CSR ISSUES However business organizations are rapidly

CSR ISSUES However business organizations are rapidly


However, business organizations are rapidly developing their ways of adopting CSR, it should also be kept in mind that few organizations are there who do not follow the basis CSR practices in their operations. Examples of companies proving a failure while following CSR. Some organizations are there which focus on CSR only for the purpose of marketing and achieving a competitive edge on their market competitors (Juščius, Šneiderienė & Griauslytė, 2014). Volkswagen is one such company proving CSR to be a failure in their organization. It shows an absolute failure in terms of adopting CSR in their business practices. It has been found that the company had introduced a stratagem to get an unfair advantage over its customers. It designed an emission control stratagem to appear as an environmentally friendly car producing company, but poisoning the planet underneath. The rejection of any standard ethic in its engineering department, the Volkswagen company has been accused of hiding their defects in products under the cover of CSR activities. Their diesel engines were highly contaminating. They used CSR as a marketing exercise which would construct an image of the company in front of its customers and stakeholders. The company decided that it would not matter if the vehicles it produced contaminated the planet by emitting high amount of nitrogen oxide (forbes.com, 2018). Hence, it is a sheer denial and humiliation of the CSR values, the ethics and the responsibility of each individual towards the planet and the people. The planet and the people must be the priority, the profit must come later in order to enrich the world and humanity.


The Corporate social responsibility is important because it gives the companies room for doing something for the society, environment and the customers in return. it is a way through which companies can contribute in some way for the betterment of the world. Following CSR in the organizational operations, companies get a chance to make others smile leaving behind for once the rush to get profited and winning over the market rivals. The companies can perform CSR activities by observing their environmental responsibilities, philanthropic initiatives such as standing beside the people suffering from a natural disaster at local or international levels. The clean water, educational programs and the women safety programs also come under CSR activities (Lim & Greenwood, 2017). The organizations can also conduct ethical business practices by establishing an employee friendly environment and supporting their well-being. Functioning following the sustainable practices the organizations can strengthen the economic condition of the society. The reputation of the company in front of the customers and the stakeholders also gets elevated by following the CSR practices. The customers really get driven towards that company which encourages strong CSR values and morals in their activities (Jamali, Lund-Thomsen & Jeppesen,2017). The employees who are an essential part of the organizations take pride for being a part of a responsible organization and tend to work more passionately and responsibly. It is a perfect way for becoming the ‘common man’s brand’.


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