CIS3011 Project Process Essay Writing Proof Reading Services

CIS3011 Project Process Essay

CIS3011 Project Process Essay Writing Proof Reading Services

Project Process Essay

What could be more fun than opening an ice cream shop? Well how exciting it would be to make an application that will be fun, creative and rewarding in so many ways. We are bringing you our coolest on-demand offering for ice-creams lovers. Yes, Dice Ice Cream is going global now. We could aim to please as many tastes as possible by offering a wide variety of ice cream flavors in regular ice cream, and our customers might choose to specialize. May be you imagine having a shop that offers special frozen dessert products just by placing an order while sitting inside the ice-cream parlor or at home.

The relevant areas for the application

Application development is not just a work; it is a long process of creating something valuable and helpful from scratch. We tried our best to bring new ideas in order to come up with a satisfying program that looks great for everyone.

Advantages of Applications:

  • There is no requirement to keep store staff, which reduces the company cost
  • It is open to customers 24 hours on all 7 days which makes it easy and convenient for our customers to make a purchase decision making.
  • If a store is set up online buying of property, renting / lease all such costs are omitted.
  • All utility and procurement costs can be avoided
  • Lots of discount offers are available online, as compared to traditional markets which attract customers to buy online

By opening our store online we can take advantage of fluid pricing more effectively. Based on the circumstances, we can increase or decrease price of products. Eg : If quantity of some item in stock decreases then that can be made costlier, as only few are available.

Ice cream cart is a mobile application that automates the process of ordering and receiving in market. Users of this application can make online transactions. Such orders can be done from 9 AM – 11 PM as ice cream cart is available on all days at all times. Users get the ease of ordering their products online from the comfort of their home or work place. They just need to have a mobile device with android OS and internet connectivity. With every purchase that users make, they are rewarded with reward points which they can redeem in future to make further purchases.

Basic Process that is followed in Ice Cream Cart is User -> Orders product ( in restaurant)->Order gets customer receives the order ->Customer pays the order amount.

Analysis of project problems and (possible) solutions is in depth and reflective-

In the analysis phase, we have done feasibility study and some investigation before starting an android application. Analysis is the foremost step for any applicationcommunication development process. It is done by our analyst and the common problems he faced or thing to ponder are:

Information gathering- This is the main and starting phase of any development process because all the functionalities need to be done comes under this point. We have gone through seminars, attended workshop, went to real ice cream parlors to get an idea how it works. What process is followed and so on. It must be handled carefully.

Business Plan- After that a business model must be prepared which tells how the process flows in terms of a business strategy.

Deciding the product – What are the deliverables as per customer point of view because our customers are our god.

Sample start-up budgets- In incurs execution and implementation costs, operation costs, device cost etc. Overall budget must be stated prior so that one can identify the actual and observed costs. 

Information about important business matters – It including the management of resources required while developing the app and whether you should incorporate it or not?

How much space –How much space is required for the application storage as a complete package.

Including information about permits and leases – It involves who will be the user and what kind of privileges he has and what his contribution. What would be administrator’s functionality, what are the rules and policies of the app developers, who will be are buyers etc?

Interior and exterior design interface of app- The interface of app is what mostly attracted by user. It is critical to decide what would be the design features and how they will be implemented. 

Equipment –It tells what all equipment and tools are required to make app, a success. Several tools are available for android designing purpose so it is challenging to choose a one.

Software fragmentation- Several versions of Android operating system are available on different devices which are quite annoying for us as an android developer because we just have to focus at one and that too upgraded one. Solution is to do a brief research first and then start.

Hardware fragmentation- As far as the hardware issues are concerned, it is quite easier to develop an app for the iPhone as compared to Android devices as currently only few devices are running an iOS as compared to nearly more than 500 devices are running on android with diverse features such as from different keyboard layouts to cameras to buttons, to different screen shapes and sizes. We resolve it by choosing android because it is in more demand and easy to implement.

No software – Hardware standardization- The huge number of devices running Android gives rise to another Android app development challenge – lack of software-hardware standardization across the devices. This becomes a cumbersome task for developers as each device has a different function for a different button.

Security-These days mobile devices are getting hit by malware attacks similar to the one that hit PCs over Internet. Android, the world’s most popular smartphone operating system has malware issues which are only intended to make it worse even more.

Solution: We have encrypted our code so that it won’t be infected easily.

Market research cost- The key point to estimate market cost for android apps is to identify the target audience on how they use the software and hardware on their smartphones and it requires lots of research and is an expensive thing for the android developers. We have did lot of research to adjust the market cost.

Android market search engine- One of the major challenges in android development is the Android marketplace. Android has spread worldwide with millions of apps on its marketplace today and to see your app at the top amongst all other apps is a big challenge. As a result, even with a great android app developed, if you don’t pay attention to its promotional activity, you may fail in gaining attention of visitors and targeted customers.

Solution: We have provided apt Meta keywords in our code to let it ranked well in search engine.

Reflection is well written with lessons learned and knowledge to be carried forward clearly articulated-

I have gained knowledge about few things that to be persuaded further:

Connect the Dots- I have learnt the things step by step and it inspired me a lot. Get the idea of users perspective about apps that how to make it creative and for specific audience.

Understand the Android Market- While working on this project I have got the better understanding of android market that is what is in, current trends and all. Like android has a better market than iOS but still iOS users purchase more.

Battery life- Some of the features used in this app like backgrounds and widgets, if not used correctly cause a lot of battery wastage. Android application helps us create custom solutions which cater to our business needs and demand. Some advantages of Android App Development are:

  • It is open Source
  • Low Investment and High ROI
  • It is Easy to Integrate
  • Android OS can be deployed in multiple ways
  • Any person new to Android can easily create android application with little knowledge of Java

As a developer I got to learn basic Java, PHP, Android and MySQL principles. Front end of application is built in Java, backend is created in PHP and database management is created in MySQL and Dreamweaver is used as an editing tool. This application taught me how data is fetched from database and how queries are executed. I have worked in android studio and learnt several things, get acquainted with various features like material designing, Code templates, Rich layout editor, Create multiple APKs for this app. It will help me in near future for developing several other android apps and I will keep in minds whatever I have learnt while working in this project.

Project Deliverables and Timeline

Ice cream cart was developed to provide ease to the customers. It partially automates the manual order and receiving process. Users can place order at their convenience and just need to wait for their ordered items to get delivered. After successful delivery of their product they can make payment via cash. This project has 6 modules: Home, Place Your Order, Add Customer, Edit Customer, Delete Customer and Report.

Customer has to get registered with the application before making an order. His registration details can be edited via Edit Customer module. A registered customer can be deleted via Delete Customer. List of ordered items can be viewed in Report Section. To place an order a customer can enter the quantity corresponding to the item and click on place order. This project has taken 3 months to complete (August 2015-October 2015) and we have lived up to the expectations of our customers and have successfully completed the project as per client’s requirements.