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Critical Reflective Essay Editing and Proof Reading Services

Week 1 (23rd Jul - 29th Jul)

Each healthcare professional encounters various challenging situations when providing patient care to ensure well-being. Therefore, resilience is imperative to the nursing profession. It is the capability to adapt as well as bounce back even when different scenarios do not provide the desired results. As a nurse, it is essential to utilize one of my strengths, perseverance, to handle diverse patient situations. Notably, it is the right of every person to have good healthcare management(Grossman and Valiga, 2016). Therefore, resilience will help me strive to maintain patients' well-being. I will get a greater sense of satisfaction as different people recover from their illnesses and get good health. Therefore, I will encourage my fellow nurses to be resilient since the nature of our work is sometimes stressful.

Week 2 (29th Jul - 5th Aug)

On account of various stressful encounters and after conducting a personal evaluation, I decided to hand in my resignation. Diverse activities at my workplace posed various challenges. Personal challenges like committing several preventable errors demoralized me making me consider resignation. Therefore, having been unable to effectively provide health care services to ensure that patients attain good health lead to the development of high-stress levels. At this point, I failed to be perseverant.

Week 3 (6th Aug – 12th Aug)

From my own judgment, I felt that the Charge Nurse failed to be supportive. I felt awkward working in such an environment. Furthermore, this created a stressful working setting. Nevertheless, I ought to have exercised my leadership skills. I should have shown the Charge Nurse the way to effectively discharge daily duties as well as how to cooperate with others. In future occurrences, I will focus on my goals and passions in regards to my nursing career so as to steer clear similar stressful situations.

Week 4 (13th Aug – 19th Aug)

A difficult workmate can contribute to draining one's professionalism as well as productivity. At my workplace, I did not have the feeling of belonging anymore. Notably, I was just hardly getting by. I failed to work towards defusing my colleague's bad behavior. I think I should have modeled the appropriate behavior which the Charge Nurse could follow to improve cooperation, particularly during work. I will utilize one of my strengths, that is, humor to talk to my co-worker concerning the unsupportive behavior.

Week 5 (20th Aug – 26th Aug)

Combining my leadership and perseverance strengths, I will be patient until I become satisfied with regards to my nursing career. I will be resilient and apply several techniques to deal with both stress events and unsupportive workmates. I needed to talk to the Charge Nurse to evade the stressful situation. It is important to address any uncomfortable feelings which make the nurse dislike working with others. I will, therefore, convey what I expect in terms of feedback, direction, and support.

Week 6 (27th Aug – 2nd Sept)

From the previous week, I now feel relieved. On the other hand, I am anxious because I am not aware of what will follow. To reduce feelings of anxiety, I had to get adequate rest, remain positive, communicate and develop achievable and realistic goals (Grossman and Valiga, 2016).

Week 7 (3rd Sept. – 9th Sept)

After several stressful activities, I decided to rest for one week. The rest from daily nursing undertakings was to regroup my thoughts as well as enhance positive thoughts. Positive thoughts will help me spur creativity as I deliver my duties. My attention was sharpened following the rest and I was able to diagnose different ailments and consequently prescribe appropriate medication for my patients. Additionally, enough rest helped me to improve memory significantly during the course of my social work (Parker et al., 2014). It also considerably reduced my stress and I was able to deliver my services better.

Week 8 (10th Sept – 16th Sept)

I have a different experience during the first day that I change my work from the public to the private sector. Everything in the new environment is completely different. The work setting is entirely unfamiliar. I have to adapt to the new colleagues. Moreover, I have to change to a new-fangled Team Leader role. I was to start providing guidance to my fellow nurses in a new department, the orthopedic theatre. Nonetheless, I have scarce information on orthopedic theatre issues since I am an experienced Team Leader precisely in Liver transplant. The situation is very problematic as there are many new things I have to learn. Additionally, this will consume a lot of time since I have to establish an appropriate strategy as well as gain the necessary support.

Week 9 (17th Sept – 23rd Sept)

More importantly, this is the second week in my new work environment. I have to transition smoothly. Contrariwise, I am fearful and therefore become frustrated. During the same week, a sick baby is admitted. I become stressed as well as physically and emotionally drained. Nevertheless, I strive to remain organized and calm to effectively diagnose, treat and take care of the baby. I have to overcome these challenges by thinking positively.

Week 10 (24th Sept – 30th Sept)

Notably, this is the third week of my new responsibility. I am attempting to assimilate or adapt to the new working ways. I try to inquire about the things that have slightly transformed since I left my former workplace. Furthermore, I try to cooperative with my new co-workers. I study the workers' handbook as well as take notes. I find this to be a great experience. Despite taking note of the various things that I would wish to enhance or improve in the next few months I currently make no significant transformations.

Week 11 (1st Oct – 7th Oct)

As a nurse professional, I have to conduct interpersonal work for managing as well as leading change. I have to learn to sustain the change. Consequently, I do this by being patient and flexible to effectively comprehend my new environment (Grossman and Valiga, 2016). I also plan to positive align my thoughts to steer clear any stressful encounters. Therefore, I manage to develop a sustainable enhancement or improvement culture.

Week 12 (8th Oct – 14th Oct)

I have to be resilient and perseverant to lead and manage challenging situations. I do achieve this by clarifying any issues, being consistent, managing emotions and developing an inquiry mindset. Moreover, I also manage problematic conversations by developing conflict resolution skills and knowing the objective of the dialogue. I realized that it was vital to influence other colleagues to provide better services through my leadership skills by effectively utilizing negotiation. A disruptive innovation develops a contemporary market and interferes with the existing one(Parker et al., 2014). In the new workplace, it was difficult to understand various aspects related to diffusion and subsequent disruptive innovations.


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