CIS8010 Digital Transformation Editing and Proof Reading Services

CIS8010 Digital Transformation Assignment

CIS8010 Digital Transformation Editing and Proof Reading Services


Digital transformation assignment discuss how Theme Park Company is running its business. With increasing complexity of area connectivity problems in several parks it is found that Theme park company needs to established software application program for making better connectivity in mangers, clients and executive at large.

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Slide-4 Necessary assumptions and justifications about the business

There are so many points to discuss in this report but the most important points are given as below

Systems are not meeting management, frontline staff or customer needs; the board has endorsed a “Digital Transformation” strategy, with the high level goal of modernizing its information systems. Current system is suffering with no mobile any open network connection problems. Furthermore in efficient system has also result into low performed quality of the company. We will also need to come up with the cost effective plan to establish opened ended network security system in business.

Slide-5 Estimated cost and resource structure to meet the organizational needs within the scope of the problem

In this part of the study we will talk about that following imperative facts such as Mobile app developing cost would be around $ 4400000 Installation and process cost of same process in the process functioning would be around $3300000. As it is clearly understood that new course of action and technological advancement in the system requires highly qualified employees or exiting employees with rigorous training program. Total investment cost that will be incurred to set up new program would be 7945

Slide- 6 Solutions and strategies on expanding the ICT unit to meet the problem at hand

In order to overcome all the problems such as communication between executive or handling customer in better and systematic manner company has to establish information communication system and open network in all them park of the organization.

Slide-7 Time schedule activates for system installation

In this slide we have demonstrated clear time activity plan for incorporating new system in the organization so that smooth functioning of work could be made possible in various system. There will be Time involved in team meeting to pass the decision program, system set up time, mobile app developed by business research and development department and other required time taken by work staff members to learn key skills

Slide -8 Mobile app development and ITC set up in Theme Park Company

In this slide we will find the clear understanding of the image section of developed software application in the organization. It is very effective to bring more clients in all the theme parks of the company.

Slide-9 (Gantt chart) Aspects such as milestones, slack, etc. to indicate how long will it take to deploy the project

This Gantt chart is prepared to make an easy interpretation of the time involved in development of effective ITC system support in each and every phase of the working process life cycle of theme park organization.

Slide-10 Cost-benefit analysis

 It is the simple analysis made to understand all the appropriate profit and loss associated with project. It demonstrates how organization will be able to use its initial investment to earn systematic cash inflow per year. Cost benefit will also provide us clear view point on the matter of net benefit that will be procured by organization after implementation of process system.

Slide-11 Return on investment-5%

As per the net benefit and initial amount of investment made by the company we have understood that there will be return on investment of 5% to the organization. If software application is installed in company then there will be associated cost of $1000000 which will give net benefit of $20000 per annum.

Slide-12 Payback period

It provides the exact time period in which organization gets back its investment. This is coupled with cash inflow amount, initial investment made by the Theme park organization in software system application and furthers more.

Slide-13 Outline the plan of tactics and strategies as to how the project can be managed

As we know that hiring new employees will be very essential in establishment of new process system. Software application or ITC system set up is involved with up gradation of present information technology in the organization therefore there is requirement to make proper training program in the company.

Slide-14 Recommendation

It will be very beneficial for the company to set up new upgraded technology in order to phase with present competitive industry.Communication problem and staff handling process will also be made better with this process establishment project. IRR and Payback period is also very effective and favorable for the company which provides a clear indication to make establishment of ITC program set up.

Slide15 Conclusion

Now with this all outcome of this report I have understood that Theme park needs to make a proper implementation program to set up effective software application that could mitigate communication conflicts, clients handling problems in better manner. Now I would like to conclude this report by saying that the theme park needs to upgrade its technology.