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This assignment enlightens on the methodologies that are used to handle the complexities in project management as well as promoting partnership between project manager and systems engineer to handle uncertainty, ambiguity and incomplete knowledge and information. Complexities in the project makes the outcome of the project uncertain. As a result Systems thinking and systems engineering are used to manage complex projects. Additionally they can be used to manage any complexities in the world. Just like body systems, the concept of systems thinking, systems engineering and risk management can be classified into systems and subsystems. The following paragraphs will broadly discuss the use of systems thinking and systems engineering in managing complex projects.


System is defined as the conjunction of processes as a whole. The individual parts of the systems will each act as a subsystem. The concept of systems thinking is to make a systems approach to tackle problems of project management. It originated from the concept of an organism. Just as the body system is divided into organ system, each organ system act as an individual subsystem. The organ systems can be further divided into subsystems and so on. This can be applied to complex projects. The projects can be viewed as a whole system that can be divided into subparts that will act as a subsystem. The project strategy should change according to the changing environment to survive. Systems thinking can be broadly classified into hard and soft systems thinking. The way systems thinking is used in management decides the use of hard or soft systems thinking. Work in the systems movement is broadly classified as applications of systems thinking and development of systems thinking. The application of systems thinking is classified into application in other fields and application in the field of management. As an application to project management hard and soft systems thinking is used to aid in decision-making process of complex project management. Systems thinking has created a language and epistemology that are used to describe phenomenon like concrete or abstract, natural or designed and has supplied a variety of accounts of that complexity. The projects are handled by system dynamics. The three considerations that are made to handle project complexity are emphasise on planning, creating a conventional control business model and involves managing scope in individual parts of project management.

Similarly, systems engineering considers the relationship between the complementary disciplines of program, portfolio and project management. For the success of a particular project, program or portfolio, the quality of relationship needs to be considered. The value for an item increases the quality of relationship between disciplinary of various project, program and portfolio management. This will help in reducing the complexity of the projects. To consider the complexities project characterization is required. It provides the relationship between uncertainty and intricacy. It broadly classifies the projects based on coordination and communication of the problem of projects. They are classified as complicated projects, straightforward projects and volatile projects. Systems engineering provides a solution to the complexities of project by providing a solution model. It is assumed that the proper communication of the projects might help to fight the challenges of complexity of a project. Complexities might arise due to the indefinite formulation of the projects, no immediate solution to problems, inefficient planning of the project, ineffective work breakdown structure and no stopping rule. Therefore, the solution to these complexities might be deep understanding of the problem, gathering relevant information of the projects, analyzing the information and developing solutions accordingly. One of the systems engineering model for handling project complexities is provided below:

Figure 1: Systems engineering for processes styles

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Traditional V diagram is systems engineering is used to deal with the associated issues of the project. The processes life cycle can be broadly divided into concept, realization, utilization and disposal. Developing the requirements, systems analysis, design and developing the systems falls under the concepts zone. Next testing of the equipment needs to be done followed by systems integration. Then in-service operation removal and disposal of the problems is done. If this systems engineering is followed then the complexity of the projects can be reduced largely. Another system that can be followed is the Reaction Chamber systems engineering process life cycle model. Staircase model and Gantt chart application are done to reduce the risks in deliveries of the projects.


From the above discussions, it can be concluded that systems thinking and systems engineering help in combating the complexities of the project. By following various processes and models of systems engineering, the project managers will be able to reduce the complexities. Each project if treated as a system and accordingly divided into subsystems will help to manage the projects better and improve the quality of relationship between various disciplines of project, portfolio and program management.


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