CIS8009 Business Data Communications Proof Reading Services

CIS8009 Business Data Communications Assignment

CIS8009 Business Data Communications Proof Reading Services


Mahindra Satyam is a company which is an IT services major based out of Hyderabad. The company was formed Sri Ramalinga Raju in the year 1987. The company has been one of the flagship companies in the Indian IT service domain. Mahindra Satyam is a company which basically leverages the deep industry insights it has gained over the years as well the domain expertise in various functional Areas which would help their clients to transform their most valued businesses into having better bottom-line ultimately (MS Website, 2012). The company also has an advanced global delivery model which basically helps it to service its clientele world over very effectively. The key areas where the employee in the company has expertise are in Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Solutions client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, engineering and product lifecycle management, and infrastructure services, among other key capabilities (Ford, 2009).

Basically the professionals within the company excel in Supply Chain Management and enterprise solutions. Mahindra Satyam is basically a part of the US$ 6.3 Billion conglomerate Mahindra Group which is headed by Anand Mahindra (MS Website, 2012). The group’s interest spans across varied sectors including financial services, automotive products, trade, retail and logistics, information technology and infrastructure development. The group as a whole is among the top 10 industrial houses in the country (Bostrom, 2002).The operations of the country along with delivery centres as part of the Global Delivery model include USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt, UAE, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. The company has among its clientele many Fortune 500 Organisations across the globe.

CIS8009 Business Data Communications Assignment

Xavient Information Systems Incorporation was founded in 2002. Xavient Information Systems Incorporation is headquartered in Simi Valley California. Xavient Information Systems Incorporation is a company which is into IT consulting and software services. It is basically based out of USA with delivery centres across the globe to provide for its services. Xavient Information Systems Incorporation is known for it’s across the globe presence and on time delivery of its products which would ultimately provide value to its customers as a whole. The company’s leadership is known for its successful entrepreneurial and management successes across the worlds. Xavient Information Systems Incorporation is a major provider of outsourcing as well as technology solutions to the telecom companies as a whole. The company has multiple locations across USA and offshore delivery centres in India.

Xavient Information Systems Incorporation is a company which has working groups around Application Development and Integration, Testing & Quality Assurance, IT infrastructure support, application Support, Core Telecom and Engineering Services. As a company Xavient is known for its people centric culture as the company has always worked with giving preference to its employees. Xavient Information Systems Incorporation is a company which would take into the best practices around the globe and typically try to incorporate them into the clients’ company making them world leaders in their own business domain.

Xavient offers IT Services and innovative practices that enable business process improvement. Xavient uses well-documented and meticulously defined processes in tandem with high quality IT Service delivery methodologies (Xavient, 2012).

Current Technology Adoption:

Strategic Alliances

Mahindra Satyam is a company which has always delved into strategic alliances wherein the company has worked with partners in the technology business who have basically helped them to provide the best end to end solutions for the client company as a whole.

Mahindra Satyam is a company which has collaborations with Actel which is beneficial to the company due to the fact that the company would be able to design software which would be power efficient from the chip stage itself (MS Website, 2012). Advent is a company which provides end to end solutions for network management solutions to communication equipment vendors and in a company like Mahindra Satyam Communication is very vital for the entire network as a whole as it results in better performance of the company as a whole (Warwick, 2004). Alfresco is an open source alternative for enterprise content management which helps the company to improve its partner relations and service the customer better. Appian is the first Business Process Outsourcing Company to have a complete suite for process, knowledge and analytics capabilities. This suite basically increase the collaboration of processes between business and IT users as a whole. Aprisco is a company which has built a process model called adaptive manufacturing for the entire manufacturing industry as a whole. This not only helps the manufacturing industry to work on new business models but also allows them to constantly mitigate risks and improve the quality of their products (Warwick, 2004). Aras Corp is a company which helps to monitor the product lifecycle and develop strategies accordingly. Ariba is the leader in the e-procurement industry and now also focuses on spend management. Autonomy provides the software infrastructure to automate the unstructured information available in any business domain into information which could be used to develop business intelligence which could ultimately help in designing and taking strategic decisions. Chase cooper provides Governance, Risk and Managementconsulting which could help companies to provide all round solutions in the global financial sector as a whole. Citrix systems are virtual and remote access software which helps to access the computer from remote locations providing all time access to your workstations. Compuware basically provides solutions which would help the IT companies add value to their business as a whole. Compuware provides value in 3 ways as follows:

  1. IT portfolio Management
  2. Application Delivery Management
  3. Application Service Management

Dion is a company which provides cutting edge IT solutions to the finance industry as a whole. Dassult is a company which provides digital solution which would help in designing Product Lifecycle Solutions software to manage the product of any company through the entire gamut of PLM challenges. EMC2 (Documentation) helps to manage content , XML files and rich media files for the 1500 of the world’s largest companies thereby helping them to manage their entire gamut of their business much better. Endeca provides for search application which would help to search documents through the entire array of industry database. Fat wire is a global software management firm that provides software for websites, web portals as well as intranets within the companies as a whole. Global 360 is a provider of knowledge management skills to the company as a whole which would ultimately help the company to reduce its repetitive work. It also helps in analysis of Business Process Management. Mahindra Satyam has excellent understanding of GXS B2B as well as integration products which would help in getting best service models for B2B on GXS technologies for B2B managed service models (McKibben, 2003). Hewllet Packard also has got strategic alliances with Mahindra Satyam as a company. It is a company which would provide basically imaging as well as printing solutions from its entire gamut of products which basically helps in performing business for companies as a whole. For Mahindra Satyam a strategic alliance with Hybris provides it with multichannel commerce software which would basically help it to integrate product content, commerce software which would help both manufacturers as well as dealers in doing better business with the company as a whole (MS Website, 2012). IBM, which is a world leader in providing software as well as networking solutions, has strategic alliance with Mahindra Satyam. Mahindra Satyam tries to use its tools in the Mainframe Area as well as other programming areas like Customer Relationship Management as well as Enterprise Solution Management.

SAP is providing a strategic alliance wherein it tries to provide its world class e business solutions to Mahindra Satyam which can act as an implementation partner in garnering and benchmarking the best processes that are basically available in the market.

Hence, there are a number of emerging technologies like cloud computing and companies enhancing their work areas to mobile application and tablets. Mahindra Satyam could look into this area to increase the scope of their business if they find their markets to be stagnant in any particular area as such. Mahindra Satyam is a company which could synergise the technological capabilities by way of the merger that it has possession to. The company could look into the fact that new technologies especially in the area of cloud computing would be the generation next and would help in business sustainability as a whole.

Xavient Information Systems is a company which is very new and is starting to build partnerships which the company can leverage from at times when it would need to give the best benchmarking solutions to its clientele as a service (Xavient, 2012). Clients usually come to IT and information services company because they feel that the internal resources of the company are not capable enough to solve the typical problems of the company. The company usually wants to have a new perspective to their problems. Thus companies like Xavient Information Systems which are in the Telecom, Retail as well as Manufacturing understand the business and contemplate the processes which would provide ultimately core value to the business as a whole.

Xavient as a company is partnering with a number of companies to synergise the capabilities of both the partnering company as well as any company which would ultimately compliment the skill sets of Xavient as well as their own. The company that Xavient is partnering with are as follows:

  1. Microsoft
  2. SAP Channel Partner
  3. Oracle
  4. WebMethods
  5. IBM

Xavient as a company is the authorised certified partner for Microsoft. As a company, Xavient has stood up to the world class standards that Microsoft expects from the business partners (Xavient, 2012). The company has shown that it is one of the experts in the domain of the business done by Microsoft and has skills for total customer satisfaction as well as support that are required to be able to be an authorised partner with Microsoft. Xavient being a partner has certain privileges which the company enjoys like it has access to vital technical information of Microsoft as well as key training as well as support facilities.

Xavient as a partner to Microsoft has the following facilities in areas of

  1. Web Development
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Data Platform
  4. Server Platform

Xavient also has partnerships with companies like SAP. Enterprise Business solutions are the most important solutions which companies are asking for. As the businesses nowadays are not restricted by geographies, hence integrating business functions across the world so that they are aligned in the common goal and strategy the company wants to project, which make ERP very important. SAP is one of the leading companies which have expertise in this area. Xavient is a company which is growing to be one of the leading SAP partners providing solutions to SAP clients which could help them build more valuable companies. Xavient acts as an implementation partner wherein it provides consultancy as a service partner by understanding the client’s business and providing solutions which would help strategizing for the best solution across the entire spectrum of the SAP’s product range. They have within their employee strength specialist in HCM, Finance and Logistics as well as cross module expertise which is basically required for integrating the entire solutions for the business. The differentiating factor for Xavient is the fact that it takes up the best industry practices which helps them to deliver successful business solutions to its customer and industry best practices and fastest time to bring to market than competitors.

Xavient Information Systems is also an implementation partner with leading companies like Oracle and provides the clients end to end solutions which would help the company have dedicated solutions implemented as per the client’s requirement much more easily (Xavient, 2012).

Xavient information systems also has tie ups with Web methods which would help to provide for the best consulting solutions for the company as a whole. It has innovative web services as well as consulting solutions for the company as a whole.

The company Xavient information systems also partners up with IBM to provide for the better services across the segment.

Emerging technologies for both companies to adopt

The companies are more and more moving into surface computing. This would basically increase the convenience factor. Many companies are moving from the traditional mouse and keypad systems to providing Tabs and other smart phone like devices which would basically increase the convenience factor for the employees. This basically helps them to be in constant update and touch with their work and helps them to have an access to their work. This is because these devises are Wi-Fi enabled devices which would basically help them with the communication throughout the network.

Machine Translators Source: Extracted from

There are also concepts of Machine translation developing across companies especially as companies move on to become more and more global companies. This type of facility helps in cross cultural communication. Often it is found in the IT & ITes industry that people are more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue and it is not convenient for companies to always keep a translator for help (McKibben, 2003).  This is because not only the company has to bear additional cost for translations but at times the human error also plays a factor. This is because in case of communication via any language, a person not only takes input in the form of the word for communication but also take visual and body language vibes which may at the end of the day influence makingbusinessdecision. Hence, machine translation would help in understanding the language of the person and make it a more formalized way of communicating to the people across different geographies.

Mobile collaboration using Apple iPAD tablets
The concept of virtual meetings among virtual teams is very common among the IT professional handling projects. In this case what happens is meetings take place across with people sitting in different countries via Video conferencing and Microsoft Software specialised for virtual meeting wherein they can share spread sheet, documents, and presentations among the people in the meeting.

Among the emerging technologies, there is a concept of Mobile collaboration. With the advent of 3G communication and now at the verge of 4G communication coming in the foray, it becomes imperative that companies look into virtual mobile video conferencing wherein they can hold a meeting virtually even while sitting in a car or from the airport while travelling (McKibben, 2003). It is done through secure data networks wherein the virtual ability of the important people are available real time, almost always and the time barriers across continents are no more that much a barrier per se

As the earth and politics across nations focus more and more in Carbon Footprints, it becomes imperative that companies like Mahindra Satyam as well as Xavient Information systems looks at chip technology and software wherein they can save as much power as possible. Companies are also looking at saving cost and power on their Air conditioning and cooling systems for their servers. They are looking at intelligent systems being placed across grid systems wherein the power systems draws less power and runs only the equipment most necessary during peak power demands and does the pending jobs intelligently while the demand of the power is not at its peak. This awareness of systems would result in efficient power utilisation with much less wastage of power as a whole.

The company like Mahindra Satyam should also look at integrating more and more security solutions in the Software Developmentlifecycle. This is because integrating security in the software development lifecycle from the time of inception would help in reducing cost escalations which could ultimately result in having an impact on the profit margin of the company as a whole. There emerging technologies like Microsoft’s security development lifecycle which involves standards and practices which could to integrate security features which would prevent intruding by other major threats and hackers which would result losing the goodwill of the customers as a whole. Once the goodwill of the customers is lost due to the tremendous competition in this sector, getting back lost customers is very difficult.


From the above analysis and report it can be seen more and more companies are now focussing on the virtual reality and artificial intelligence part (Warwick, 2004). As time progresses we would see more and more companies in the manufacturing, energy, retail sector would outsource their supplementary side jobs and focus on the core competencies (ETC Group, 2003). Companies like IBM are already focusing their research and development on cloud computing services working on improved communication networks as we move in to Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 where in SaaS (Software as a Service) would become more popular and companies would build up relationship with clients not servicing them only once but working towards servicing them throughout and companies using the computing capabilities of companies in this core business to have more efficient service and more availability of the software throughout (ETC Group, 2003). This would ultimately increase their business sustainability and make their business more and more profitable as a whole.

For success of these technologies as a whole there are 2 performance parameters that would be very important as a measurement factor. Companies are basically moving into new technologies and it becomes imperative that the transition is smooth and secondly the employee within the company believes that this would basically be able to provide the benefit which would ultimately add business value and capabilities to the company as a whole. The higher management should also properly assess the factors which would help them achieve the strategies that they are focussing on for the long run. This would help them to orient their adoption of technologies according to strategies which would make them achieve their ultimate goal much faster. The companies also try and adopt technologies as an early adopter (Warwick, 2004). This is because for any business to have the maximum advantage of technology, it becomes imperative that they have the competitive advantage before any imitators come up with products by adopting the same technology resulting in the loss of competitive advantage by the company (Ford, 2009). Hence, for any change management process, it becomes imperative that companies not only focus on the technical sides but also the people and employee who would be the users of the technology.


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