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Assignment 3: Indicators and Warnings

The information related to the indigenous involvement in Kimberley people in crime is based on state of alcohol and drug that is needed to guide by updated information provided by the WA police service and department of the Justice that describe all the possible activities of the recent year. Kimberley drug and Alcohol working committee (DAWC) has conducted a project that involved different agencies so that evidence of the alcohol and another drug that is debilitating used through AOD can relate to their harm indicators. It has been acknowledging that the crime aspects are increased in past years due to the reason the crime in the town has approached to suicide, dom

estic violence, illegal trafficking etc. but the government has enrolled their interventions to protect the children, adults and women to get involved in such activities. This can be done through the scbhemes that were developed to minimize the person’s involvement in such crime areas. ODIR has business development many centers for curing the people; several NGO’s were acknowledging overcoming with this issue and police has planned the investigation to maintain the crime level in the region.

This assessment was prompted by factors that seems to be contributed by the usage of drugs in WA. The factors consist of observations that can be made in the society whether at homes or in work places or in any other place where people mingle with one another. The factors have been identified to be alarming and increasing at a rate that it’s not manageable by its own but only by bringing to end the usage of the drugs (Volkow, 2016 pg. 76). The following are the factors that led me to discuss the above assessments together with their relevance in the society and elimination of the drugs.

1. Need for reduced or Elimination of Crime in WA

Alcoholism and drug usage in WA has been characterized with increased levels of crime. The crime includes robbery with violence’s, public fights, vandalism among other crimes that are associated with drug abuse. The crimes mostly come in different ways due to influence of the drug abuse. First, there are people who when under the influence of drugs, they turn out to be very violent towards other and causing physical arms to them. These leads toother evils such as murder and fighting among people. Due to this violent nature they also turn out to vandalize property and don’t care on their actions when they are under the influence. Secondly, there are also other people who have turned out to use of drugs and they become addicted. This means that they cannot live without the drugs. This is a big problem to the drug addicts who have no source of money. This would mean they would do anything to get money to buy the drugs that they need. They turn out to be violent thief’s and also vandalize property inorder to sell and get money to buy the drugs everytime. Therefore, it evident that drug usage is a major contributor of crime in society. To reduce the crime level its therefore essential and relevant to fight towards a drug free society and encourage people to indulge themselves in helpful behaviors that would prevent them from this kind of social evils in the WA.

2. Need to Minimize Suicidal Cases

Drug usage is characterized with different effects such as depression. When a person is under depression there needs to be a close supervision on them. This becomes very hard for drug users since the depresses ion it can be said is self-imposed and anyone else might not notice their depression. Most of times they would be considered as drunk and not depressed. Therefore, these people under drug abuse would be ignored and left alone in their depression. In cases where the depressed people cannot control or manage their depression they can do the unthinkable and opt to commit suicide to get themselves out of those depressions that they are undergoing. These cases in WA are on increasing rate and it’s the need of the society to bring them down if possible to zero level. One way of bringing the cases down is to fight against drug abuse. This way the suicide cases that are caused by the usage of drugs would be eliminated and the society left to worry about the other causes of suicides in the society.

3. Domestic Violence

Drugs abuse have been a killer of many families and relationship. The violence that comes with drug abuse it’s in increasing levels in WA. Families don’t live in peace, children don’t go to school and people lose focus in life as well as their self-esteem. Drug usage comes with a high cost that is directly impacted on the domestic resources. For the drug addicts they would care selling their family assets and resources to use the money in buying drugs. Also to the employed individuals who are under drugs influence spend most of their earnings buying these drugs and later they live a very miserable live and subject the same to their dependents.Due to this wastage of resources the people who live with them starts to respond and react to their behavior. The drug addicts respond back by either being violent physically or doing other things that brings damage to the families. In return this breaks to chaos. It breaks families. People who are related as brothers fights and even worse thing they end up killing one another. It brings confusion in the family settings and problems. This can be easily solved if the usage of drugs is kicked out (Stacy, 2017 pg. 45).

4. Need for a Good Performance inWorkplaceand Society

In workplace people who are under influence of drugs normally performs poorly. This is becauseDrugs affects both the mental state and the muscles of an individual. In a task that an individual is required to reason well in his work, when under drugs it would be impossible. Drugs impairs individual judgements and this reduces the performance of the individual in everything that they could be doing at any particular period in time. Also, when under drugs the body of an individual turns out to be very weak. This prohibits the people working on heavy task that needs physical energy impossible. With the increased usage of drugs in the society it always leads to poor performance of people in their daily activities. This is a significant area that needs a change since it determines also the growth of the overall economy at any given period of time (Hopfer, 2014 pg. 23).

5 Increased Drug-related sicknesses

The government spends a lot of money yearly treating diseases that could be avoided by its citizen if they avoided the usage of drugs. The level at which drug related sicknesses are increasing with are wanting and leaves the government with no choice but to find ways on which to stop the usage of drugs in the society. The levels are increasing and can avoided. Some of these diseases are chronic and leaves many families in great tribulations after their loved ones dies. If the usage of drugs is prevented the society would be left with a healthy nation and a lot of money would be saved from treating sicknesses that could be avoided.

6. Need to Reduce Road accidents

Driving under influence of drugs mainly impairs the driver’s judgement. Drunkenness is associated with high speed of drivers. It becomes very hard for the drivers under drugs to control the vehicles when they are under influence of drugs and that mainly becomes a major challenge that needs to be solved. The only way that this issue would be solved would be stopping the usage of the drugs. This is not particularly for the drug users but for the other people who uses the Road or are near the roads. The acts of drunk driver endanger the lives of other innocent people who are not even in drunkenness. This is very relevant since reduced dug usage would lead to reduced road accidents (Schram, 2014 pg. 43).


Bringing to an end any kind of a challenge that is entirely affecting the society its always important to bring to an end the key cause of the problem. This means to deal with increased rate of crime, increased rate of suicides, increased rate of domestic violence, increased rates of illegal trafficking, increased poor performance in work places, increased level of drug sicknesses it is needed identify the key cause and eliminate the key cause. In this case it has been identifies to be use of drugs and the only thing needed is to eliminate the usage of drugs from the society and the society will be left with less or no these evils existing in their midst at any particular period of time. However, elimination of drugs it’s mainly a task and objective that cannot be carried by any specific person or body but by the government in corporation to different organizations and citizens who are willing and aiming to see their society live in harmony without these evils in their midst (Horton, 2017 pg.31).


Through the unit have learnt a lot things and concepts that are helpful now and would be helpful to me even in future in doing my daily activities. The unit brought to my attentionconcepts that are new to me and I was able to understand them all clearly. Also throughout the unit I have been able to understand some concepts that I knew but now after learning the unit have known the concepts in a different way. The new knowledge that I have gained is immeasurable and I would be applying it in most of my undertakings. The following are the key concepts that I have been able to learn in this concept. 

1. Intelligence

Throughout the unit I have learnt that Intelligence is the ability of an individual to acquire or get information, and apply skills and knowledge in dealing with the acquired skills or knowledge. I have learnt that Intelligence goes beyond the available data that is visible and accessible. Intelligence brings together the use of knowledge and skills in obtaining relevant information from any source. The skills and knowledge I have learnt is what is important in every undertaking inorder to show up the evidence of intelligence in the things I would be doing. Intelligence helps in finding out the things that seems to be hidden from the obvious analysis and assessment of any information or data.

2. Analysis

Throughout the study I learnt that Analysis is the process of digging deeper into something with an aim of trying to understand the hidden meaning or information. I have learnt that analysis involves separating anything into small bits and take time to check and study bit by bit with an aim of interpreting the whole thing. I learnt for example analysis of certain information I would need to break the overall information to small bits that could be meaningful and connect every small meaningful bit with a different bit and come up with the interpretation of the whole information fully with a meaning that could be easy to understand.I have learnt that analysis in simple terms is trying to give meaning to something by digging deep in it and understanding everything.

3. Assessment

Throughout the unit have learnt that assessment is basically the idea of trying to understand the ability, nature or quality of something through mere estimations or administering any kind of evaluation. Throughout the unit I have come to learn that to understand the impact of anything, or the effects that it has all that is needed is to apply an assessment. For example, throughout the unit I have learnt that the assessment would have helped me understand the nature of the effects drugs are causing in WA. The study has taught me that assessment is important in understanding magnitude of the things am trying to study or understand.

Therefore, throughout the unit I have learnt that intelligence assessment and analysis is a development of understanding in converting a wide range of available information on something to come up with very helpful information and findings that can be used in decision making. I have learned that these are essential skills that every leader would need in doing their duty time over time and ensuring that things run as they plan or as they desire in the area that they are leading whether it’s a big department in a businessorganization or a small team in the workplace.

What I did Right

In my previous task there are numerous things that I still find that I used to do them despite that I had limited information and understanding on them. The assessments that I used to carry out were right even now that I have learnt something new I would be able to continue following the same procedure.Also, the building up of my thoughts on every subject and tasks that I have been undertaking I have been doing them properly and they all seem okay and upto date with even the new concepts that I have learnt now.

What IdidWrong

Previously, there were things that I didn’t understand well but now I understand them. However, without the understanding on different things I was still able to carry out different tasks that required the assessment intelligence. In most case my analysis of the information and data that I used wasn’t up to standards. This is the main reason in most of my previous tasks I didn’t manage to arrive to the right conclusion of the study that I was undertaking. Always there was a shortfall in my conclusion and recommendation due to proper understanding of the subject that was as a result of a poor analysis.

What I would do better

Now that through the Unit I have been able to understand all the dynamics surrounding the assessment intelligence I would do better in anything that concerns this area in future. My ability to apply this knowledge that I have acquired in this unit would be a stepping stone in ensuring that in future any study that I conduct I would be able to apply better understanding of assessment and analysis of the available facts or information to get the best intelligence from the whole issue or study. Am confident that the knowledge gained would translate to correct and proper methods or carrying out activities that needs these learning not only in workplace but also in personal life experiences. In future my overall performance is expected to improve with very high-quality results on the matters and things that I would focus on and require the assessment intelligence in their undertaking.

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