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Executive summary

The ‘Hartford’ real estate is the real estate organization which selling the land or provide the land on the lease to their customers. Currently, the organization using the In-house old aging CRM system for their entire business due to which they have to face several issues in efficiently running their business. By seeing this I have analyzed the complete business of the organization and analyze and identified all the requirement and resources for designing the new cloud-based system to provide a better CRM solution to the organization. I have defined all the architecture of the system and technology required in the system and discussed the plan and strategy for implementing the system.

Descriptions and justifications of the solution design

The description and justification about the web based solution which we designed for the ‘Hartford’ real estate organization are discussed below:

Description and justification

I have designed a cloud-based web application for the organization. Currently, the organization uses the 5 years old aging in-house and ERP system which is unable to efficiently manage all the business requirements of the organization so that they are facing lots of difficulty to running their business smoothly. Their old aging and ERP system needs more updates with the latest version of the software and proper maintenance. The new system is based on the cloud computing it doesn't need the in-house system so that the company has to build the cloud computing environment in their business works. The cloud computing provides the centralization of the application so that the new system can be accessed from anywhere anytime over the globe. The system also provides enable the user and admin for the communication so that they can communicate with each other through the chat module of the system.  These features of the newly designed web application help the organization to run their business smoothly and also help to provide the better CRM to their customers.

Enterprise Planning Implementation AssignmentThe justification for the newly designed system is discussed below:

1.The newly designed system is a web application which is based on cloud computing so that it can be accessed anywhere anytime by the users.

2.The system allows the multiple users to access the web application for their work and also the authorized user are capable of accessing the business information at the same time without any data complexity issues.

3.The new system also good for the security view, it allows only the authorized users to access the business information. There is a login module in the system in which the users have to provide their valid credentials to access the business information.

4.The new system supports the old technology systems of the organization like it can be operated in the existing computer system they don’t need the additional storage capacity or performance to operate the system.

(, 2017)

Description strategies of Customer Journey

The customer journey refers to the customer relationship which includes the customer experience across the channels within the organization.  The business organization has to put their customer's experience at the center of all the aspects of the business so that they can see and observe the business transparently. The transparency of the business not only means that sending promotional emails, calling to tech support or interacting with a sales person. In this day many organizations are continuously active to defeat their competitors by providing the better CRM or relation to their customers; due to this the Hartford real estate organization has to be concentrate on their customer journey. It is necessary for the organization to run their business efficiently and smoothly for a long time. Due to this the organization has to make their business transparent with the customers and have to know about the customer choice, thinking, and feedback about the organization, so that they can meet the customer requirements and fulfill their needs to establish a good customer relation with them.

The newly designed system is the cloud-based web application (Website) provides several unique features to the customers. The users can view all the products and their description through the site.  They can also send their reviews or feedbacks about the products shown on the website. This will help the organization to know about their customers, their views about the organization and its services. Through this organization can observe and analyze the requirement of their customers which helps them to full fill their needs and attract them towards their business.

 (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 2017)

Description and justification of Information Architecture

The information architecture is used to support the usability of the system by providing the different information about the products, services, etc. The main objective of the information architecture is to balance the business requirements and users need. Mainly when the users or visitors come onto the website, they have questions like: They are at the right place, where they have to go next, is the website offers which I want, etc. so the main objective of the information architecture is to answer these questions of the users clearly so that they assure that they are at right place, make it easier for the users to find what they want and a clear navigation system which allows the users to find what they want.

The newly designed website covers all of these points. It has a clean and clear navigation system so that user can easily visit the entire website and find exactly what they want. The website also arranges all of the contents and its product in a well organized way so the users don't have to face the difficulty in finding their desire. It contains all the business policies, terms, and condition of using the system clearly in its separate page so that user can know all the things in detail about the organization. It also provides the contact information in the separate contact us page so that user can contact with the team or organization in case of any query.

 (Laja, 2017)

Technology architecture

The technology architecture is the method of the developing the methodical information-technology specification and the entire module of the application. It can be used and deployed in the various different ways. To design the new system, first of all, I have analyzed the complete designing architecture of the technology which is currently used in the organization. I have provided the higher level of the data and data model in the newly design cloud-based web application of the organization so that it becomes more important to get the solution for the organizational information. I have especially considered the development cost of the system, its size, implementation, and maintenance cost of the newly designed system while I have designed its architecture. All the business modules of the organization are efficiently organized in well mannered under the new system.

 (, 2017)

Work breakdowns and work package decomposition

The work breakdowns and work package decomposition are given below:

CIS8004 Enterprise Planning Implementation Assignment Help

Work package decomposition

Currently, the Hartford real estate organization is using the in-house hosting and old aging CRM and ERP system for their business due to which they have to face several problems in efficiently running their business. To implement the new system I have analyzed all the business and system requirement for the organization and then identify all the resources.  After that, I have started designing the different module of the system like information architecture, technology architecture, layout designing, etc.

(, 2017)

Sequencing of activities

There are several activities are performed in the different section of designing the new cloud-based web application for the organization. The activities performed under the different sections are discussed below:

Organization-business case

In this section, I have made a requirement document for designing the new cloud-based system for the organization. Once the requirement document is made, I have analyzed the whole business requirement of the organization and identify the component which needs to be developed in the system. I have also analyzed the complete current CRM and ERP structure of the organization and identify all the external and internal change factors or drivers which need to be changed in the current system of the organization. After all these, I have designed the prototype for the new and existing CRM system of the organization which will be helpful to implement the cloud-based new web technology.

Strategic plan for development

I have started making the strategic planning for the development of the new cloud-based web application. In the strategic plan I have determined and developed the target state for the Hartford and then identified the process for moving from the current state to the target state of the organization. After this, I have considered several other planning to support the strategic development planning such as risk management planning, stakeholder's management under the organizational environment, cost management planning, etc.


I have identified and determined the mechanism needed to implement the actual design of the new cloud-based web application. In this, I have described and created the customer journey strategy to create a good customer relation with the customers. After that define the work decomposition diagram for the work breaks down the structure to show the organizational CRM according to the newly designed cloud-based web application.

 (, 2017)


The timelines for the complete project development period is shown in the table given below:

Project Activities

Time Period

Total Days

Analysis of the new system and describe and justification for it

29th April-2nd May

4 days

Strategies for good customer relation

3rd May-5th May

3 days

Defining information architecture and justify it

6th May-7th May

2 days

Technology architecture for the new system

8th May-9th May

2 days

Work breakdown structure and decomposition of the new system

10th May- 11th May

2 days

Sequencing of the key activities performed

12th May- 14th May

3 days

Analyze and identify the CSF for the success of new cloud-based system

15th May-18th May

4 days

Pre-implementation plan and strategies

19th May-22nd May

4 days

Post-implementation plan and strategies

23rd May-25th May

3 days

Refine list of CSF

I have identified some critical success factor which is needed in the organization. The list of CSF is given below:

1.Need to replace their old aging CRM and ERP system with the new cloud-based web application, so that it changes the way of doing business.

2.Use HTTPS connection instead of using the HTTP. The HTTPS is more secure than the HTTP.

3.Need to update all the computerized system with the latest available version for better performance and security

4.Need to use the software and hardware firewall on the server and computer system to prevent the business data from malicious programs

5.Need to use the effective licensed version antivirus programs to protect the browser data and other business information stored in the system. 

6.Regular backup of the files and other data stored on the server to prevent the losses from data lost.

7.Need to provide the special training programs to educate their employee for the new cloud-based web technology, so that they can manage their work efficiently.

8.Need to create the cloud-based environment in the organization work and get introduce all the employees and stakeholders to the benefits and uses of the new system.

(ClearPoint Strategy, 2017)

Pre-implementation plan and strategies

The pre-implementation plan and strategies for implementing the newly designed cloud-based solution are discussed below:


1.Analysis and identification of the organization business requirement.

2.Cost structure plan.

3.Risk analysis and management program.

4.Analyze and identify the feasibility of a new system that how it comes to solve the business problems.

5.Identify the external and internal resources which are suitable for the new cloud-based system.


1.Analyze the business strategy and CRM used by their market competitors.

2.Identify the target audience who are going to use the system.

3.Identify all the stakeholders and their requirement.

4.A Clear description of the privacy, policies, and security used by the new cloud-based system.

5.Good and user-centric layout design for the new cloud-based system.

6.A mobile enabled solution for the better efficiency of the business and customer interaction.

 (Scheepers-Hoeks et al., 2017)

Post-implementation plan and strategies

The post-implementation plan and strategies of the new system are discussed below:

Plan & Strategies

1.Login and registration module to provide the better security option to the customers so that they can feel free while sharing their information.

2. Social media integration with the new system to execute the marketing plan in an efficient way.

3.Training program to get the train the employee with the new system so that they can handle it efficiently.

4.Enable the users or visitors to share their review about the uses of the new system.

5.Regular backup plan of all the business data from the cloud server or storage.

6.Prepare the actual cost structure of the new system and analyze how it profitable for the business.

(, 2017)


The Hartford real estate organization needs to replace their old aging CRM and ERP system to the cloud computing environment so that they can able to present their business in a more transparent way to their customers which helps the organization to build a good customer relationship. Except this, the company also has to hire some new staffs whose are well skilled with the cloud computing environment and application and also have to train their employees with new skills.


This report is prepared to provide an outline of the prototype design for the new cloud-based system to the CTO officer so that they can analyze and approve it for the final design of the system. I have discussed all the pre-implementation and post-implementation planning in this report so that the reader can understand the requirement of the system and resources to full fill all the requirement of the system for the final implementation of the system. 


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