CSI1101D Computer Security Issues Proof Reading Services

CSI1101D Computer Security Issues OZ Assignments

CSI1101D Computer Security Issues Proof Reading Services

Operating System Issues

The operating system acts as a layer of abstraction between the virtualized system and the physical hardware where since IT systems are not completely secure; there are potential targets which attacks the operating system.  The security threats that attack the guest operating system can also attack the virtual operating system where the virtual systems also needs security implementation measures such as spywares filters and antivirus agents installed to ensure that they maintain security. The risks security issues that affect the virtual machines at the operating system level are as shown in the table below



Supporting References

Windows XP

Old windows that Microsoft has no longer support this version. What will happen is that Microsoft Security Essentials will not be provided for download, which means no antivirus could protect window XP from viruses. Also, it might become more vulnerable and exposure to attacker because windows XP no longer supported by the software giant. The largest Melbourne’s hospital has a virus that attacked the computer system.(Robert Merkel, 2016)


(Robert Merkel, 2016)


Remote Administration protocol


The remote administration protocol(RAP) In windows XP service pack 2 does not fully or correctly handle (PAR) responses, which also cause negation of service by remote attackers. However, they exploit this vulnerability by sending RAP requests to the system. The result could affect the service to stop responding. (Microsoft)


George Danezis (2011)


Access to the system files



Lack of security in this given operating system. Anyone can access and modifies the system files and database. Hackers will be able to access sensitive information such as credit card details, SSNs. (Kevin Beaver)


(Kevin Beaver)

Software Issues

Security on the virtual machines can be compromised in relation to installed software security where the most important software that can lead to put the entire virtual machine at risk being hypervisor software. The vulnerabilities that can affect virtual machine software are as shown in the table below.



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Automatic update

Automatic update is turned off. There are major problems could happened to the computer if automatic updating turned off. One of the issues, the user will expose the computer in wide-open security holes.



Group policy

Allow “guest user” edit group policy with default privileges which should not be allowed for guest ID.  



Virus protection

The issue is that the virus protection is out of date.

This issue has a significant risk to computer, where there are a lot of malware are spread out by using Email message. However, when the victim searching on the internet, the computer may become infected. It can cause major problem if computer was infected. Such as, deleting an entire hard disk.


Winamp 5.666.

Winamp application version 5.666 is prone to memory-corruption vulnerability. However, this version allow attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system. Also they can crash the effected application by convince a victim to open .flv file which specially-crafted for the victims.

Aryan Bayaninejad(2014)



Guest user can decrypt files which should not allow. With this issue anyone will come across to user information.


CSI1101D Computer Security Issues OZ Assignments

Configuration Issues

New infrastructure can easily be deployed on the virtual environment due to the functionalities of easy copy images and cloning which introduces configuration drift which further becomes a threat as it becomes as issue to account and control the environment which are rapidly deployed. The configuration risks that pose threat to virtual machines are as shown in the table below.



Supporting References


Firewall is off. While the firewall is disabled, the computer will not be protected. Therefore, the unauthorised users could gain access to the computer through a network or internet. This issue not only associated computer. It can spread over a network connection, also harms the whole of the PCs that related to the LAN. In addition, disabling a firewall can affect all of the devices that connect to the network.


(Henning Mankell, 2008)

Password security

The issue is hint icon shows the password of the user to anyone whom is interesting in accessing the information of the user. Furthermore the password user is “password” which is considering within the worst password online. The risk in this issue should be obvious. Anyone could access to the computer and may steal their personal information that on computer.



Internet explorer

In the given operating system, Internet explorer version 6 has flaws that could damage IE users into visiting malicious websites.(Gregg Keizer, 2014) According to Microsoft, IE 6 to IE 11 are vulnerable and allows remote to execute arbitrary code and there is possibility of causing a denial of service.



Keepass is not the best salutation to keep passwords safe. It may let the attacker steal people information through the program(Eric Ravenscraft, 2016)

(Eric Ravenscraft, 2016)


Hard disk issues

Hard disk device is storage device used to store and retrieve data or information but due to very close spacing of data disk drive becomes damaged or some time it is crashed. Configuration of hard drive with system require much attention otherwise window disk a hard disk problem error. The vulnerabilities and issues that can affect virtual machine hardware are as shown in the table below.



Supporting resources

Hard drive failure or System error

Hard drive error message generated due to system error. Registry error, RAM declined, fragmentation of files, infected installed file, malware, etc. when one of these issues occurred hard drive error message will generate.

("How to fix "Windows detected a hard disk problem" without losing or damaging data", 2017)

Boot failure

When a computer turned on it BIOS find bootable disk and load bootable files to continue program. System generate “Disk Boot Failure” error message if BIOS failed find bootable drive. 

("Disk boot failure: Fix for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10", 2017)

Human errors

Human error may damage hard drive. Modification of registry setting, alteration of system files or improper installation of OS cause hard drive issue.

(Powell, 2017)

Administrator accounts issue

Administrator account configuration with system can easily be configured on the virtual environment by using some short key techniques. Administrator of the system can make changes into file storage or retrieve settings and software installation setting. Without using administrator account user don’t able to make any changes in bootable disk or neither able to update program files but using administrator account raise much problem in virtual system. Security issues due to administrator account are as follows:



Supporting resources

Update problem

An error message administrative only generated when user tried to update window using Microsoft update centre. User gets this error message until they not logged in as an administrator or group member of administrator.


Data stealing

Administrative account can be deleted or modified when an unauthorized user get credential of admin. Once a user access in the system one can make changes into program files, stealing of user data, affecting security system, etc.


Using of admin account

Using admin account provide full on access into system and more security issue rises due to use of admin account. Using this account one can turn on “auto run” functionality of the system which can damage entire system.

(Rubens, 2017)


In conclusion, we presented (12) security issues in Virtual Machine (VM). As we have seen, the windows XP is no longer supported which can put the entire operating system at risk. In my opinion, we should update the system regularly and have antivirus software to protect our computers from viruses and worms.


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