CIS3011 Project Specification Report for Icecream Cart

CIS3011 Project Specification Report for Icecream Cart

CIS3011 Project Specification Report for Icecream Cart

Project Background

Dice ice cream parlour is the oldest ice cream parlour of the Queensland. This parlour has numerous patents for their variety of ice-creams. It is most talked and rushed place in the town. The most famous ice cream of this place is “dice-ice”. The people consider themself lucky when they get dice-ice on weekend. Our project is Ice-cream cart which is an android application. This application will serve the customers of Dice ice cream. The world is moved quickly from computers to laptops and similarly from laptop to smartphones, thus we choose android application for our project management. The approach to use smartphones is accepted amongst the many sections of the society. Today nobody wants to be part of queue. If we talking queue for ice-cream, it is like irritating thing in the smart people world. This idea comes from the study of city’s popular ice-cream parlour that is Dice Ice-Cream parlour. The Dice ice cream parlour has too much rush. It can be say each user has to wait minimum 5 minutes to give order and ice cream processing has its own time. There customers queue is common thing. Too much rush raises other competitors so this application will help this parlour to enhance their area of service. 


In today’s market scenario, the selling of services online is common and this kind of service is provided by many websites. It facilitates the users but our concept to serve is different. The purpose of this application is to replace the queue system and make dice-ice ice-cream easy thing to get. But the current research displays that it is achievement because of too much rush and less time. According the research report on restaurants and their customer management discusses that today’s application based environment help business to grow more. It is known fact that customer choose place where it get more services. The current world lies in small cuboid box that is called mobile. So presence in the mobile device is a big thing. This application will be works as virtual parlour for dice ice creams where user need not wait in queue for ice cream, order directly on the go and save their time. Actually time is another purpose for this application. The customers don’t have time to wait in queue, so its results dice ice cream loss even after presence of long queues. The queue system also harasses the management to manage the parlour. “Every customer is equal and important” it is the policy of dice ice cream.

CIS3011 Project Specification Report for Icecream Cart

So Dice ice cream parlour need android application for management, business and enhance customer service and experience. The android application for Dice ice creams will enhance their products exposure and also it displays the value and their policy for their respected customers. It creates the positive environment between customers and also increases their business by increasing selling. It also make the parlour paperless as the order will processed without paper order and bill will be directly displayed in the application. The purpose of this application is to serve the customers and as well the parlours to get more customers.

The ice cream cart is similar to application which serves online ordering at home because the service providing platform is same, the methodology and concept is quite same. The important thing is application usability and implementation. It is implemented in the parlour only. This application will create more business intelligence. As it is a good alternative option for its users to get more. Both parties are users of this application. This application will have exciting features like ubiquity, immediacy etc. By using this application, user can easily avail the Dice ice cream services directly in convenient way. It also provides time critical services that mean it works 24 hours in a day and 7 days in week. Immediacy attracts the customer to do use and order on the application. It is typical a promotional platform for new products also. This application will derive the existing flow of market for Dice ice-cream. It specifies and increases services and business models.


The solution for Dice ice-cream parlour is android application. This application is directly connected to the parlour owner and customers. The present customers don’t have time and they don’t want to waste time for small things and all. As it is matter of service thus our application is important to Dice ice cream parlour for showcasing their products i.e. variety of flavours, new ice-creams etc. online and customers can buy or book the ice-creams and service online. Thus it will be platform for communication between parlour and user. To make order online of products and services to the home is common. Our application approach is different. This application will replace the queue system in the Dice ice cream parlour.

This application will be associated to Dice ice cream parlour’s online system to serve customer better. Ice cream cart is impactful in demographical and technological development. This application will serve the parlour owner and users as well. This application allows users to order the ice-cream on the way and get it on the time. So it also saves the time and there is no required to waste time in standing queue for ordering the ice-cream. It will provide the service with the mobility. The mobility, time and queue are the vital thing for the ice cream cart. The lightning speed in communication will also be an advantageous thing for this project.  This project defines the mobile aspect of business and service. It is practice to conjoint the service and time (less) on the go, while in the midst of work. It is known fact that today nobody wants to wait, so this application will work as bridge between the customers and parlour. It will also allow users to book table in the parlour i.e. advance booking. It will be rise or advent new things in the service sector. This application can be utilised for any restaurant also but that requires more menu and more functionality.

The application will work with the fundamental factors of Dice ice cream. It will be revolutionary application which has capability to change the traditional ordering for the Dice ice cream parlour. This application will get the impact on the market structure, user behaviour, products and its serviceability etc. for this organisation. It will create environment law that will integrate the more customers to parlour.     

The Dice ice cream business methodology and its technical implementation are identical. This application will connect the local customers. It will be a platform to buy services in a portable manner. The solution is an interactive android application with multiuser supports. It will allow to customer to purchase the available things similar to the e-commerce application. The ware house for m-commerce is real world storage house. The merchants will list their products and once the user purchase that product.

Market segments and users for the application

Demographic detail of the Application:

  • The app related to the modern world of information technology where every person wish a comfort and also wish to have everything without doing extra effort or extra workload.
  • This app will provide a comfort of ordering of the product to the user.
  • Most users of this app will have an age of 20 to 60.
  • In this age group people are busy in many things and many reasons to enjoy but less time in waiting queue
  • So they will prefer this app so they can have desired product without wasting time at parlour and waste space of parlour in free time.
  • A survey report on 500 people tells that people love to do order using mobile application.

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End Users of Application in Market:

  • Any person of any age having mobile device with android operating system can download this application from the Google play store.
  • By using this app they can save their time as they need not to wait in queue and for order. They need to open the app only and have to select the items, make order, they only need to confirm the products and then they need to mention time for the delivery of the products
  • So any person who needs to save their time, and want dice-ice in hassle free manner can use this application.
  • Using this application they will have lots of the varieties and will also have lots of the options to place order.
  • For this app there is no need of any proper position.
  • User can use this app while sitting while having rest.
  • Whenever the user is free can use this app.

App potential in market:

  • The app doesn’t have any option of credit card, debit card or any other kind or fraud caused reason.
  • This is safe and doesn’t require any personal or secure information of user.
  • Doesn’t need lots of education and also doesn’t need to be very smart and technical.
  • Any person who uses the mobile with android operating system can use this app. It is user friendly.
  • While using this app there is no need for any confidential data so it doesn’t have any information about the user which needs to keep safe.

Estimated potential of download:

  • This app holds approx. 3 MB memory of a mobile device.
  • The estimated downloads of this app will be more then 10,000.
  • Project schedule

The schedule of the project is managed in the form of Gantt chart. This chart explains the steps chosen for the development of the application. The process of the project development is as follows:

  • Project Selection
  • Project Proposal
  • Feasibility Study
  • Functional Requirements
  • Architecture Design
  • Create Database
  • Import Sample Data
  • Create GUI and Business Logic
  • Alpha Testing
  • Create User Documentation
  • Finalize Documentation
  • Demonstration/ Presentation 

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Application Mock-up and Use-case scenarios

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User’s guide

  • To use the feature of the application, user must have to register in the application.
  • User can register itself by choosing ‘add customer’ option.  With this option user get a form.  After successful registration of the user, user can get the unique id.
  • User can manage its profile by choosing ‘edit customer’. Once the email has been registered can’t be modified. For this purpose user has delete itself from the application and follow the register.
  • After successfully registration, user can place the order from the predefined product list. User can choose the quantity of product.
  • After successfully placing the order, user get the confirmation from parlour end via call or sms. As the information is passed to the server.
  • The entire ordered product, user can see in the ‘report’ section.
  • With the option of ‘delete user’, user can log out of the application. As per the trend and requirement of time, once the user registered, user cannot log out from the system by direct option.

Return on Investment

Android is chosen because it is most efficient operating system in the market. Efficiency makes it most popular. Rest of the Popularity comes from dice ice cream parlour. The current scenario is a time when an every android application gives good return on investment. Android has the brand value that gives assured ROI. There is no other mobile OS whose users are more than android. Here we discuss numbers because the users of android will be the base for the return on investment. Android has mass developers support, it provides ease of development and porting. With that android application can be sale through various channels. The application can be distributed via third party online stores. This application will give great returns from ice cream parlour also.

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The application is developed in a way that its code can be used for the other restaurants chain. The source code policy will be key. Android supports developers regarding the code. With this application the major thing is reputation of android and its spread area. This application is develop with unique concept. The most of application provides online ordering in restaurants while this application manages the queue system of any restaurant. Nobody wants queue whether we think form customer point of view or owner point of view. For the both entities, this application will works as a facility coordinator.

Below pie chart reflects the possible users of this application that clearly shows that the large numbers of users are consumers of the dice ice cream parlour and other brand which will be short listed soon.

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Economic feasibility for this application

Resource cost is analysed with the technical analysis. The resource cost is feasible. In the resource cost the system also included that is hardware and software use for development. The additional cost for this application is taken license to upload it to Google play store. This application is planned in a way that it won’t cost more than that it is planned.

Other than that development the cost lies in the market research, patent issues and android market search engine. To understand end user requirement and find potential client require lots of research work. Research requires cost, that is need to be feasible and it is feasible from the economical point of view. The idea and representation of this application is unique but the patent is required to do for avoidance of policy or other violation.

Business analysis activities

Risk management and analysis has been done for the ice-cream cart application development process. The risk area of this application has includes the potential risks of budget, technical and schedule. The business analysis also includes the consideration of existing availability of similar kind of application in the market. Because if there is similar kind of product exists in market, the new application may have the same functions, methods, security.  The business analysis also includes the requirements prioritisation and feasibility of the application. 

Prioritisation method- MOSCOW analysis

Prioritization of requirements is a method to analyse the main requirements of the application. It is a best business analyst practice. It is important to do as it related to result of the project. if we think in general way, the main requirements if we fulfil in the timeline and rest less important are not completed, then this case called the successful delivery of product. And if we talk about vice versa case, then the project fails. The project relies on this analysis. We choose MOSCOW method to analyse requirement for this ice cart application. MOSCOW refers to must, should, could and would requirements of the application. This can be understood with the following points.

  • M - Must have requirement of the application that fulfils the project objectives.
  • S - Should have particular requirement if possible, it does not affect so much on the project.
  • C - Could have this requirement, if this requirement not has impact on other features.
  • W – Would be part in next version of the application, as this causes its delivery late.

For the dice ice cream cart android application, requirements are find out on the basis of research. The all basic considered as MUST and SHOULD. The COULD and WOULD requirements are payment option and integration of the application.

Feasibility of the Application – Technical, Resource and Schedule

A product needs to feasible under certain criterion such as technical, statistical economics, resource and schedule. The study work and research is done in better way to make this application better.

Technical feasibility study is derived to get viability of the application technically. Technical feasibility is detail study of the architecture of the application. It is evaluated that application could be made with chosen technology methodology. The technical aspects which are analysed in this feasibility are mobile application type, operating system, application architecture and future possibilities. Schedule feasibility is study of project planning and management. This feasibility study ensures that the project is feasible to, be completed within the certain timeline.  Schedule feasibility is measured from the tools of project management.  This application likelihood completed as per defined date. For this application we get schedule feasibility high. After the MOSCOW method, the value of this feasibility is increased from other feasibility domains.

Functional requirements and non-functional requirements

Non Functional Requirements:

  • Requires a mobile device
  • The device must have Android Operating System
  • The mobile device must have minimum android version honeycomb API level 11.
  • The mobile device must be connected with either WIFI or data connectivity.
  • The person must be familiar with android mobile phones.

Functional Requirements:

  • The android device must have internet connection.
  • The person has to download App either from the Google. Playstore or from the website.
  • The user must know how to use the app.
  • Now the user can select products and can place order.
  • To receive orders the user need to insert his/her address.


For the current project, this application is developed for the android OS. But it is researched thing that there are significant number of users for others mobile platforms also i.e. iOS, windows and Blackberry. The optimal effect of application will only show after it reached to maximum users. It is basic ordering application to remove the queue system; it will be further utilized with their home delivery system. Furthermore a virtual wallet system can be added to the system. For the franchisee network of Dice ice cream, new processes will be added to this application. This application can be centralized for franchisee network also. If we talking about this version to next version of the application the numerous features can be added that is more security features, more payment options and make it linked to others also.


Dice Ice cream requires mobile application to enhance their serviceability to customers. This parlor is not initiated that kind of thing to speed up their ordering and customer management system. This application is opportunity for a parlor to their business to high level that other competitors could not think to compare. This application gives us learning of team working and project management. The research study helps in, getting the deep knowledge of international marketing segments for any application.  This application can be utilized for online ordering with delivering option also. This application will be become innovator in paperless approach for billing and all.   


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