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Communication is the best tool an organization possesses to fight the dynamics of the corporate world. It is life blood of the organization as it keeps the business running. The entire existence and success of the business depends on how clearly the communication process has been defined in the communication process model. The message has to flow through a smooth medium and the journey starts from the sender and ends at feedback. Success can only be achieved through effective business communication. A communication expert should have completeness, clarity, concreteness, correctness, consideration. Barriers to communication arises in the absence of the above mentioned aspects.  Communication provides the following benefits – less ambiguity, improved standard of work, company’s goals are met quicker, only medium through which a company can reach out to people concerned and market, builds unity and team in the organization so on and so forth. (Khan and Khan, 2012)

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Barriers to effective communication include a long list of points. These barriers are tangible and intangible in nature. Fighting these barriers is not an easy task. One may take care of the seen barriers but the unseen barriers are difficult to handle. It may include human emotions and human behavior as well which is difficult to mould after a certain age. For example ego, anger, stress, frustration, jealousy, family problems create differences at workplace. Mastering the art of interaction, conversation in workplace continues to remain a challenge. The ethics of interaction comes under the umbrella of Human Resource Management. The reason is one can master this art only through mastering the emotional quotient of the employees. All the tasks performed in the HR department needs communication to meet its purpose. For example drafting official documents, conducting training and development programs, holding meetings, conferences, daily discussions at inter and intra departmental level, building teams to achieve the objectives of the organization and the list continues. Many people opine of the fact that indoctrination of the employees should be conducted on a regular basis to foster team spirit (Gould,2014)

In the present era of cut throat competition organizations have realized the importance of teamwork. It is the best way to enhance performance of an individual and hence increase productivity. A team provides a platform for employees to showcase their skills. According to a study a team is defined as a collection of individuals who share accountability for the outcomes.  It is an important factor responsible for smooth functioning of the organization. The main purpose of building a team and working is to improve employee learning. Team infuses competition, challenges, feeling of accomplishment, greater participation, brainstorming and profitable. Esprit De Corps is a feeling and view point that employees hold about each other. It says team is a group of individuals who are jointly dependent on each other to achieve team objective. Study says that team trust, esprit de corps, team work and recognition and rewards result in high productivity. (Manzoor,2011)

Diversity in a team is like a row of ants working together but with no purpose or object. They are working just for the sake of it or else all come with some hidden agenda and play their own game. Diversity pulls back a team from marching ahead. Diversity in culture, in thoughts, in opinions and in point of view creates differences between the team members. Not all employees join an organization with the same objective and intention. Clash of intentions may create or widen these differences. The bond that exists between the team members is a forced bond, it does not come naturally. The environment in which this bond is incubated is not a natural environment. Hence, it does not suit the needs of each and every employee. It is not necessary that a team will consist of like mined people. We have men and women working in the same team. Men and women do not think in the same direction. It has been observed that individual’s behavior and group behavior is different and a person swings between individual and group behavior at workplace .A team is like a basket of mixed fruits and becomes difficult to identify the taste of an individual fruit and diversity spoils the taste. Now coming to the introverts and extroverts in a team. A team should comprises of both introverts and extroverts because if all start speaking then it will create chaos. A team also should carry one think tank, basically a person who would provide team with inputs so that the entire team can come to one common decision.

Lot of work has been done to examine the complex relation between team diversity and team outcomes. The knowledge worker is difficult to work with and here the team leader plays an important role over here. The role is to integrate the entire team and work together. (Horwitz & Horwitz,2007)

People who think that diversity is just about demographic, age, gender, matter of color, culture and sex are wrong. The other types of diversities are difficult to handle. Diversities are also based on informational differences, reflecting a person’s educational, behavioral aspect. Researchers found that informational diversity constructive conflict or debate around the task. Diversity exists also on the basis of goals and values and this is the worst type of diversity. The reason is without in the absence of value goal homogeneity a team can accomplish little.(Diversity & Work Performance,1999)


Yes, it is true that diversity is like slow poison which will kill the existence of the organization. It is a barrier which is difficult to handle. It is behavioral and attitudinal problem which can be changed only if the employees are willing to change.


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