BUSI1013 Cloud Computing Editing and Proof Reading Services

BUSI1013 Cloud Computing Assignment Help

BUSI1013 Cloud Computing Editing and Proof Reading Services

In BUSI1013 Cloud Computing Assignment Help, Cloud computing, as the name sounds is a delightful storage system that allows us to send and receive information from any nook and corner around the world. It is the fastest and the most reliable structure that we use today. Even without knowledge we take the help of cloud in our daily work. All the emails, spreadsheets, presentations, are now nothing on any web-based service such as Google. One press of a button and the information come flying to us. Cloud computing today is as vast as Yahoo and Google. Cloud computing enables the user to store relevant data or other personal information on their cloud services that are offered by various companies like Apple, Google, Drop box, and many more (Catteddu et al. 2010, p.17). Previously no one referred to this framework as cloud computing. Eventually, this vast network connecting the faces around the world came out as one nebulous cloud, which is again categorized into IAAS, SAAS ANS PAAS to simplify the job. Online access to large databases securely is done smooth and easily. The storage capacity is quite high so that there is an even flow of work in the offices and at home. We open facebook with the wonderful idea of connecting the far ends of the world. The constant flow of information and business options appear online as soon as one opens a search engine.

The work and worries in the business fields has reduced considerably as there is next to no load of files on the employee’s desk. Information about the employees of a company can be stored securely online. The employees are allowed access to a limit without hampering the privacy of another. The maintenance cost is much lower than that of the normal hardware storage systems available in the market. Hence, we pay only for what we use (Marston et al. 2011, p.177). It has also helped reducing the use and wastage of paper in bulk, doing the duty towards the environment. Cloud computing also promotes the idea of go-green initiatives. Students all over the globe have shifted to the system of online examinations. Papers are submitted and checked online without the waste of time or money. Business has become more easy and effective as one can access the data stored in another computer sitting thousands of miles away. People are much more connected and aware of the world and its present conditions. The organisation has certain benefits of using the cloud based computing since it allows the organisation to store the data securely using three level of security that safeguards the information against being hacked. Therefore it is safe to say that, cloud computing is slowly changing the business perspective to a healthier environmental analysis.

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