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CIS8004 System Implementation Assignment Help

CIS8004 System Implementation Editing Service

Executive summary

Implementation of designed system is required in Vodafone because the current system of the organization is not as per the requirement of the organization which need to be modified. So for this existing system of ERP and CRM is modified and also implemented in the organization so that all the required objective of the organization must be achieved easily. It is also implemented that well organized plan is established for Vodafone to improve the customer journey and also implement work breakdown plan to distribute their work in different departments. Some factors which are used to critical success factors are also important so that system which is planned for the organization is achieved in a systematic way.


Implementation is required to modify the existing ERP system and CRM system because this will increase the internal efficiency level of the organization and also improve the customer relationship. This report has been discussed about the factors which show the justification for implementing the ERP system and CRM system in Vodafone. This report also shows the important of implementation of Work breakdown structure in the organization because it divides the work between the different departments so that process of the project must be done in proper steps and also gives some suggestions about the implementation which is required to be achieved for successful project.

CIS8004 System Implementation Assignment Help

Descriptions and justifications of the solution design

As per the requirement of the Vodafone they want to change their current business strategy by implementing some new ideas so that they can provide high internet speed, internet connection at lower cost to their customers and for this implementation of ERP system is suggested because with the help of this system, organization can implement well design planning process to increase the efficiency of the employees. This process is suitable for this organization because the management process of organization want a proper solution so that employees of the organization work in a proper manner. ERP system increases the communication level between the team of Vodafone and which will put impact on efficiency of organization capacity (Madapusi and D'Souza, 2012). This software is used to process the management system in the organization and through which Vodafone will manage their human resources in more effective way which will increase the capacity of employees because all the work between the employees are well designed with the help of ERP system and through which services to the customers are also increased. That is why this system is required according to the requirement of the organization.

Descriptions strategies of customer journey

Connection of customers with the organization is very first requirement of the Vodafone. It is required by Vodafone to make some strategy so that they can better connect with their customer. Customer’s journey defines the quality of services which are provided by the organization. Vodafone can give better services to their customer like- more data at lower price, good network to their customers so that they do not face any network issues in any place or better calls rates and internet rates also, if these services are given to customers than they will get connected to Vodafone for a long time (Tax et al, 2013). Journey of the customers defines the experience of customers with Vodafone services. Under the customer journey they discover the things about the brand and then decide to go with that or not so it is required by the organization to establish new offers for their customers. Organization also explores their services in the market for their customers. Give post services along with pre services to the customers.

Customer journey
Descriptions and justification of Information Architecture

Information architecture is a well designed structure which shares all the required information about the environment in the market. This system is required by Vodafone so that they can easily identify the information about the community. This system is very useful for Vodafone to grow the network of their customers in the market. This system is well deigned online community or software which supports the finding and usability of the customer’s information (Russell-Rose and Tate, 2012). With the help of this system Vodafone organization can easily target their customers and also collect the required information about the market and also helps to add some new services for the customers so that customers will get attracted towards their plans and use the plans of Vodafone. This system also provides information to the customers about the Vodafone new plans.

Technology architecture

Vodafone is required to implement new technological architecture in the business so as to achieve the organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

The new technological architecture of Vodafone determines the master planning which is affected by business planning and product innovation. The business planning is made with the use of most suitable business plan. The product innovation can be developed by using various information or data available for the product (Hameed The master planning is required to determine the planning of requirements in the business by evaluating the various sales forecasts. Form the use of requirement planning, the material plan is developed which assist in making contracts of purchase and production schedules. The progress payments for the purchase made is to be verified using the subcontracting decisions made by the production orders. The production schedules helps in preparing various elements of warehousing. The sales activities of Vodafone are done after getting the sales order and the order is ready for assembly. All the goods received, components manufactured and assembly of products is recorded in the transaction list of the warehouse. The sales proceeds is initiated when the customer makes the order and the packing and shipping activities are initiated when the packing and shipping and shipping order is received from the sales department. At the end of this process, the invoice of sales order is issued.

Work breakdowns and work package decomposition

The Vodafone is required to divide all its activities and operational processes in small divisions so as to have an easy implementation of the ERP package in the organization. The organization needs to decompose its business activities in small modules like the external sales department, purchase department, warehousing department, revenue collection department, cash management department, etc. this process of work breakdowns or work package decomposition allows the process of implementation of ERP packages in an efficient manner (Sharon and Dori, 2015). This process of decomposing of work into various small modules is carried out by the senior level of management or by experts. This process is to be done by applying utmost care so that the implementation cannot be hindered at any stage. The ERP package is implemented on each module separately so as to have an efficient implementation. This process reduces the chances of failure of the package because wherever the implementation is failed, it is only limited to the particular module. This allows the implementation to have a positive impact without affecting all the departments of the organization at one particular time.

Sequencing of activities

The Vodafone needs to follow a particular sequence of activities to be followed for the implementation of new ERP package in the organization (De Toni This sequence of activities starts from the process of planning after conducting the research about the existing software that is implemented in the organization and then analyzing the need to implement the new ERP package software in the organization. When the planning is completed, the new software is being tested before the implementation for its accuracy and effectiveness in the organization. After the positive results from the testing of the new software, the implementation is initiated in the organization. When the new ERP package software is implemented in the business, the controlling and maintenance activities is carried out. The maintenance and controlling activities ensure the successful implementation of the ERP package software.


The organization can use agile development model to implement the systems and services in the organization. The organization can consider the following activities and timeline to meet the objectives within defined cost and time.

Table 1: Timeline

Activity /time

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Business analysis

































Requirement gathering


































































Refine list of Critical success factor

Implementations of some factors are necessary for the successful implementation of the system in Vodafone. Proper management plan between the internal team of Vodafone is required to be planned for the successful implementation of system. Under critical success factors some factors are discussed which are used in the project so that process of the full project which is planned for better management in the organization is required. Following are some factors which are required as a success factors during implementation of the project:

1. Organizational goals and management process must be well defined and well planned so that planning of the system must be achieved by the organization because if goal is defined then it become easy to execute the project and if management team will work in an effective manner than planned strategy will successfully implemented (Ika et al, 2012).

2. Well trained technical staff is also required for implementing the new system in the organization because use of ERP system and CRM system is required to be handled by technical staff so it is required to have well skilled staff members in Vodafone

3. Outline the object of the organization is also required to be planned so that it clear the vision of the management about the project

Pre-implementation plan and strategies

As per the requirements of Vodafone, modification in existing system of ERP system and CRM system is very necessary to be implemented and for this pre-implementation planning is also required to be done by the organization because pre planning is required to set all the required resources to well execute the plan. According to the strategic planning Vodafone organization must arrange the well organized infrastructure for implementing the future system in their premises so that system will work in a systematic way. Management of risk which could occur during implementation must be planned before execution of system. It is also necessary to set the required budget for the system because it will estimate the cost which could be occurs during the implementation of the project (Jocovic et al, 2014). Experts are also required for any doubt during the implementation because in the condition of any query than the expert advice must be taken by them. Pre planning reduces the risk which could be happen during the implementation because in emergency condition only planning which is pre planned is used.

Post-implementation plan and strategies 

Post-implementation planning is also very important to be planned by Vodafone because if pre planning is required for reducing risk then post planning is also required to maintain and to monitor the condition of the system which is implemented in the organization. Post-implementation means after implementation of system what are the strategies which should be planned by the organization so that they can manage the well established system for lifetime (Galy and Sauceda, 2014). Under post-implementation some points which must be kept in mind like- proper training should be provided to the employees of the organization so that they can manage to use to the system in more effective way. Post implementation also require to take some steps for maintain the activities of the system so that if there is any issue in the system that will be solved by the organization. Time to time monitoring the activities of the implemented system is very important and if this will not done then the effectiveness of the system may have some problems while working. This plan will also require some well trained technical staff members so that they will better manage the activities of the system.


Vodafone organization wants some improvement in their existing system so that they can improve their internal management system along with customer relationship also. Some improvement is required in the organizational management team so that proper execution of the project is done. Some improvement is also required to be done in the customer relationship so that customer experience will increase and through which customer journey must e improved. Improvement in the division of the working strategy is also required because this will reduce the process of risk during the implementation and plan will be executed in the organization


It has been concluded that implementation is required in Vodafone because existing system is not enough to meet the requirement of the employees and customers so modification in the existing system is required to be implemented in the organization. It has been concluded that customer journey is also improved by implementing the new system in the organization. It is also concluded that critical success factors are also required or successful implementation of the project. It is also concluded that pre-implementation and post-implementation planning is also required in the organization.


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