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The new Bendigo hospital project has been established in Bendigo region and it is one of the biggest infrastructure project undertaken in the Bendigo region to provide the best health services in the Bendigo and Loddon- Malle region. This landmark project has won the Asia Pacific Design award in the health care category (, 2018). It is incorporating the new technology and the latest design in a caring business environment, the new Bendigo hospital provides the best service to the public and it is the largest regional hospital in Victoria State.

The construction of hospital was started in year 2013 and the project was divided in two stages, which is explained in the report. The stage one has already finished in year 2017, whereas the stage two was estimated to be completed by mid-2018 (Worrell, 2018). In the total investment of $630 million, the Victoria Coalition Government has invested $120 million in new Bendigo hospital to deliver world’s best health facility to Bendigo and improvement in health care of Victorians living in Bendigo and the region. In order to satisfy the high demand of service in medical industry they have included cancer centre, mother- baby unit, 24 hours transport services, rural capital support program, aged care facilities etc. This project is also contributing in development of medical science and research.

This Report focuses on the operation, conceptual design and construction of the new Bendigo hospital. Moreover, other factors like risk Environmental and Risk management are also covered in the report.

Needs definition


Bendigo is fourth most populated inland city in the Victoria State with a populace of more than 115,146. It is found 150 kilo meters from North-West of Melbourne. Since 2011 when the populace being around 90,000 the development rate has been extremely solid and steady adding around 1386 to 4416 individuals every year to the populace. Populace thickness of the Bendigo area is around 323 individuals for every square meter making it the fourth most populated city in the Victoria State. In this way, bringing the populace development into the thought there is unquestionably a requirement for the new Bendigo Hospital with assortment of improved wellbeing administrations.

The new Bendigo Hospital Project points not just in giving upgraded wellbeing administrations to general society yet to likewise give extensive variety of chances to work in fields like human services, organization, and in enlisting steady staff. Starting at now with in excess of 3400 individuals from staff and 280 volunteers working at the Hospital, the Hospital gives assortment of administrations that incorporates crisis, maternity, ladies' wellbeing, restorative imaging, pathology, recovery, network administrations, private matured care, mental care, network dental, hospice/palliative care, cardiology, disease administrations and renal dialysis to general society both in the Bendigo-Loddon Mallee area and past.

Estimations by the Bendigo Health in a normal year are:

1. To treat more than 41,000 inpatients,
2. To convey more than 200,000 outpatient administrations,
3. To perform in excess of 10,000 careful practices,
4. To welcome more than 1,100 new conceived babies,
5. To additionally give in excess of 45,300 crisis attendances.

With the finishing of the Project the new Bendigo Hospital will be supportable, vitality effective and future-prepared inviting guests from past the locale furnishing them with advantageous stopping and agreeable offices. With a coordinated grounds having a peaceful and minding condition, the Hospital will likewise draw in staff in working with them enabling them to focus on progressing learning, research and development. Utilizing current systems and most recent advances that offer help to the treatment and recovery in the Hospital, the network in the locale and past will now believe in the capacity of Bendigo Health to address their issues.

Environmental concerns:

Condition is a noteworthy concern when undertaking development of any real task. The Government of Victoria, the Bendigo Health and the Exemplar Health have taken a cognizant choice to give an abnormal state of green qualifications in the new Bendigo Hospitals configuration by lessening vitality utilization and including sustainable power sources. They solidly trust that the opportunity has already come and gone to include sustainable arrangements in each part of the new Hospital the same number of medicinal services offices around the globe are taking eco-friendlier and eco-proficient approach. This world-class social insurance office has been introduced with 200-kilowatt sun oriented cluster that are comprised of 770 sun based boards to encourage the utilization of spotless, sustainable power making a monetary advantage for what's to come. This sun based board establishment on the top of the Hospital is assessed to produce 285,000 kilowatt-long stretches of clean vitality every year which surely helps in diminishing the ozone harming substance outflows of around 300,000 kilograms of CO2 (Carbon-di-oxide) every year. The natural maintainability approach of the undertaking in empowering a green work environment through projects that advance vitality productivity, reusing and squander minimisation, underpins every one of the aspects of the Hospital profiting the patients, the staff, the network and the planet.

Below is the list of Green Themes that are included in the new Bendigo Hospital Project:

1. To install LED lighting on timers and movements sensors in the Hospital,
2. To reduce dependence on vehicles, bicycle racks to be constructed encouraging alternative transportation,
3. Construction of two 100-kilolitre tanks that will be accommodating 95 percent of the roof area in order to have a Rainwater harvesting in the drought-prone region.
4. Construction of an indigenous and drought-tolerant landscape build to reduce watering.
5. To deliver substantial savings on water, energy and maintenance, installation of Hybrid heat rejection units are planned.
6. To have a food dehydrator that turns waste food items to powder that can be used as a fertilizer to the Hospital Garden’s.

All the adhesives and sealants, carpets and composite wood products, paints and coatings and other products that are used have particularly been specified to achieve the Green Star low emission standard criteria.

Feasibility of the hospital

As the new Bendigo Hospital is a great necessity for all the communities in the Bendigo region, it’s necessary to check the feasibility of the Hospital. Being a massive project with a huge amount of investment tools like Net Present Value (NPV), Payback Period (PV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) will be used in determining the feasibility of the Hospital. The total Net Present Value (NPV) of the new Bendigo Hospital is $1.1 billion. With the stage one works recently completed that is in January 2017, the stage two works are to be completed by mid-2018 providing convenient services to the public of the Bendigo region.

Bendigo locale, it's important to check the attainability of the Hospital. Being a huge undertaking with a gigantic measure of venture apparatuses like Net Present Value (NPV), Payback Period (PV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) will be utilized in deciding the attainability of the Hospital. The aggregate Net Present Value (NPV) of the new Bendigo Hospital is $1.1 billion. With the stage one works as of late finished that is in January 2017, the stage two works are to be finished by mid-2018 giving helpful administrations to the general population of the Bendigo area.

Conceptual Design

Any project consists of three major factors to be considered. The New Bendigo Hospital conceptual project design is consisting of eco-friendly design. The major factors that are considered to construct the new Bendigo hospital are: design, size and location.


Location for any hospital must be chose very carefully. There are several factors that applies to choose location. Hospital should be located where public can easily travel, where all the communities people should have access this will also help in hospital to provide service to maximum capacity. The location of hospital should be around safe area and far from industries which may cause pollution this is not good for public for treatment.

The new Bendigo hospital project is linked with a bridge for its two sites. The first site is in Barnard Street, and the second site is in Lucan Street.

There is a cleared land to the north of Barnard Street. The new Bendigo hospital will be surrounded by hope street, Barnard Street, Drought Street and Arnold Street.

Lucas Street:

There are more than one matters planned that are constructed on this site:

1. A hotel with more than 128 rooms available
2. An infant care Centre with one hundred places
3. A supermarket will be available in this site for public
4. 15 beds with low cost value for family accommodation
5. A convention room with 180 seating capacity is available
6. A multi deck car park is available in this site along with a helipad on the roof.


The new Bendigo hospital is designed to allocate 372 inpatient bed. The size of the hospital is decided by analysing the required services that can meet the analysed people that can be served in the hospital. The size of the hospital has chosen by considering the rapid growth of population in the Bendigo.


The design of the project is made with two major factors in mind such as location and size. The project should be appealing visually beautiful and with modern acritude strategy. The design must satisfy environmental impact, and which should be economical construction. This design of the project includes to utilize renewable energy. The Victorian government is intended to have four-star green rating with the Australian green building council.

The new Bendigo hospital is designed to capacitate the following factors:

1. A convention facility
2. A multi-deck vehicle park
3. 372 inpatient beds will be available
4. A choice of retail, food and cafe shops
5. 15 rooms for short-stay accommodation will be available
6. 72 beds for same day treatment patients
7. A built-in cancer service centre
8. An 80-bed psychiatric inpatient unit
9. A parent-infant unit


This is complete assessment of the options attainable for the management of construction and design of project. There are many contract procedures each of them having its best appeal and difficulty of the contract matter would vary accordingly. The most important thing is to decide which strategy to choose in building the project. . A proper contract strategy for a project involves deposing the project objectives and constraints, designating a proper project delivery method, contract form / type and several contract administration practices. A suitable strategy should be chosen after proper assessment is done because each strategy has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Contract strategies

1. Fixed Price
2. Prime Cost
3. Design and construct

Fixed Price:

Fixed price means total sum of money. It is the price set for the goods and services and under any circumstances bargaining cannot be done. It is very useful for the buyers because they can set the budget before the project starts. And it has also got some disadvantages as when there is a change in the project schedule it is not flexible for managing changes.

Prime cost:

It is for the most part utilized in government contracts, where the cost depends on real cost of creation and any concurred rates of benefit or charges. The proprietor pays for each cost that emerges from execution notwithstanding some repayment. Settled expense is there with or without reward punishment .The primary advantage of this procedure is ease in the computation. Less data is required to utilize this procedure. It guarantees the customer against any unforeseen expenses. It has got some disadvantages, it is poor decision when there is strict spending plan as there is much cost vulnerability and last cost isn't known. It doesn't give any impetuses to contractual workers to work proficiently and elevates overspending to get biggest charges conceivable (Pfeffer, 2010).

Design and Construct:

Responsibility of the designing and works are taken by contractors according to the owner’s requirement. It has an advantage of minimizing the overall duration of completing project. It has a disadvantage of less negotiation power and difficulty in ensuring quality

On investigating the above contract procedures, the Design and Construct technique had been decided for the new Bendigo Hospital. In this the customer (Bendigo Health-Public) bargains just with one firm (Exemplar Health-Private) sparing it an opportunity to contract creators and contractual workers independently and furthermore diminishes the need of conferring assets. The Project-time is likewise lessened because of cover of plan and development demonstrating the constructability because of contractual worker's contribution to the outline.


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