)..Larrakia elder Reverend Wally Fejo designed the g f the company where the fish is representing effective health and the people are represented by the turtle. All the challenges and problems are defined by way of using snakes in the logo. This organisation is having a rich history and culture and it is promoting the welfare of communities of surrounding by making efforts to improve their health (Remote Area Health Corps, 2010).

Danila Dilba Health Services                     

Vision and Objectives

Danila Dilba is established by the traditional communities and organisation is working for these communities and their health and welfare. This also make impact on the vision statement of this organisation as in the vision of the company is to make an equilibrium between the level of life expectancy and effective health between the indigenous and non-indigenous population of Australia.Yilli Rreung Regionis focused by this organisation to improve the mental, physical and social or overall development of these people is the main aim of this organisation (DanilaDilba Health Service About Us, 2016). There are providing health programs by this organisation and social care activities which is helping in achieving goals and objectives of the company. The objective of the company is to provide services of high quality and to enhance health and living standards of the local aboriginal communities. The mission statement of the company is to build the bridge between the indigenous and non-indigenous population of the country.

Services provided by Danial Dilba

This organisation is focused on providing services to different communities of indigenous population to empower them and provide effective standard of living and life expectancy.

Services provided by Danial Dilba       

Various programs and events are organised by the Danial Dilba some of them are defined as follows.

1. Danial Dilba is having a clinic of men at McLachlan Street which is providing effective heath care services to the male category of these societies. There are also women’s clinic which is situated in Palmerston and named as Gumileybirra Women’s Clinic (DanilaDilba Health Service Our Services, 2016).

2. The organisation is providing free medicines and checkups to aboriginal population of Australia. There also organised programs which are developing emotional, social, mental and state o people by providing them effective guidance and advices.

3. Organisation is also organising programs to fight with the health issue and some problems like tobacco and alcohol which is running in the name of talking tobacco and protecting the youth population from these wrong habits and also providing them will of living or dare to dream.

4. Healthy lifestyle, kids programme, sexual health program are also provided by this organisation in different areas and territories.

5. Dare to dream program is focused on providing effective service to enhance the living standard and quality of life in which they are provided all the support and guidance which can help in developing them and make them to dream about their life.

6. The centre for youth services is focused on the children of age of 12 to 15 which is a workshop and working on the well being of these kids and preparing them for future.

7. Societal issues are also considered by the organisation and deal with the issues like sexual health, mental health, domestic violence, anger management and drug addiction and all other enemies of a good society (DanilaDilba Health Service Our Services, 2016).

8. The organisation also runs mobile clinic in Darwin to reach the homeless and unattended patients. This shows that the services of the organisation are expended.

Criteria to be a member of Danila Dilba

 There is a defined criteria which is to be followed and must be fulfilled to be a member of this organisation. There are some conditions which are as follows.

1. The person who wants to be member should be a living human being. A corporate or a legal entity cannot be a member of this organisation like companies, firms etc.

2. To be a member of Danial Dilba the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

3. The person should be aboriginal or indigenous or can be Torres Strait Islander (Constitution, 2006, p.16).

4. The person should reside in the YilliRreung Region permanently or temporary.

The one who enable to fulfil all the above requirements can be a member of Danial Dilba.

Formal Details of the organization

Postal address- GPO box 2125, Darwin, NT 08011/26 Knuckey Street, Darwin 0801

Contact Details- Telephone (08)8942 5400

Fax        (08)8942 5490

Emialinfo@daniladilba.org.au(DanilaDilba Health Service Contact Us, 2016)

Critical view for the organization

Being an international student it is becomes easy to analyse a health and social care organisation providing services to the aboriginal population and working to eradicate the gap between the indigenous and non- indigenous population of Australia. Selection of this organisation is based on its efforts which are in the direction to achieve its goals by providing primary health services to the indigenous people of different communities and working for their empowerment (DanilaDilba Health Service Annual Report 2014). Getting training in this organisation explains that it is enhancing the standard of living of people in the country by making them live quality life and also providing employment opportunities to the society and making them aware about their role towards the society. Although organisation is efficient in its activities but there are some improvements required in its infrastructure and services which can be done by arranging training programs. The transportation should be improved and there should enhance creativity and innovation in the organisational environment of Danial Dilba (DanilaDilba Health Service Annual Report 2014.


 This report is overall study of a health and social care company Danial Dalbi which is providing its services to the indigenous and aboriginal population in Australia and trying to improve the health state and life expectancy rate of this population. All the important aspects are explained in this report which can evaluate the effectiveness of Danial Dalbi.


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