CIS8011 Digital Communication and IT Security Proof Reading Services

CIS8011 Digital Communication and IT Security Assignment

CIS8011 Digital Communication and IT Security Proof Reading Services


This digital communication and IT security assignment is aiming to identify and critically evaluate the role played by digital innovation in issues identified in the selected organization. As a consultant who is hired to investigate the issues which are identified a detailed analysis of the situation and needs of the organization is a must. Further it would also be identified if there are any latest developments in digital innovation which can influence the strategic planning process of the company. Issues which are primarily identified in previous journals are security threats to the organization and its information which needs to be exchanged in a secure manner. Second issue which needs to be identified is the rising cost of administrative activities and human resources employed by the company. Innovative digital technology which can be used to help organization at this time would be primarily emphasised in this assignment. Organization which is identified in this assignment is Wolftech Inc which is an energy giant.

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Digital Communication and It Security

With more companies turning to digital communication it has become important for companies to implement the strictest IT security to avoid hacking incidents. Wolftech being an upcoming energy industry player the company is constantly at risk from cyber-attack from hackers and competitors. The company has been identifies to use several universal software solution which make the company IT security even more venerable (Solms & Von Solms, 2005).

Background analysis

Company Statistics and Details
Company Name: Wolftech
Industry Specialization:Energy
Employees: 85
Regions of Operation:  UK, Central Europe & China
Main Office: Wolverhampton

Wolftech specialized in the production and distributing on energy needs making is a high demanded services which results in the company expanding rapidly. The company has experienced a serious security breach in the recent past which costs the company million of pounds in losses. Wolftech & the company’s employees have been observed to use a wide verity of computers, smart phone and tablet. Each has a different operating system leading to further vulnerabilities.

Another important point linked to the companies IT security breach has been identified to be the use of different communication software and solutions. Company employees have been observed to set up and use email, VoIP and other communication accounts on different free service providers on the internet. These may be suitable for personal use but are considered to be a serious threat to any major companies IT security.

Current Situation

The company has put their latest expansion projects on hold due to an IT security breach. This makes it important for the company to put together an effective IT security Management system so as to prevent such security breaches in future. As mentioned earlier there are certain factors which are linked and known to have resulted in the security breach such as the use of multiple operating systems and communication software. But Wolftech should not stop at these since there are many other factors which also contribute to the security breaches.

Digital Innovation Technologies

To minimize the risk of IT security breaches Wolftech requires considering investing in to the development of their own operating system which would limit security breaches. In addition to this the company requires to evaluate and put together a solid IT Security Management system which address every aspect of the companies IT solutions. Development of a in house operating system is a highly innovative idea because it would only have features and attributes which are needed by the company and they can customise their security levels as well. This way they can put in filters and gates which would help them in keeping a close monitoring over the situation and ensuring that any communication which is going out of company is properly verified (Andersen & Romanski, 2011).

IT Security Management System

Wolftech has already experienced a serious IT security breach which has resulted in the company putting expansion plans on hold. This means the company has lost vital information and data which has resulted in shocking the company in to simply placing the expansion project on hold. With companies and individuals growing more dependent on IT to perform different operation in business, security has become a major concern. Many companies handle most of the management, surveillance, marketing and finances through computers and the internet. For large companies it is important to properly plan IT security Management which would address four main Areas namely, Computer Ethics, Risk management, Planning & Contingences and Disaster Recovery. Only after the above points have been addressed can a company be sure to develop and put in place a secure IT solution which reduces the risk of security breaches by up to 98% (Bodin, et al. 2008).

Website Log-In/ Log-Out Management

Wolftech has a website where employees have registered accounts which they use to perform different operations. It is very important to make sure all computer operators receive the required training especially linked to log-in and log-out security measures. Company websites are mainly hacked due to the mis-use of log-in information whereby company employees may forget to log out or share the log-in information. This results in making the company website venerable which could result in serious breaches in security. The company must consider overhauling and redesigning its website to include an automatic timeout system. The company should also restrict the geographic regions the website can be logging in from thus reducing the risk of unauthorized log-in. this is common feature which banking websites have since they only allow customers to log in from the country of origin. The feature can be lifted for special cases where the company could register a particular computer or IP address to enhance security.

Risk Management

Risk management is the next step linked to managing and preventing IT security breaches since it allows the company to identify the risks and device solutions before the risks occur. Risk management can be broken down in to two categories which include the identification& Assessment of risk and measures to help control the identified risks (Barateiro, 2010). Most IT security breaches occur through the company’s website making it important to develop unique websites which make them harder to hack. It’s common to find small businesses setting up websites on platforms like WordPress due to their simplicity and low cost, but these websites are also considered to be highly venerable to cyber-attack and hacking. To prevent any unauthorised website access and hacking the company must consider hiring a profession and reputed website developer who can develop an independent website for the company. Many independent website developers offer websites which are much more secure and this reduces the risk of IT security breaches.


In certain situation attack and damage in inevitable and it’s best for the company to put together a mitigation plan. This will help the company prepare for such as disaster and help them handle the situation when it arises. Mitigation plans are developed according the type of systems being used and could range from having a back-up system to having a single system broken in to several individual partitions (Brey, 2000).

Cost Reduction Using Innovative Technologies

Innovative technologies like crowd sourcing can be used effectively to reduce the cost of administrative services. Crowd sourcing is a very unique and growing trend globally. In this approach work like data entry and data management which can be done by people from remote location can be distributed to various free lance employees spread over entire globe. This would have the benefit that cost effective human resources which are available in different countries can be used instead of expensive human resources in UK. Secondly this approach would help the company in managing their work round the clock because of different time zones. Both approaches collectively can reduce the administrative back log, cost of managing data and also reduce lag time in processing of administrative activities.

Another advantage of using innovative approach in digital technology like crowd sourcing is that it helps the company in focusing its entire energy and activity into their core competencies while peripheral activities like administrative work, paper work, data management and record keeping can be outsourced to the agencies which are more competent and have a higher level competencies. This would help the company in saving their valuable human resources which was used to get these activities done (Klatt, et al., 2012).

During the planning process it’s important to develop plans for each of the following aspects linked to risks.

  • Risk assessment plan
  • Business impact analysis plan
  • Plans identifying critical IT processes
  • Plans to asses impact in case crises do occur
  • Plans stipulating recovery time and objective priorities
  • Each of the plans must clearly state approaches which must be followed.


In conclusion it can be said that having properly researched plans allows IT professionals and the company heads to quickly react to risk which may present themselves to the companies IT system at any point. Wolftech must invest on equipment which will improve the companies IT security and reduce or eliminate the chances of the companies IT solution being compromised in the future and reduce its cost of operation thus enabling it to develop a long term competitive advantage (Grossman, 2012).


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