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E-business is the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) that render adequate level of support to the business activities. Business make use of the electronic platform for the purpose of exchanging products & services with different businesses, groups and individuals. Business is performed with the use of the internet as internet network is utilised for the performing of business activities. With the development in the technology there is effective development is noted down in the e-business. There is effective development is made in the platform of the e-business as well as the high tech security system.

COIT20250 E-business Systems Assignment HelpRecent developments in e-business industry

As the time passes there are adequate changes or development takes place within the technology. With the advancement in technology there is effective development takes place in the e-business industry. There are some recent developments get discussed below such as: -

Multi-channel shopping: - E-business render multi channel shopping products for example Amazon, Flipkart and many more. Regular sales websites provide various different products with the help of multi-merchant system. Customers attain variety of products from varying sellers and in the end they make single payment. By listing products at e-websites such as Amazon, Etsy, ThemeForest, etc. companies attain their desired success in their respective market (Namvar & Khalilzadeh, 2013).

Connecting with customers through social media: - Social media helps in connecting with the customers as well as helps in selling the products in an effective manner. For example: - Social media such as Pinterest and Twitter render announced button that get utilised by companies for posting and selling their products directly to their customers with the use of their network (Namvar & Khalilzadeh, 2013).

Popup Ads: - E-business industry make effective use of the Popup Ads in effective manner as with the use of it companies share their promotional ads or schemes or others. Once the email addresses get exchanged these popup ads come into action and display over their screen whenever it get login (Oliveira & Martins, 2010).

Beacon Technology in order to integrate Online and offline: - Companies make use of Beacon technology for the purpose of greeting someone in their offline store by providing mobile offer deals. With the help of the Beacon technology mobile receives the beacon once they enter into the shop or walks nearly to the shop and it just like promotion of their respective products (Oliveira & Martins, 2010).

Shift towards mobile applications: - With the increase in the purchase of the mobile the companies also get shifted from the online website to the mobile application in order to reach maximum customers. Over mobile applications they render effective sales promotional activities (Penver, 2013).

Flash sales: - It is the effective sales promotion activity that helps in making effective sales. With the help of the flash sales companies increase their sales in effective manner. As they shows emergency related to the product as sale is available for time being with limited availability that helps in attracting lot many customers. Emergency is related with the units of product available for a time period only. Along with flash sales they also render attractive offers that attract the customers towards their product (Penver, 2013).

Online loyalty program: - As the online market get increases there is effective increase in the online loyalty programs. As Amazon is rendering various products having different owners and these companies having their rivalry but not for Amazon. For Amazon the competitive rivalry is Flipkart and others. In order to maintain loyalty they render reward points to them that helps in attractive and loyal customers (Penver, 2013).

Now by looking at these development it is concluded that there is effective change or development in the ecommerce and in near future it attain effective growth. With the help of continuous development in the e-business industry in the near time period it moves to the different and effective level (Laudon & Traver, 2013).

Comparison and explanation of different types of e-business infrastructure technologies, business models and payment and security systems in a corporate setting

Different types of e-business infrastructure technologies such as: -

Switches: -These get utilised for the temporary purpose in order to connect two machines in the network.

Bridges: -These get utilised for connecting machines in LAN or machines in the same segment of network.

Routers: -They are performing same as bridges but provide facility of filtering the information which get pass through it (Laudon & Traver, 2013).

VLAN's are termed as virtual LAN's and they don't have any physical connections.

LAN's get utilised in order to connect machines present in the small areas on the other hand WAN's get utilised for the purpose of connecting machines present in wide geographic areas (Kim, et. al., 2010).

Different types of business models such as: -

Business-to-business (B2B): -As per this business model business sell their products to another business and that business sell product to final customer. (Whole seller to retailer to consumer)

Business-to-consumer (B2C): -As per this business model business make direct sales to their respective customers. Customers review their product online and purchase them.

Consumer-to Consumer (C2C): -As per this business model businesses help customers to sold out their assets such as vehicles, properties, etc (Kim, et. al., 2010).

Consumer-to-business (C2B): -As per this business model consumer visit the website of business in order to attain the services of that business such as insurance, personal loan comparison and many more.

Business-to-Government (B2G): -This model is variant of B2B model as government make use of some websites in order to trade and exchange information with other business organisations (Kim, et. al., 2010).

Government-to-business (G2B): -As per this business model website approach business organisation for the purpose of auctions, tenders and for the purpose of application submission functionalities.

Government-to-citizen (G2C): -This business model is utilised by the government for the purpose of approaching citizen in general. These websites helps in making auctions of vehicles, machinery or any other material (Alsarayrah, 2016).

Different mode of payments in e-commerce: -

Credit card payment: -Payment get made by the use of the credit card. Credit card attain unique number attached with the account. It is the limited credit facility provided by the bank to their respective customers.

Debit card payment: -It is just like the credit card also having unique number mapped with bank account number. It has effectively different as compare to the credit card as owner need to deposit money in its account before utilising it for making payments.

Cash on delivery: -Consumer can make payment of the product once they receive it from the company. It reduces the discount ratio implied over the product but can be termed as safe mode of payment. It reduces the cyber crime or online theft with the use of information stored at their payment network (Alsarayrah, 2016).

Different security measures in e-commerce: -

Chose secure e-commerce platform: It is essential to select secure platform using sophisticated object-orientated programming language.

Use secure connection for online checkout. Use strong "Secure Sockets Layer" in order to authenticate Web and Data protection. It builds customers faith and trust that e-commerce site is safe.

Don't store sensitive data: Don't make storage of sensitive data such as credit card number, CVV2 codes (Card Verification Value) (Alsarayrah, 2016).

Employ system in order to verify address and card: In order to remove fraudulent activities it is required to enable AVS (address verification system) and CVV for the card payments whether it is credit card or Debit card (Alsarayrah, 2016).

Put strong password:Putting strong password is the basic requirement. Strong password make inclusion of  Alpha-numerical values along with special characters.

Enable system alert to avoid suspicious activity (Defta, 2011).

Layer your security: It means there is effective need of putting layers in the security with the use of firewalls in order to breach attacks (Defta, 2011).

Impact of e-business strategies on organisational processes and outcomes

E-business strategies having adequate impact over the organisational processes and outcomes such as it helps in making adequate improvements and reduce costs in various functions such as:-

1. Internal communication
2. An executive information system
3. Purchasing
4. Sales force automation and management
5. Product development teams
6. Reduction in operational costs
7. Increase in communication and satisfaction among employees
8. Improve customer satisfaction (Iyer, 2012)

E-business strategies helps in making effective level of improvements in their processes and helps in market expansion. In e-business strategy there is requirement of continuous planning along with feedback. Their business goals must get integrated with the e-business strategy otherwise implementation of the e-business strategy results into failure of the planning (Iyer, 2012).

With the implementation of the e-business strategy there is effective level of impact put over the e-business taken into consideration such as processes, governance and people. It become necessary to create single coherent plan, formalise decision-making procedures and make communication related to the e-business initiatives across the business organisation and having integration with their corporate goal. With the implementation of e-business strategy there is effective changes in various activities such as relationships among partners, processes become more cohesive, mutually benefited partnerships and management rethink over the channels such as internet, telephones, mail orders, etc. and redesign the process of delivering their products or services (Iyer, 2012).

It is very important to make regular review and update of business strategy because there is constant changes are noted down in their competitive market and internet environment. Benefits of the e-business strategy to the organisation process and outcomes such as: -

1. There is effective increase in the sales of the business organisation

2. Helps in attaining the competitive advantage in the form of maintaining operational efficiency and distinctive strategic positioning

3. Traditional competition such as cost, profit, quality, services and features remain the same but with the help of e-business strategy processing get improved.

4. Help in well maintaining the company's strategic positioning.

5. Get adequate level of support from the top management level.

6. The customer's and partner's expectations get managed in effective manner.

7. It offers effective products and services (Huang, et. al., 2011)

8. Helps in expanding the market share that helps in increase in sales.

9. Enhance the satisfaction level among employees.

10. It helps in adopting innovation as existing procedure get followed in innovative manner.

11. Helps in evaluating the impact of other brands over their product well before existing time period that helps in taking corrective actions to regain the position in the market.

12. Their various departments such as sales department, support, operations and IT get improved with the e-business strategy as it intersect each department (Huang, et. al., 2011).

13. It helps in integrating the traditional and existing methods with new procedures in order to support their business activities.

Assess existing and emerging e-business technologies to transform organisations for competitive advantages

Now-a-days the e-business technologies getting transform at rapid pace and in this situation it become very important to develop such technology that remain unique for a long period of time and helps in attaining competitive advantage. There are three basic strategies that helps in attaining competitive advantage such as cost leadership, differentiation and focus. Cost leadership focuses over lowering the price of product, Differentiation focuses over the quality and uniqueness of the product as compare to the competitive products and focus is concentrating over single aspect of their respective market. Existing e-business technology's best example is "Kindle" services rendered by the where user can get access to the online bookshop. It has direct competition with the traditional book sellers and they didn't need to invest in opening street bookstores. On the other hand online banking services become an effective alternate where user need  not to go and perform their activities within the branch office like transfer of funds and others (Sharma, et. al., 2014). These are such effective e-business technologies that run their activities from a longer period of time and without any proper or effective substitute in their respective market. In the same manner there are various emerging e-business technologies that helps in attaining competitive advantages such as: -

Drone Delivery:- In the next decade one of the most innovative technology within retail industry is Drone delivery. Drone delivery plays a huge role in delivering products and become much effective in aid disaster relief efforts. There are some effective regulations need to be established in various parts of world for the widespread use of drones. Drones get utilised by some companies in order to make same-day delivery within their locality in highly populous areas (Sharma, et. al., 2014).

Droid delivery: - It is an grounded solution of delivering the products and droid delivery is getting attention. It can termed as little robots and built with six wagon wheels. These droids can get utilised for delivering the products to the respective customers. Droid is fully packed delivery van as it is capable to climb small sets of stairs, equipped with nine cameras helps in getting live streaming video back to their office, microphone in order to build two way communication with their respective customers, GPS trackers and censors in order to navigate any obstacles or foot traffic on sidewalks. For example: - In Australia, Domino's Pizza make use of it in order to deliver their pizza's to their respective customers, avoiding traffic as well as parking problems.

Augmented or Virtual reality technology: - Online sellers make use of this technology as it helps in creating interactive, 3-D shopping experience for their respective users. Users get an in-home extension of their physical stores and it helps in increasing their sales with the help of it. With the help of Goggles users look into it and transform it into an interactive dressing room (Shareef, et. al., 2012).

Develop the ability to work independently and contribute as a member of team employing appropriate interpersonal, professional and technical communication skills.

Working as an IT team member in the team for e-business. Working independently in order to take care of various activities that make effective contribution as a member of team. With the use of the effective communication tool such as e-mail, quick chat boxes and other build effective communication with other team members in order to pass the necessary information. Activities make inclusion of securing portal from suspicious activities, upgrade security measures, enhance the customer service and working over website or portal in order to make it effective so that users make use of it in easiest manner (Sharma & Lijuan, 2014).

Security is the big concern and having wide area to look after. Initially it is required to safeguard the portal from getting hacked and make it effective in order to reduce its chances from getting crashed. Secondly there is effective need of securing the payment mode as most of hackers tries to stole that information. If this information is get stolen then website attain huge loss or maybe results into shut down of business activities. It become important to secure the payment mode of business activities. In order to secure the payment mode there are various aspects get utilised such as "One time Password" facility at the final stage of payment where password send to user on its mobile number which get registered under his bank account. In order to protect from hackers portal get multilayered with the help of firewalls such as login boxes, search queries, contact forms and others. It helps in reducing the chances of getting hacked (Sharma & Lijuan, 2014).

There are various other activities get performed such as customer services as it make inclusion of the responses made to the customers against their queries related to the products, its prices, its delivery or related to the manufacturer or its seller. Sometime customers send harsh feedbacks due to the damage products or due to its quality or due to the failure on on-time delivery. It become very important to respond these kinds of customers well on time and helps in resolving their problems in order to maintain adequate relationship with them. For getting the success it become necessary to focus over satisfying the customers' needs (Sharma & Lijuan, 2014).

Along with this as an IT team member there is effective need of working over the website portal in order to make it attractive and effective so that users make use of it in easiest manner without getting any complications. Along with this there is effective need of communicating the changes on regular basis within the team so that they also get aware about the changes made in it. Look of websites get changed in effective manner, convert it into such an effective manner as it speaks a lot about itself without saying anything (Sharma & Lijuan, 2014).

These activities make effective contribution within the team and these required effective skills in order to execute them in successful manner.

Interpret the legal, ethical, social and cultural issues that affect the use, design, and implementation of e-business systems.

With the increase in the use of e-business systems there are effective increase the issues related to the legal, ethical social and culture that affects its usage, design and implementations. These issues get discussed below such as: -

Web tracking: - Companies track a record of individual's movement with the help of tracking software and cookie analysis but it results into privacy concerns. In PC's hard disk tracking history get stored and once it get revisited computer knows about it. There is a battle run between the computer users and web trackers as computer users install software's such as Privacy Guardian, My Privacy etc. in order to erase the history of browser's cache, cookies, etc. Otherwise this data gathered with the use of the data miner application and get combined in order to send it to servers (Rata & Palicica, 2010).

Privacy: - It become very important to protect the identity of the buyer who make use of Electronic Payment system. Privacy issue is also associated with the company's employee in order to track them. Management install monitoring systems in order to monitor e-mail and other activities performed over internet as sometimes they make use of internet for non-business activities. Along with this organisation track the activities performed by the buyer in an effective manner (Rata & Palicica, 2010).

Disintermediation and Reinter-mediation: -Intermediation is related to the loss of jobs and become the major issue within e-commerce. Intermediaries render services such as matching and providing information and also render value added services like consultation. The services rendered by the intermediaries get automated with the help of portals at free of cost. It eliminate the role of intermediaries known as disintermediation. The brokers add value by handling the electronic intermediation get effective response and termed as Reinter-mediation. With the effect of it traditional sales get affected and support is rendered online (Hansen-Turton & Torres, 2014).

Fraud on internet: - With the increase in the usage of the internet there is adequate increase in the internet fraud also. There is effective chances of increase in the crime over the internet as buyers and seller not able to see each other and also don't know each other. With the increase in the website popularity. Small investors get false promise of getting profits by the stock promoters. Auctions also lead to fraud. Availability of  e-mails and popup ads helps the financial criminals in order to get access to many people (Hansen-Turton & Torres, 2014).

Copyright: -In e-commerce it become very difficult to protect the intellectual property. And copyright laws helps in protecting the intellectual property and can't get utilised freely.

Domain name: - It is also an another legal issues as internet addresses are known as domain names and get appeared in levels. Users need to be careful while doing e-commerce activities. With the help of the security features such as authentication, non-repudiation and escrow services get utilised in order to protect the users in e-commerce (Bosworth, et. al., 2014).


In the end it get concluded that there is rapid changes or enhancement is noted down in the e-business industry. As most of the business units get transferred from the offline business to online business. Whether it is shopping business or hospitality or banking services or libraries or anything else. Almost all of the business transferred to the online portal and there is effective need of securing these portals. As with the increase in the internet usage there is effective increase in the risks or attacks over them. Organisations need to implement effective security system in order to safeguard themselves from getting hacked.


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