CPD1102 Career Planning and Development Future Performance

CPD1102 Career Planning and Development Future Performance Assignment

CPD1102 Career Planning and Development Future Performance


Mohammed Abdul Rafeeq has acquired the degree of course master in business and professional management from Asia pacific business college. I am currently working with the ASOS which is one of the leading online garments selling company (ASOS, 2017).  It is the largest online fashion and beauty retailer and offers many branded product all across the Australia. I am currently working as a store inventory manager with the ASOS which has its operation all across the country. I have 3-year prior experience of working as an inventory manager with the ASOS and 4 years of experience with the other similar company (ASOS, 2017).  My current role is to effectively manage the inventory to ensure the availability of the product to the customer at the right place and at the right time. I am operating with a team of the 50 members which are playing a key role in my work and are helping me in effectively conducting all my major operation. While performing my role I also have to report to the senior manager and coordinate with the department of the company so that the customer is not delayed in receiving the order.

CPD1102 Career Planning and Development Future Performance Assignment

While working with the company I have developed many of the skills and knowledge which has helped me in conducting my operation with efficiency. I have also acquired certain leadership traits which are assisting me in effectively handling the team to handle the work. I have also developed the communicating skills at the time of the working which has helped in creating the good relationship with the other co-workers who are part of my current job role.

The big picture

I am currently working with ASOS which is one of the leading online garment company selling products of many brands for the different age group. In the recent past, the online market has shown a huge growth and nearly people of all age group are making the purchase of the garments from online sites (ASOS, 2017).  The industry shows a huge potential for growth which also will help me to grow my career. Earlier the customer was not finding it safe to purchase the product online as they were facing many issues in making the purchase. But due to recent innovation in technology the industry has effectively met the shortfall and is attracting a huge number of the customer.


The company is selling over 850 brands cloth and accessories and has earned the revenue of around £1100 million during the financial year 2015 (ASOS, 2017).  The company is selling its product in many countries and ship its product to over 140 countries through its center which is located in the Europe, UK, China and US. The company has started its operation in Australia during the year 2011 and has its office in Sydney. The company has the staff of employee over 4000 which is assisting the company in running its operation in many parts of the world. The current capacity of the company creates huge potential for the company to grow its operation all across the world.


I am currently working with the ASOS from the past three years and finds ample of growth opportunity while working with the company as the company is showing the continuous growth. For the purpose of growing my career with the company, I have set both long term and short term goals with of my career. My current short term goals are to extend my career by becoming regional manager of the company in the next 2 year (Jason & Elpert, 2017).I have also set a certain long-term goal of retiring at an early age as a national head of the company. I am continuously working hard to develop the required skill which will help me in developing my career. Also, I am currently looking for the growth in my salary during the year and making a huge effort for the purpose of attaining the same.

Value system and ethics

For the purpose of growing my career with the company, I am making effort to develop certain ethics and values which will help me in part of my work. The following are the ethics which I will make effort to develop in future-

Dedication– For the purpose of developing my career with the company I will increase my dedication towards the work and make effort to develop the required skill and knowledge which will help in my part of working.

Integrity- I also need to develop the honesty in my part of work and make effort to display honest behaviour all the time which will help in building trust with the senior staff.

Accountable- To grow my career with the company I need to be accountable for each of my action and the responsibility which is assigned to me (Ciulla, 2014).For this, I need to carry out the assigned responsibility and accepting responsibility when things go wrong and make effort to resolve the issue.

Collaboration– I also need to make effort to build a good relationship with the other employee so that the joint effort of the team will provide the benefit to all in career growth.

Respect- I also need to respect my other employee to build positive behaviour and improve relation with the other staff of the company.

Code of the conduct- These are the certain rule which is set a by the company to be followed at the workplace. I need to follow these codes to avoid complexity and build trust with the top level management.

Target competencies

For the purpose of the attaining the career growth, you need to develop certain competencies and measure your current competency to meet the shortfall.




Although I have completed knowledge about the way work is to be done but doesn’t carry knowledge about the leadership style and the other competencies which are required for the work.


I have effectively handled my team in the past few years which will help to acquire various skills about the different leadership style (O'Neil, 2014).


I lack in the creativity at the time of handling the complex and new situation which may act as an obstacle to my career growth.


I effectively understand the way environment at the workplace affects the employee so can effectively develop the environment which will motivate the employee.


For the purpose of career growth, I need to develop the learning about the various style of management and obtaining knowledge in my part of work.


My current attitude is good but needs to make certain changes to improve my relationship with the employees and grow my career effectively.


After assessing the current situation I have found that I lack in intercommunication skills which affect the communication with the other employee. So the efforts need to be made to develop the same.


Although I effectively handle my part of work but faces huge difficulty while directing the team in doing the certain work.

Current competencies

For the purpose of growing my career, I need to identify the current competency and set the improvement which they require by comparing with the set standard (Laingen, 2014).

 Figure 1- showing Graphical representation of the existing competencies


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Social culture and personal competencies






















































The above figure shows my current competencies against the set target and helps in identifying the gap which needs to be fulfilled of the purpose of career growth.

SWOT analysis

For the purpose of attaining the desired goal, I need to analyse my current situation and the area over which improvement are to be made. The SWOT analyse will helps me in identifying my current strength and the weakness and the way I can use them to capture opportunity and avoid the threat.


1. My current strength is that I have good leadership skill which is helping me in getting work done from my team

2. Also,I can effectively understand the environment which motivates the employee towards their work

3. I also ask proper question to identify the issues which the employee is facing at the time of working

4. I am also highly committed towards the work and makes effort to deliver the best outcome from my work

5. The past experience which I hold with the company also helps in easily assessing the changing condition


1. I was facing difficulty due lack of communication skills which was affecting my skill to effectively handle my team and maintaining the good relationship with them

2. I also lack in creativity which was affecting my ability to handle the changing business condition(Jaber, et. al., 2015).

3. Also in was facing the issue of attitude which was affecting the relationship with the other employee

4. In also lacking in the knowledge of various style of management which was acting as an obstacle in my career growth


1. I have the opportunity to grow my team which will help in my career growth

2. Also,I can switch to the other company for the purpose of growing my career

3. The company has its operation in many countries so has the huge opportunity to grow


1. The major threat is due to high rate of employee turnover which may lead to increase in pressure (Brooks, et. al., 2014).

2. The other threat is the change in the management style which may affect your working

3. The current downturn in the economy has affected company sales which may affect my career

Performance indicator

For the purpose of improving the performance at the workplace, the effort needs to be made to develop the certain area which will help in increasing efficiency in work. I have to make effort to acquire required skills and knowledge through a various training program which will be required for effective handling of the team (Nahavandi, 2016).Also, the effort needs to be made to develop the communication skills which will help in building a good relationship with the employees. I also have to learn about various leadership styles which will guide in getting work done by the team member. Also, I have to make various decisions at the time of my working so needs to make effort for effective decision making skill.

The L&D plan

The career planning will provide me with the clear understanding of the series of the steps which need to be followed to and the effort which are required to attain the same. It also helps in measuring the current performance of the employee with the set standard. For the purpose of the development of the career, you need to set the area where you have interest and the direction towards which you want to move (Ward, 2016).On the basis of your interest, you need to set the long term goals which specify the future you are looking for the company. Also, the effort needs to be made to set the short term goals which provide direction towards the career growth. After that, you need to activities which will help in attaining the goals and the time within which the desired goals need to be accomplished. You also need to determine the current task which is contributing to long-term goal and area where emphasize is to be made. Also, the effort needs to be made to identify the activity which needs to be ignored which is affecting the working. Also, the effort needs to be made to develop the required skill and knowledge and the way these skills will be developed (Tong, et. al., 2014).


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