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This business project management assignment solution is based on the project management and this case of the project management is about the computer security department of federal government in which the computer system that are being in use are outdated and some improvements are being needed. For this a project is being implemented and it has been observed there are some risks and issues are also there in the project implementation. In this it has been observed that the project has not been managed in a proper way because of which there is no appointment of project manager. In this report of project management it is being understood that scope creep is a never ending process as in the last there are still some problems are being left in the context of the past software. The new mangers and the CEO are being appointed don’t have any information about the scope of the project which become a hindrance in the completion of the project.

Business Project Management Assignment


Assessment of the project

The computer security department was not followed the proper process for the project which would lead it to the hindrances and not completed the project in an efficient manner. Without the proper management the CSD would not be able to appoint the project manager (Cleland, 2011).
Process of project

  1. Identification of the objectives of upgrading and improvement of the systems.
  2. Analysis of the objectives and relate them with the goals of the CSD.
  3. Choose the strong individual with the effective reputation (project manager).
  4. Planning the upgrading and the improvement.
  5. Discussion over the responsibilities of the each and every individual employee.
  6. Identification of the risk that are being involved in the project.
  7. Allocation of work and responsibilities as per the efficiency of the employees.
  8. Implementing and follow up the action (Hillson, 2013).
Report structure based on certain project management methods such as project scope creeps and risk analysis

As it is being stated that the scope creep is one of the most famous reasons in the context of the run over of the project over the budget and take it to late deliver. Changes of the scope in the project are become negative as it is better to avoid them. Scope is that thing which manger commits to deliver this in the early life of the project. It is being defined as in the requirement analysis phase of the project.

The causes of the scope creep in the project are as follows;

  1. Analysis of poor requirements
  2. Not involves the users at early stage
  3. Not taking the complexity of the project seriously (Knapp, 2010)
  4. Lack in control and change in the project
  5. Gold plating

Risk analysis break down structure
Risk analysis break down structure

Compare assessment with sound management practices

From the given case CSD of federal government it has been analyzed that the it has not followed the standard practices of the process of change request management because of which this case would be move towards the loop of never ending.  So, the management practices would provide more confidence on the change control and planning. The change request is being called as the formal request of change which must be documented in the project.

Various objectives of the changes are as follows such as;
Studied about the adverse effect of change and minimizing it.
Creation of process of change management
Prevent form unauthorized changes (Piscopo, 2012)
Post the implementation and review of changes
Proper maintenance of all the changes and must be recorded in effective way.
Recommendations on steps to close the

The steps that are being included in the closing of the project are as follows:

  • Project sponsor acceptance: in this step a meeting is being conducted with the project sponsor to make discussion over the closure acceptance criteria for the project which is to be defined in the beginning (Hillson, 2013).
  • Conduct project assessment: it is being so important to get feedback from all the stakeholders who are being involved in the project and also the team members of the project in the context of enabling the opportunities for the improvement in the project.
  • Complete project history: it is being important o set this in the beginning of the project and provide guidelines to the team members in the context of handling the project.
  • Celebrate success: it is being so easy in the context of celebrating the success which is being so important for making the projects of the future in well manner. It is also being a part of the change management process which would be helpful in involvement of the stakeholders in the future project (Knapp, 2010).

Recommend improvements to the CSD’s future project management practices.

It is being recommended that the department should avoid the predicament, statements of the scope, change in the documentation of the scope, and also to analyse the risk that are being associated with the scope creep. It is also being recommended that if the amount that is being provided for the project is less than the budget the computer security department must not take the amount as it would lead the project in the wrong direction and project would not be completed in an efficient manner. It is being also recommended that the department must have to appoint the project manage in the future so that the project would be completed in an efficient manner. The department also needs to follow the process of the project (Piscopo, 2012).


It is being concluded from the above case study that the funding for the project which is being accepted by the department was inadequate. The business case was not able to define the risk in the project. The most important thing is that a project manager is not being appointed. External company was allowed to take control over the project. The characteristics that are being introduced were not original scope of the project. The introduction of new version was not the original scope of the project. Expectations related to the system testing were lead to unauthorized overheads. It could also not be analyzed that what to be spent on which part.


It is being recommended that the project had been poorly managed as it can be stated that the project manager is not being appointed which is very necessary for the completion of the project in an efficient manner. Scope creep is an unauthorized increment in the scope which was leads the project to vary from the original scope. It is being important for the key stakeholders they would aware about the scope of the project and made the changes that are being required in the project. The proposal or the blue print of the project and the scope of the project is being useful to control the cope creep.


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