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Can Thu is the third largest city in Vietnam. It has major tourist attraction for agri tourism. Agri tourism involves activities that attract tourists to the rural place for the purpose of agriculture and draws them to stay with the localities and understand their culture, heritage and tradition and take part in agricultural activities.

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Agri tourism is defined as any agricultural activity that draws tourists to the farm and the tourists stay with the localities of the rural areas. It also involves participation of tourists in these activities.

Community capital refers to a human resource, social and natural capital from which a community derives benefits from and relies upon for its existence (Trukhachev, 2015).

The chosen community capital is human and social capital.

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Agri tourism has proved to be beneficial for Can Tho. In the next ten years it is expected to contribute to social and human capital greatly.

Additional income –  Additional income is generated for the people as tourists visit rural areas thus it results in more income for the localities of rural areas as these tourists will stay in the area and pay accommodation, will spend on food and other products and handicrafts and speciality of the city will also get promoted (Trukhachev, 2015).

Preserves farm and farmland –  Due to agritourism farms and farmland are preserved as farming is the main occupation of people in the rural areas and when this gets boost farming is promoted and natural habitat is preserved.

Preserves rural heritage –  Rural heritage gets preserved as tourists from various parts visit and get to know and understand the culture of Can Tho.

Quality products – Quality is maintained. Main emphasis is on maintaining quality of the produce which constantly keeps on improving as participation in farming activities is conducted enthusiastically and this being the main source of living for the localities of Can Tho (Trukhachev, 2015).

       The steps that can be taken to promote agri tourism in Can Tho are:-

Understanding  Deep understanding about the culture and community must be developed which will further help in understanding community and building strong relations.

Environment and traditions   Identifying and evaluating traditions and factors affecting attraction of tourists for agri tourism must be considered (Ajagunna & Crick, 2014).

Using Policy Instruments to Address a Barrier to Sustainable Tourism Development

Sustainable Tourism Development refers to development in a manner which does not destroy or lead to depletion of the natural environment and must result in preservation of heritage, culture and traditions of the community.

Barriers in sustainable development of Can Tho are:-

Poor infrastructure – Underdevelopment of infrastructure.

Seasonal production –  Production depends on seasons, not every season promises heavy cultivation opportunities.

Supply chain problems –  It implies poor co- ordination between the production and its supply (Ajagunna & Crick, 2014).

Improper training of primary producers – Producers lack proper knowledge which could be in context of production or knowledge of the season which can lead to poor produce or products of depleted quality.

Lack of education in tourism industry – Due to lack of education, tourism industry suffers; proper information about tourist attractions is unavailable also the localities are unable to understand foreign language which results in poor or miscommunication.

Inability to understand tourist market – The target market is still unknown and cannot be identified thus problems pop up in attracting the target tourist group to Can Tho (Mason, 2010).

Lack of availability of suitable land - Non –  Availability of suitable land is another barrier in sustainable development of tourism.

Poor understanding of tourist market –  Target market is still unknown.

Strategies to overcome these barriers in sustainable development of Can Tho are:-

Infrastructure –  Investing in infrastructure will lead to attracting more tourists which will further lead to generation of more income and opportunities of expansion. Infrastructure development will also lead to improvement in education and basic amenities and facilities for the localities (Goyal & Sharma, 2013).1s            

Training –  Training regarding knowledge of tourism sector, understanding various languages, understanding market demands and customers, distribution system and understanding of the entire tourism sector.

Vertical and horizontal link smoothening and expansion – Link between service providers and tourism operators must be strengthened so that promotion and implementation of tourism activities can be enhanced and promoted (Carr & Liu, 2016).

Proposed Policy

The three strategical instruments have to work in harmony for promoting sustainable tourism development in Can Tho. When infrastructure is proper, for instance, well built airport and good hotels and lodges, hospitals with emergency services will attract more tourists. Training to service operators and providers will lead to synchronising efforts put it by both the parties and providing training to the producers and localities will help them connect with the tourists better and build a bond (Reisinger, et. al., 2012).

3. Analyzing the Vietnam Tourism Plan

  Tourism Reseach planning approach of Vietnamese Government:-

Innovation – Government of Vietnam is encouraging innovation. Those who have innovative ideas are welcomed; various innovations to policies, practices and procedures are introduced.

Providing support to local communities – Local communities are being supported by the government. They are provided training for understanding language of tourists, for understanding the target market, analysing and understanding importance of seasons and what can be done for better quality (Abdelwarith, 2013).

Quality control – Vietnamese government is implementing various control measures to keep a check on the quality of produce and the quality of services that is being offered to the tourists.

Promotion of best practices –  Government is promoting best and ethical practices that follow the code of conduct and are legal in nature.

Respecting values and traditions and preservation of heritage – Vietnamese government is making sure that the values and traditions are being taken care of and the heritage is preserved in such a way that the culture is also promoted and the values are seen to (Abdelwarith, 2013). 


The BX3194 Destination Management and Planning Assignment Help talks about tourism in Vietnam. Agri tourism in Can Tho is flourishing at a fast pace. Various strategies and approaches are implemented by the government to promote tourism there. Various barriers are there in sustainable development of tourism in Vietnam, policies have been formed by the government to address these barriers and find solution to overcome them. Government has developed a tourism plan for promotion of tourism and to attract tourists.


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