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CIS8011 Information Technology and Modulation Techniques Assessment

CIS8011 Information Technology and Modulation Editing Services

Digital Innovation

Digital innovation is one of the fastest growing trends in modern industry but their integration and adoption in all verticals and all levels of an industry is still a challenge. One of the prime reasons behind this phenomenon is the fact that most of the industries are still running on the concepts and structures which were developed before digital innovation. Some of the technologies which are used by industries are not compatible to be converted and integrated with the digital technology. One good example of such industrial sector would be any sector which is labour intensive, for example mining industry. In these industries labour is the prime resources which are being used to gain output and technology is not yet ready to replace human beings in any industry. Here including digital innovation in entire process or structure would be difficult to manage because many of the people who are playing key role in the industry are not comfortable with digital technology and its usage (Frenzel, 2012).

CIS8011 Information Technology and Modulation Techniques Assessment, Digital innovation

Second challenge associated with digital technology adoption is the huge cost of infrastructure development and placement of servers, hardware, software and training of human resources. Some companies have a myopic view regarding this expenditure and they do not find it well worth to spend that much on adopting a new system. There is also a general perception that technology is changing too rapidly to adopt and it would go obsolete in a few years, which means spending again on upgrading of existing software and hardware (Pike, 2004).


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