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CIS8000ICT Global Information System Assignment

CIS8000ICT Global Information System Proof Reading Services


Global information system we can discuss about the development of new technique or project by starting new project and for project require investment. IBM is a leading IT company which can render various services and products to their users. The services rendered by the IBM include development and maintenance of software, independent validation services, consultation, BPO services, technology consultation services, product engineering and software engineering services. IBM get engaged into new business of manufacturing, marketing and selling of their innovative product “Digital Tabletop”. In respect to make investment in their new project IBM can contact Angle Investors for their support. In context to analyse, transfer and mitigate the risk factors IBM can make a effective risk managementplan. Global information system we can also discuss the requirements of the IT infrastructure which can provide effective combination of hardware, software and other essential facilities which become useful and essentially required in context to develop, test, control, monitor, deliver and support the IT services of an organisation.

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Cover Letter
Letter of Transmit
IBM Global Services
J. Peterson
K. Thompson
Angle Investors
London, U.K.

Dear Mr. K. Thompson,

In today’s competitive era Techno tabletops become a most innovative concept which can provide an effective benefits to the organisation in context to grow in the market as it can support both physical as well as digital media activities. Techno tabletops can provide an facility of getting face to face traditional synergy settings. The implementation of the Techno tabletops helps in increasing the business intelligence and due to this there is an increase in the usage of network, software and hardware. There are sufficient and effective differences between the traditional tables and the techno tabletops used in an office, as it is an innovative concept which can replace the conventional desks and helps in getting effective and efficient outcome from their various activities. Paper work and documentation process can be controlled and provide a effective confidentiality with the help of the techno tabletops as it also helps in reducing the usage of papers and also save the space.

By implementing the techno tabletops in the offices their employees can make them use very comfortably. As they get flexibility in order to perform activities as the information they need to perform activities are stored in their tabletops. They are light weight so that they can be handled easily. It also provides various benefits like, cost effective, provide sufficient memory in order to save the data, video conferencing facility, accessed easily and also provide security as it can restrict the unauthorised access.

On the above content if you persists any query, please contact Mr. J. Peterson (CEO) at 5566709.

Enclosure: Information report.

Executive Summary

In this project report we can discuss about the innovative product developed by the IBM Global Services named as Techno tabletops. In the report we can discuss about the product details and it can prove efficiently that Techno tabletops can provide effective benefits to their respective users in an efficient manner as it can be prepared by making various combinations which helps in getting the effective and efficient results and also reduce the error possibilities and helps in delivering high performance. There are various other benefits also such as it is a cost effective product, multi tasking, flexible and adjustable and with the help of the remote it can properly managed and controlled. These all benefit come with a single product which is Techno tabletops. We also discussed about the profile of the company as it is leading IT Company and provide various products and services to their customers in an effective manner such as IT infrastructure, BPO services, software development and maintenance, consultation, etc. in the report financial statement also get attached in respect to get the investments from the Angle investor’s.

Details regarding innovation

IBM is a giant organization dealing in the manufacturing of the computers and its accessories. It is also involved in the computer applications segment where much popular software is built within the boundaries of this company. They are concerned with many of the organizations and hence the portfolio they are having is high and unanimous. The company is serving the global world from past many years and hence they have a diverse recognition in the world and they accounted highest individual personal laptops sale in Asia.

With the influx of technology and increase in the massive competition the company is now expanding the business in different and diverse products to make the achievements higher and growing potential. For the above purpose they decided to launch a unique combination of the table tops which are new to the market and hence are very effective in achieving the mass contribution of sales as well as making the organization profitable. Hence the company launches a Techno Tabletop which consists the unique features of the table as well as the laptops.These table tops are very techno friendly as well as cost effective making the users comprehensive in usage and getting used to it. This techno table tops are also used as table where the person can use the space for putting their other personal equipment’s as well as electronic items. The table tops are also saving a great place as many users are able to sit on a same table and can use the table tops effectively and efficiently. The table tops are available in generally two shapes where the round table is more comprehensive and able to provide more space and the square table which is limited is available in multiple of two people.

Supply of innovative product

The supply can be exercised very diligently as the product is very new to the market as well as the concept is totally unique and different and hence once the product is launched there might be a situation of the scarcity in thetotal cover of orders. Besides these table tops can be utilized in the multinational companies who have generally the problem related with the resource space utilization and hence are finding different ways to make the seating arrangements. A survey based on the table tops provides us the details that using the table tops can provide an extra space of 2.4 resources per 4 persons. This data is huge and hence the table tip concept will definitely be successful. Although the concept is not limited with the MNC they can approach these to public offices, home based usage, educational institutes and etc.

Issues with the quality

There are several issues and challenges with these table tops which can be assessed as follows:

  • Firstly the table tops are running with a very low disk space and hence a large number of files are not able to store in these types of table tops. Also the external devices supporting these table tops are needs to be of specific dimensions and hence the users will find the great difficulties in maintaining the disk spaces.
  • Secondly the sound and picture quality of the table tops are less effective than the traditional laptopsas they are meant to solve the purpose of the both tables and laptops and hence the rough work is included in that which makes them providing the quality of sound and picture less efficient.
  • Lastly, the tracking quality of the table tops is relatively poor and non-efficient as compare with the traditional laptops. Also these table tops are not easy to carry to different places which again make them inconvenient for the users. They can just solve the purpose of the home based desktops or the computers at one places.

Solutions for the above challenges

The above all the issues and challenges are thus inconvenient for the user but the proper circumstances of the regulations and set policies can make a great change in the situations. If the company IBM can develop the policies in the direction of non-compromising with the quality whether the table tops are used rough or fair they can achieve a significant position with the same product. The possible and probable solutions forthe situation are as follows:

IBM should develop the process dynamically and hence the policies and procedures in this direction should be adequate and solving the purpose of maintains the quality in the product. Hence they can improve the picture quality and sound quality by using some gorilla glasses techniques to make the screens rust and dust proof and scratch resistant. They can get more space hard disks for the table tops to remove the memory problems and can use the high power battery so that the table tops are easy to lift and convenient to work on different places.


There are many competitors of the organization giving tight and fierce competition in the industry. These are TCS, HCL, and Wipro etc. They are also having their diverse portfolio to gather the clients form the different bases and increasing their earning potential to make maximum of profits.

Products and services of competitors

The all competitors above mentioned are dealing with the electronic computer and related devices which are giving tough competition to the IBM. Also they are providing various software’s services and freelancing services making the adequate development in the organizational behavioras well as fair path of their growth and expansion.


There are many diverse customers will be helped out by the initiative of IBM technologies as the concept is unique and fairly reasonable with the space utilization of the offices which are very limited in the present scenario. The customers thus targeted are professionals working in the business outsourcing etc. where the computer requirements are must. As the table tops are having some distinct features the public will be impressed and attracted by its space utilization. With these retail customers there are giant organizations and big institutions which will also be able to purchase these mechanisms in a short while as they also want to be equipped with the technology of the space utilization.

Market Segmentation

The segmentation of the market by IBM technologies for this unique product has been developed as follows:

The customers are selected with the demographics. Hence in the demographics a culture is followed and understand where the company needs to launch the product to satisfy the desire of the consumers else their might be a risk of failing the launch.For example, IBM technologies want to launch the new Techno table tops in Bhutan, an Asian country. Bow thinking critically over the situations of the Bhutan we will find that the demographics will not accept the product like this which is in their terms very costly. But in the same prospect if this should be launched in some other European country there might be a very massive response as they account the technology and pursue the progress.

Retaining of product

There are various retaining strategies of the product in the market. Before retaining there should be a successful marketing of the product so that it should be recognized by the public and at least the markets should know the existence if the unique concept. With this availability of the circumstances there are various ways of the retaining of the product. These are:

  • Firstly there should be a proper customer service channel which will satisfy the queries of the public anytime and everytime with their feedbacks.
  • Secondly there should be a proper survey of the satisfied customers so that the next launch in the same portfolio can removed the previous identified bugs.
  • Lastly there must be an onsite warranty which will make the people and users satisfied in case any trouble or mistake has obstruct the device.

Key areas

The unique Techno table tops has developed the market so impressive and tall that the key areas in the markets are having great potential for earning as well as pooling out the profits for the companies. The table tops will be initially utilized in the big corporate houses and the educational institutes where the awareness of this product will be spread all across the country and at global boundaries. This will slowly and gradually develop the portfolio recognized and making the great benefits to the company. IBM has thus identified the key areas where they will launch their product successfully and develop the product base on the massive approach.

Hence the key areas of the products are as follows:

  • Firstly it is a cost effective product with a multiple features of table as well as laptops this will make a user available with a desktop cum computer which will solve their technical requirements.
  • Secondly this will solve the purpose of the space utilization as the survey figures were providing details that it can save a 2.4 resources space if 4 persons are using the table tops.
  • Lastly it is advance and latest technology and hence the companies should focus with the modern technology to reduce their costs on the operations.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

KPI’s are used to provide the facts and growth indicators on the basis of which organization choose their path of development and expand their business. The main KPI’s in the case of IBM are as follows:

  • Firstly the sales and revenues in the computer lines are massive and hence the new technology will be successful in this completion of competition.
  • Secondly the information technology is providing space utilization and hence the companies will be able to reduce their costs and hence they will definitely opt out for the new technology which will provide a performance indicator to the organization.
  • Lastly the cost effective technology will attract the huge pool of customers and will turn out in the massive users using this technology making a new and successful performance indicator for the organization.

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Company’s Profile

IBM Global Services is a multinational corporation founded in the year of 1911. Headquarter of IBM is situated in Armonk, New York, U.S. With the help of the development centres and the BPO’s all over in the world they can hold global footprints. Company can perform various activities in the service industry into different domains which further can include: manufacturing, aviation industry, banking, insurance, defence, logistics, aerospace, healthcare, education, communication, technology, automotive, finance and capital markets. IBM put its focus on rendering high quality services and they can provide flexible application to their users so that they can make efficient use of it. BPO services rendered by the IBM include combination of technology, process skills and domain expertise.

  • Key services of IBM: IBM can render various products and services such as: information technology, outsourcing services, software maintenance and development, consultation services to the business, BPO services, system integrations services, IT infrastructure services, customer software development services, technology related consultation services, testing services, product and software engineering, independent validation services.
  • IBM’s corporate vision: IBM didn’t have limited vision like other corporation who focused on their increasing their revenues and business. IBM’s vision is to provide best solutions to the businesses or their customers by involving best competent people and move towards in context to become reputed and respected corporation in the market
  • IBM’s corporate mission: IBM’s mission is to achieve their set goals and objectives and make the better environment in which employees can perform their duties in an efficient manner which can include honesty, gentility, etc.

IBM’s Business strategy:

Business strategies of IBM are as follows: With the help of the New as well as existing customers IBM can expand their business in an effective manner by providing them various types of services.

They can expand their business geographically with the help of BPO services – Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc.

  • With the help of the trade shows, stakeholders, industry conference and the combined marketing cells they can enhance the visibility of their Brand.
  • IBM can adopt Acquisition and Alliances as financial strategies.
  • For human resource IBM can follow recruitment, training and development programs for their employees, provide effective rewards and recognitions in order to make them motivates, provide effective opportunities in order to grow with the organisation, etc.
  • IBM’s business strategies for R & D: infrastructure management, enhance the set of solution like BPM, system integration and consulting. Gain effective knowledge of the banking, transportation, retail and logistics.

IBM’s corporate structure:

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Major business processes of IBM:

  • In context to the major business process IBM put focus and do practices towards providing values to the different service aspects. Various service line of IBM such as:
  • Through legacy modernization of IT IBM can deliver the enterprise values with the help of the re-engineering driven process and harvesting rule in business in respect to the dynamic changes.
  • By considering customer’s experience IBM can deliver functional values in order to provide functional solutions.
  • With the help of arch and consulting IBM delivered high values.
  • IBM use Rapid App Development (RAD) and also with the use of BPM, IBM can deliver technical values.
  • By using various techniques like product replacement, upgrade kits and migration kits IBM can maintain the effectiveness of their technology in the business process.
  • IMS’s relationship with external entities like other organisations, government, etc.:

IBM’s relationship with other organisations: IBM can have healthy competitive relation with other organisations. Competitive relation can influence various aspects like potential customers get targeted by other companies; decrease in sales affects their profitability. On the basis of the competitive relationship company can do pricing. The Prices of products and services provided by the IBM get affected due to low prices fixed by other companies. IBM can make effective marketing strategies by comparing competitors marketing strategies as it can get affected as they can change their strategies. They ca segment their market in such a way so that their potential customers doesn’t get affected or get divert towards other companies.

IBM’s relationship with Government: IBM builds a steady relationship with government. As per the company’s policy, employees have to follow the set rules and regulations which are set by the government. IBM adhere the legal as well as moral standard in order to conduct the business. The company’s compliance policy includes code of conduct and also makes sure that their compliance policy can meet the legal requirements set by the government. According to the set rules and regulations code of conduct includes the IBM’s actions and decisions should be consistent in context to their values and objectives so that they can compete with other organisation with full transparency, integrity and fairness. In case if company fail to follow the code of conduct it can be considered as violation of government’s set rules and regulations.

Company can pay their taxes to government on regular basis. In order to solve the conflicts they can took help of courts. The export of company controlled by the government as how much they can pay taxes on their exports in the form of export duties and they have to pay that amount. in order to maintain the effective relationship with government company can effectively follow the set rules and regulations and other standards set by government which also help them in their growth.

Risk Management Plan for IBM Global Services

A process of planning in order to safeguard the project from the associated risk is known as risk management plan. Project manager, stakeholders and the project team are the responsible bodies for the risk management plan.



Authorised body

Assessment of Data quality

Opportunities and threats will be effectively monitored in order to get the quality data and on certain set criteria’s rate the risk factors.

The quality of data assessed by the Risk management team.

Test of assumptions

Assumptions of project can be revisited in order to ensure the validation of identified risk.

Testing of assumptions get test by the risk management team.

Risk Matrix

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In order to mitigate the risk, risk management team can make efficient use of risk matrix.

Risk Probability and its impact

for probability Scaling of 1-100% will be used:

  • 1-20% it shows probability of very low risk.
  • 21-40% it shows probability of low risk.
  • 41-60% it shows probability of medium risk.
  • 61-80% it shows probability of very high risk.
  • 81-100% it shows risk is considered as a “Fact”.

1-5 rating will be used to measure the impact of risk

  • 1 – It means there is negligible risk
  • 2 – It means there is minor risk
  • 3 – It means there is moderate risk
  • 4 – It means there is significant risk
  • 5 – It means there is severe risk

Risk management team can make analysis for the future activities by using the impact and probability definitions.

Risk threshold application

Risk can be considered as “Fact” when the risk probability is over 81%.

In context to move forward or solve the factor of risk, business management team can effectively determine it.

Infrastructure and Technology requirements

Financial Findings:
Balance sheet of IBM Global Service

Table 1 (Amount is £ million)

Total Liability


Total assets








Share capital




Net Fixed assets




Reserve and surplus




Net current assets








Cash in hand












Table 2

Profit and Loss Statement of IBM Global Services






Sales Revenue




Profit generated From Operating activities (PBIDT)








Amortization Depreciation




Tax provision




Profit after tax (interest included)




Dividend (Dividend tax included)




The above two tables are the financial statements of the IBM Global Services. Table 1 is the balance sheet of the IBM and the Table 2 is the Profit and Loss statement for the three consistent years from the year 2015-16 to 2017-18. The financial statements of the company shows that there is a continuous increment in their revenues and in the business proposal we can discussed about the new project which includes Manufacturing, Digitalmarketing and the selling of our new innovative product having latest technology which is denoted as “Techno tabletops”. There is requirement of around £2000 millions in order to start their new project. In context to the investment purpose IBM can contact the angel investors so that they can make investment in their project and the completion of the project their investment amount can be retain with the company as a revenue.


In the end we can make a conclusion that every organisation is always searching for a new technology in order to get the competitive edge over their competitors. It also plays an vital role in order to achieve the set organisational goals and objectives. in order to make an effective and healthy competition with their competitors organisation can always adopt the effective technology and take care to make necessary updating process within a period of time to maintain its effectiveness. In context to this Techno tabletops is an innovative product and it is an combination of table and a laptop in order to combine the two different equipments in order to make the efficient use of the resources and available space.