CSC8409 XML Website Project Paper Editing Services

CSC8409 XML Website Project Assignment

CSC8409 XML Website Project Paper Editing Services


Employee Record Maintenance

Updatable Data Files

The XML documents stores the backup data. The data stored within the documents employees.xml, department.xml, salary.xml contains the relevant information about the employee. Records are maintained accordingly. Whenever there is some change in the information of any employee, it can be modified within the files. User is also allowed to add and delete the information from the document. No security concerns are required as these are handled by Apache authorization files.

CSC8409 XML Website Project Assignment

Updatable Structure Files

There is a structure file present naming index.xml which contains the structure of the ERM system: main page, pages for employee information, departments and subpages for these. The structure file is used to build the navigation system which can be used by the user to jump from web pages directly.

XHTML Content Page

XHTML pages store the contents of the web pages. The content of the main page is in a separate XHTML file, as is the content for a number of subpages for the employee record. There is no way of automatically modifying the information present in these content files (through web interface). Manual modification can be done to the contents

XSLT to render html

XSTL code is embedded within the PHP scripts. The data included can be from the data already present in the files which supports deeper nesting.

Dynamic and interactive SVG graphic

Main page includes the departmental building map of the respective employees which can be seen by clicking over it. XSLT script is used to dynamically generate the SVG diagrams. If department of any employee is changed, data present in the department.xml is changed which reflects the change in building location map and thus the map will be updated.

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CSC8409 XML Website Project Assignment

Dynamically generated RSS feed

The address bar is provided with the RSS feed. This feed is dynamically generated through an XSLT script from the source employee.xml documents.

Dynamically generated reports

The required document like the salary statements can be downloaded by a user. The report is generated dynamically through an XSLT script from the salary.xml document.

Simple web services

A PHP script is present which ‘queries’ the document source xml data file on the basis of parameters in the URL retrieved by the client application.


AJAX functionality is provided in the web forms provided for the clients to acquire the data.

Other related components

No other XML-related features are included in the project.

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