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Computer Crime: Attacks on People – Harassment

Today we all are well acquainted to the fast life of towns and cities. Uploading and sharing their clicks and thoughts online is new to no one. Enjoying and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and birth of their newborns with family members sitting at the far ends of the world is a blessing that internet has provided us with. But what happens when this blessing turns into a curse? With the boon linger its risks. When someone with a motive to harm another sits in front of the screen for certain reasons or just for fun it is a situation to be worried about. Nuisances are expanding by the second in every part of the world. More and more cases of computer harassment cases are written and registered every day. People are strictly warned not to disclose any personal information online for there is always a chance of harassment in the name of mental or physical threats (Moore, 2010). People are targeted and stalked every now and then. The motive can be anything; starting from personal unresolved issues to mental illness or plain and simple fun. Getting targeted and losing all hopes on life follows the victim like a shadow without the light. The victim feels caged even under the open sky. The stalker takes pleasure out of his victim’s misery. As he succeeds in torturing his victim and extorting money or having fun, his self confidence increases with the list of the unlucky bunch of folks hand in hand.

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Setting an example and showing off to friends the wonderfully executed plans makes them feel like the kings and controllers of the world. Innocent individuals without a clue of anything get harassed and tortured by the most useful creation. Surrendering their mental peace and happiness they walk the streets without any idea of how to get out of the situation without any harm. Frightened by the words of their stalker and their own thoughts, they trap themselves and enter into their own shells. An approach based on hypothesis of digital forensic investigation shows digital investigation ethical analysis techniques are defined and classified into 7 categories and 31 unique classes with the use of the dynamic FSM model or better described as Finite State Machine (Grigg, 2010). Each category gives deferent types of results and hypothesis when put into test. Current practice and designed models define the classes present. Formal comparison of process models are based on categories of analysis techniques and study of the history models. Differences between the phrases of the models are not distinct as of yet. The concepts of traditional forensic disciplines and digital forensics are compared using this model and the assumptions of the investigation are justified as well. The treasured peace and happiness of innocent people are jeopardised when they are unfortunate enough to come across such an incident. Their most valued life is shaken leaving a mental scar forever. The society is being victimised by a stalker everywhere expanding the list with every passing second.   

Cases of harassments can be seen in news paper headings everywhere. The vengeful and aggressive cyber stalkers are a category are preceded by the group of people who take pride in tormenting the minds of others. Cyber stalkers can be anyone starting from the angry spouses to intelligent teenagers with bright futures (Haron & Yusof, 2010). With a main motive to harass and agonise the targeted victim gives them the satisfaction of triumph or making things even. A certain case study showed a women being victimised when her account was hacked to send emails attracting people to her apartment and asking sexual services. At the verge of losing her mind the woman filed a complaint to find out the fact about her stalker being her ex-husband, who wanted to gift her with a traumatising mental pain. The woman was smart enough to seek help unlike some people who are unlucky enough to get stuck in the situation day after day. it seems that a stalker is physically able to harm his victim, but the actual figure can be very different from our imagination. He can be a neighbour, a friend, a family member, or even a woman engrossed with a mental situation where he or she feels that a crime as serious as this is a joke not only to the person but also to the one who serves as a victim in the case.

Obsession of love is another criteria of harassment caused online where the stalker with a mental issue thinks of his victim to enjoy the burden of trauma put on him. There are examples of teenage children playing a trick on their classmates where the other loses his life abandoning the family members to survive with grief all through life. Sexual harassment is no new thing in this case. A certain case study showed the claim of an anonymous email to be a cab service where the person uses the facility only to find out the fact of his fiancé being raped. What did the naive souls do to trigger and receive such offensive results? Disclosure of information like address or phone numbers is feared even when talking to a friend online (Longe et al. 2010). Uploading snaps is of great risk today for changing and reloading the same with offensive alterations is quite regular. Even children are not spared of this dangerous and hazardous criminal act. Hacking of accounts and draining them of their fortune has become the most common thing online. We are now well aware of shocking cases of people getting robbed online. But if we try to consider the positive aspects of this if any, we can also come across cases where the criminals were arrested red-handed with the help of the same means (Marcum, Higgins & Ricketts, 2010). The stalkers were then brought to justice by the law. For instance the case stated above regarding the hacking of the lady’s account where she lodges a complaint and is served with the sweet taste of justice by the law. Hence, here it plays a fair part in performing the duty towards the society.   

Harassing and traumatising the people and losing their faith in life is has to be stopped for the sake of each and every individual in of the society. The hypothesis digital forensic investigation puts light on 7 categories and 31 unique classes determined by the FSM model or Finite State Machine (Holt & Bossler, 2012). The classes and categories to be utilised are decided by the implementation of the same. Various models based on the current and prior forensic are considered better comparison and execution. The assumption of the investigation ensures the justification of the model put to use. The harasser and the harassed are to be awakened about the consequences of such a punishable offence. The feeling of fear generated in the stalker with awareness will keep the integrity and peace of the society intact, lessoning the agony and trauma of the individuals witnessing such an act (Lipton, 2011). The examples stated above about the teenage child who had to take his own life in order to get out of the situation tell us to inform and assure our children about the present solution to the situations where satisfactory justice is served so that in future no life is lost. Disclosing information on sites needs to be checked and assured for if there is any personal data that can affect the person.

Obsessed stalkers as stated above, are a great threat to the society who needs to be treated for their mental health and the victims needs to be assured of the necessary steps that will be taken to keep him or her safe and secure. Awareness and assurance of the general public will put forth clean solution to the problem faced daily today. Emails and information received online are to be checked before using the advertised services that come along (Kiriakidis & Kavoura, 2010). As we have seen above the case study where the cab service was availed without checking; when reported, the service was found to be unregistered and hence illegal. The examples stated above gives us shivers and puts the fear in mind of the naive souls for it claims to be an unnecessary punishment for the most innocent category of the society. So how can someone trust enough to make the simplest decision of taking the usual steps of life? Stalking and harassing the general public and creating a wave of terror in their steady and peaceful life are no joke. Computer technology has completely changed the perception among people. Despite it provides a variety of services, still the users are prone to dangers from the virtual world. With increase in cyber attacks through social media and other platforms, users are being targeted quite often and are facing quite aperture in their personal lives (Koch, Stelte & Golling, 2012). Users tend to expect privacy in digital world, however, with cyber attacks; the users are not able to trust the safety and network security of the ISP providers and organisations that provides online services.

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