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Letter of Transmittal

May 18, 2017

Associate Professor

Department of E-commerce Business


Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir/Mam,

With due respect, I Mahesh, the undersigned student of business studies from USQ Branch have submitted this assignment as per my assigned online business category Hospitality (Restaurant). I have extended the Joomla based restaurant web application SAN TELMO which I have created in the assignment 2. It is completely matched with the assigned online business category and as per brief requirements.

Although I am in a learning phase, this report has given me enough knowledge to work on Joomla projects in future. It was an interesting experience throughout working on this project and I assure you that I have successfully implemented all the required sections. I am so thankful to my work colleagues and mentors for guiding me whenever I was in a doubt. Lastly, I would be thankful if you can provide advice for improvements or for the efforts I have made in this report.

Yours’ Sincerely,


Executive Summary

In this assignment, I have extended the development of the website content with the help of joule which I have created in the last assignment named as SAN TELMO. In this report I have mainly discussed the following things : the implementation plan of the website using SDLC approach, the factors which need to consider the organization while developing the mobile presence of their business, e-commerce security environment like security related issues and preventions and the privacy issues associated with the social networking sites by sharing the personal information on them. I have also made conclusion and recommendation on all the topic I have discussed below in the report.


The hospitality management is a very unique and loveable business industry. Nowadays the demand of hospitality management increases day by day and its get continuous popularity. As its popularity increases day by day the business owners have to move this business into the e-commerce platform so that they can manage it efficiently and provide unique features and facilities to their customers. The report is prepared to provide the basic information about the security issues involved in the e-commerce business, how the e-commerce system develop and implemented efficiently with the help of SDLC approach, what things to be considered while developing a mobile application for their business and its importance and also the privacy issues involves with the users of the social networking sites and things to be considered while using the social networking sites.

These all the discussion based on the restaurant SAN TELMO which I have chosen for the assignment 2 and developing the prototype website for it. This is an Australia-based restaurant which provides the better service at reasonable price. Due to its better services and prices, it has the huge impact and a good clientele. In this assignment, I have mainly extended the development work of the restaurant website and discussed the various things related to the efficiently manage the business with the newly implemented e-commerce technology. The website is developed in the Joomla and provides various unique e-commerce features which help the SAN TELMO to efficiently manage their entire business work online.

Website Link:

Report Section 1 – Implementation Plan

SDLC is the term which stands for the system development life cycle. It is a conceptual model which is used in the project management and describes the stages involved in the development of the project. It is basically used by the IT companies to design and develop the high-quality projects. The main purpose of it is to develop a good quality project at the specified time and cost and meet the customer needs. The SDLC (system development life cycle) also known as the framework which explains the tasks performed at all the stage of the process of system development.

The SDLC (System development life cycle) divides the whole project work into several stages which make it easier for the web developers to develop the project efficiently. The process of this software development is followed by most of the software development company. This contains a specified and detailed for the complete development plan for the software which describes how the system or software to be the plan, design, develop, test, maintain and replace. It also helps the company for improving the quality of the software and the overall development process. The SDLC (system development life cycle) method has several models to develop a complete software or system such as waterfall model, iterative model, spiral model, v-model, big-bang model, etc. In this case, I have used the waterfall model of the SDLC (software development lifecycle). The stages of the SDLC model are requirement gathering and analysis, system design, development, integration and testing, deployment and maintenance. The stages of the SDLC which are used for SAN TELMO restaurant project development are:

The following figure is a graphical representation of the various stages of a typical SDLC:

1.Requirement gathering and analysis:This is the first stage of the SDLC model. In this stage, all the requirement of the system which is to be developed is to be gathering from the various sources and analyzed properly. I have gathered all the requirements which are required to develop the website of SAN TELMO restaurant from the various internet source and by visiting the different popular website to explore their website design technique and analyze them properly and prepare a require specification document to move the next stage of developing the site.

2.System design:This is the second stage of the SDLC model. At this stage, I have analyzed the requirement specification documents properly and then started working on the designing of the system according to the requirement specification document. The designing document helps in the next stages of the system to identify the system requirement to develop the architecture of the system. At this stage, I have prepared a design specification document which is used and helpful in the development process of the system or software.

3.Development:This is the third stage of the SDLC model. At this stage, I have developed the overall architecture of the system (SAN TELMO website). I have developed the whole project in several units and then test the each unit to check their functionality and then integrated all the unit together to successfully prepare the architecture of the system.

4.Integration & Testing:This is the fourth stage of the SDLC model. At the stage, I have integrated all the units which are developed in the development stage of the project into the system. Once all the units are integrated, I have tested the entire developed system according to the requirement specification and design documents. In case if there is any issues or error found in the developed system the system is referred to the development groups for fixing the error.

5.Deployment of the system:This is the fifth and final stage of the SDLC model. At this stage, the product is deployed in the real world under the customer environment so that they can use the system and provide their feedback and review about the system. The deployment of the system done when the system passes the testing stage.

6.Maintenance:This is also the stage of SDLC model which is required if any issues or errors found in the system functionality when the system deployed in the customer environment. The product is reviewed at this stage and all the problems being resolved so that user can efficiently use the system, additional functionality has also been added if the user require.

CIS8100 Computer Information System Assignment HelpFigure 1SDLC model

Report Section 2 – Mobile Web Presence

As the mobile technology enhanced and getting popularity day by day due to its unique and interactive features and functionality, it becomes one of the most powerful tools for getting the quick access to the numbers of users all around the world. Due to this, all the business holders must have to develop and make their business presence on the mobile platform to smoothly going on their business and make a continuous profit from their business. In order to develop a mobile app for the business, there are various things or factors which need to be considered by the business organization while designing the mobile app.

CIS8100 Computer Information System Assignment Help

Figure 2 mobile user statistics

The statistics shown above show the increasing number of mobile users in the past years. The things which need be considered are discussed below:

1.Market research:The organization has to conduct the proper research on their business market before developing the mobile application for their business. The conducting the market research helps the business organization to know their market competitive, their business strategy, strength and weakness and mistakes made by their competitors so that you aware of those mistakes made by their competitors and exactly meet your customer's requirement. The market research strategy is one of the most important strategies which help the business organization to make an effective impact on their customers over their competitors.

2.Efficiency:The business organization has to be considered while designing the mobile app for their business about the data efficiency. There is a various mobile app which is downloaded and installed daily and excessively uses the mobile data so mostly it is forgotten. Due to this reason, the organization has to consider while designing the mobile app and make sure that their app does not consume the mobile data excessively.

3.Uniqueness:It’s a human nature that every users or people finding the unique things always, they are getting bored with one thing easily. This is also applicable in terms of mobile application. There are so many mobile apps are available on the app store so that they are trying to find the app with uniqueness which provides the unique features and functionality. Due to this the organization has to provide the unique features and functionality with their app so that user can like to use the app.

4.High speed and performance:Users are not like to use the app which takes more time to load the content and keep them waiting so that they stop using that app. Due to this the organization has to design the app efficiently and optimize all of the content of the app properly so that it takes less time to load and display the content and provide the quick access to the users. This will give a good user experience to the users and keep them continuously using the app again and again.

5.Appropriate pricing:The organization has to consider that they are choosing the appropriate price for their mobile app which involves all the products easy to choose.

6.Target Audience:The organization has to consider and know their target audience before designing their mobile app. The audience plays a very important role in the business so the organization must have to clear about several questions of their audience like who will use the app and how it is going to help them, etc.

7.Focus on the marketing strategy:The organization has to assure that they begin their marketing for the mobile app at the right time because most of the organization fails to execute the marketing plan effectively. Due to this, they have to start the marketing of their mobile app before launching the app.

8.Testing:Testing is very important term before executing or launching the mobile application in the real world. The organization has to test their entire mobile application before launching it to the real world to assure that the app correctly works and all of its functionality works efficiently or not so that it gives a good impact and provide a good user experience to the users.

9.Estimate the budget in advance:The each and every steps included in the mobile app development involves money so that it is important to know the budget and amount requires for the development of the each stage of the app. The organization has to keep a strict eye on the costing of their app to assure that the budget remains the same until the end as it is in the beginning.

Report Section 3 – E-commerce Security Environment

Today in this digital world data is the most important assets for all the e-commerce business, so the security of the data is very important. It is very important for all the transaction made over the internet in the e-commerce technology. Customers lose their faith and trust in the e-business if the security of their transaction or any other information compromised. In this case, I have considered the following things in my hospitality restaurant business to achieve the improvements to its overall e-commerce security environment:

1.Don’t store information more than your requirement:The organization does not have to online store the extra information from their requirement. There are many websites which have complicated forms which need to be filled by the customers before they make their purchase or shopping. Sometimes these forms are requesting all kinds of information which are not relevant to the sale or their shopping. In the legal terms, the business is responsible for protecting the data of the customers which they store online. The government also makes the policies about the various types of data which need not be stored by the business or organization. The company or organization need to collect and store the small amount of data as small as possible as, that helps to build the trust. Many hackers and other cyber attackers are continuously available online to find the useful information so that they can make their own profit by stealing them. Due to this reason the organization needs to store only those information which is sufficient to make the online sale on their website.

2.SSL certification:The SSL certification gives the encryption of data which makes it very difficult for anyone to hack or make any other interference with the transaction. It also positively identifies the website. Even this is not perfect but something is better than nothing. Due to this, if the organization collecting the sensitive data they need SSL.

3.Make the decision to where you process your transaction:The organization has to make a strong decision for collecting the payment and payment information from their customers. The processing of transaction in-house can save the little more money for the organization and customers. The saving should be significant if you make the low and high volume transaction. There are a lot of external payment system is available such as Skrill, PayPal, etc. which provides many advantages. One of the most important advantages is that you not collecting the financial information from the customers and get payment directly from the customers so you are not directly responsible for protecting those data.

4.Cross check all the details before shipping the product:The organization has to confirm that the quantity, description about the product, price, etc. is matched with the order received and also check the products and order for the additional discount and coupons code if available. The organizations have to consider some of the things to staying secure such as: don’t spy on the customer, don’t gather and store the information which you don’t strictly need, protect the information you do collect, delegate compliance responsibility for the transaction, review and confirm the order before shipping and delivering the products. They also have to ensure that if the customer request for refunding the amount it should be matched to the amount of original transaction.

5.Use HTTPS:The HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer) is the protocol to transfer the data over the web that should be used instead of HTTP on the entire pages where the data is created. The HTTP does not encrypt the data so the data is not fully secured. With the HTTPS we can encrypt the data which is to be transferred over the web so it is good for the security purpose. Many customers know about this disadvantage of the HTTP so they avoid the site which uses the HTTP and it harms the business of the organization. Due to these reasons, the organization has to use the HTTPS connection for the business website.

6.Use Firewall:The firewall is a software or hardware system which acts as a wall between the two networks to authenticate the authorized traffics and allowing them for the access. It also blocks the suspicious networks upcoming in the network with the malicious activity and malware and protects the data from the cyber theft and harmful viruses. This plays an important role. It is able to protect the entire data stored on the server online and save the organization important business data from unauthorized access.

Report Section 4 – Information Privacy in Social Media

The social networking sites have significantly change the way to which the people connect with their family, friends and other persons. There are many popular social networking sites available in these days which plays a very important role in our daily life. Although there are many advantages of using the social networking site but is also associated with the several privacy and security risks.  Due to this privacy risk, the people have to know about the privacy risks involved in using the social networking sites. The security issue and privacy issue of the users or customers both are the different things in terms of the user security in the e-commerce business. The privacy issue occurs when the hackers or other cyber attackers get the unauthorized access to the private information of the people provided at the various social networking and other sites online. The security issues occur when the hackers get the unauthorized access on the loading of the sites.  The various types of risks associated with the social networking sites and the techniques to prevent those issues are discussed below:

Privacy risk associated with the social networking sites

Today's, the hackers hang around the social networking sites and looking for the information which helps them to hack the user's account associated with their personal information like mobile, email, etc. given in the social networking sites. They also use the edited URL to trick the users into visiting these harmful websites associated with the edited link and inject and install the viruses and spyware on their computers, mobile, laptop, etc. remotely when they access those edited links. The malicious viruses affect and damage the system and the spyware provides the information stored in the cookies about the password and emails which they used to login to their social media sites to the hackers. Due to this the customers or people have to avoid those links unless they don’t confirm the actual source of the link. The people provide their personal information like contact address, email, phone, birthday, etc. on their social networking accounts. Now the hackers of cyber thieves collect that personal information from their social media accounts and use them to hack your others account associated with the same information. They also click on the forgot password links in your different accounts and then gain the access links from the email id you used in that account and steal your personal important and useful information or harm you in another way. The social sites also use the mobile apps and location-based services which let the people know about their current location. Many people also posting their personal traveling and vacation information on their social networking profile which let the people know about your whereabouts. Which invite them at your home or offices. They may hack their social networking accounts also and post informal posts and also can message to the person associated with your business and organization which may harm your business and reputation, so the people have to avoid posting such information on their social site's profile for their privacy and security.

Tips to protect the privacy on the social media

To keep this information privately on the social media sites they have to create the strong password for their social sites accounts. As strong password not easily guessed by the hackers; such as a password which includes the alphanumeric characters, special characters, capital letters, numbers, etc. The people don’t have to use the general password matching with their name, husband/wife name, date of birth, etc. They have to periodically review their social networking accounts and the each way which protects your personal information which protects their personal information from the many types of cyber attackers. The social networking sites provide the many features to block the specific users, block the unknown user to send a message and viewing the pictures, so the people have to use those features of the social sites to keep their personal information secure. They also have to use the good antivirus and anti-spyware software and firewalls to prevent those malicious and harmful viruses and links to gaining the access to your networks and system. They also have to update that antivirus software in a specific periodic time with the latest version to keep them actively working in your system. There are various people associated with the social site's accounts of the users so that they have to avoid posting the more personal information on the social networking sites online.


After reading this report the reader will able to understand all these things and able to develop a good e-commerce strategy for their e-business. I have also extended the development work of the business website of the SAN TELMO Australian restaurant that will help them to manage their entire business work efficiently at the online platform. There is various security associated with the e-commerce business so the organization has to use the proper security concern and techniques in their website and servers to prevent those issues and protect their business from the various types of online theft. There is various types of privacy issues are also involved in the users of the social networking sites so the users have to know about those issues and are aware of those concern by avoiding posting all the information on their social site profile.


Currently,the website is developed with the basic e-commerce functionality with the limited products. So in future, we need to develop the website with the more products and advanced e-commerce technology so that the entire business can be run efficiently. We also have to use the advanced security techniques to secure the website from various online cyber theft. The website also has not the fully functional payment system so it needs to be made fully functional to receive the payment from the client. The user interface also not looking good and interactive which need to be improved and a mobile application must have to develop for the restaurant business to support the business flow.

Appendix 1




Date of research


Time duration

(in days)

Project Planning – What all features need to be implemented now, how they will get integrated


27/04/17 - 29/04/17

3 days

Started working on the prototype by adding more functionalities like products/services, add to cart etc.

28/04/17 - 04/05/17

7 days

Tested the website by checking all the functionalities and putting data values

05/05/17 - 07/05/17

3 days

Website Deployment

08/05/17 - 09/05/17

2 days

Collected material for all the major tasks of report

10/05/17 - 11/05/17


Report Section 1-(Implementation Plan)

12/05/17 - 13/05/17

2 days

Report Section 2– (Mobile Web Presence)

14/05/17 - 15/05/17

2 days

Report Section 3- (E-commerce Security Environment)

16/05/17 - 17/05/17

2 days

Report Section 4-(Information Privacy in social media)

18/05/17 - 19/05/17

2 days

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