BUS707 Applied Business Research Paper Editing Services

BUS707 Applied Business Research Oz Assignments

BUS707 Applied Business Research Paper Editing Services

Task 1:

The five personal values that influence my life choice and decision are:

1. Leadership
2. Respect
3. Accountability
4. Excellence
5. Integrity

Consideration of the values is vital because it affects and influences my actions and attitudes towards a particular situation. According to the researcher Anana and Nique (2010) it is important to know the personal values as it is essential in making decisions regarding your career and can help and individual top understand whether something is correct for them or not. Understanding my personal values will help me to work with the employee benefits who will share the same views as mine (Vuori, Toppinen-Tanner and Mutanen 2012).

The field which to intend to pursuearein the areas of Financial risk management, auditing and compliance.

The five hard skills that I have developed during my undergraduate course are:

1. Management and construction of the investment portfolios
2. Preparation, analysis and interpretation of the financial reports
3. Audit process
4. Personal financial management
5. Risk planning

Task 2:

According to Harvey (2000), an individual who possess good communication skills are seen by the employers as an indicator of future success. Preaching in churches, working with the senior managers of ANZ bank and doing all types of presentations, all these experiences has helped me to communicate effectively and professionally. During my tenure at ANZ, I used to have regular meetings with the different managements and thus it was necessary for me to have good communication skill (Bank 2014). Communicating effectively will help to reduce conflicts and at the same time increases the effectiveness of the organization.

I was the risk manager of ANZ’s consumer mortgage division. I was given the opportunity to handle a team of 15 risk officers as well as maintaing my administrative duties.
Effective time management, strategic planning and execution, prioritising the tasks was critical so that my department can operate efficiently and effectively. Balancing all these things requires a goof administrative and organizational skill.

In my undergraduate course and in the past employment, it was the standard requirement for me to work as a part of the team. The Victoria University has a stream of different units which is called professional Development, in which the students have to work cohesively and collaboratively to manage and solve the business problems, developing business concepts and engaging in the team related tasks. In ANZ my team have to social work for reducing the risks in the mortgage division. In both the fields I had to work collaboratively so that my team can provide excellent results. Working in a team can prove to be more effective and it can be more successful, when the member’s objectives and the goals are aligned and the entire members have the same attitude that “team’s success is my success”.

I am currently a member of the Customer service Institute of Australia (CSIA) and had completed Certificate IV in the customer contact under the supervision of CSIA.I have a vast experience in this fields as I have worked with Vodafone and ANZ as a customer solutions representative and Risk and dispute resolution officer respectively. In the following roles working in both the organization, I have handled many customers who came up with complex issues or who have experienced terrible services. Showing empathy, building rapport, demonstrating some genuine concern or interests and having a “can-do” attitude towards every situation are some of the vital customer service skills that I have developed over the years. These are some of the basic requirements to provide satisfactory and memorable experience to the customers.

Examples that can prove my ability to manage my projects effectively are: I have been successful in managing the development of the Quality Management Framework for the ANZ’s onshore contact centres. This was the requirement for the quality control to help the team leaders by assisting during the consultants with the training and coaching. Pam
Rebecca the former general manager of ANZ’s onshore contact centre gave my department the task of developing and implementing the quality framework that incorporated compliance and risks and the experience of the customer. Another project that I have conducted and managed was for Concept Logistics. I was assigned for rearranging the inventory and then enhance the inventory system of the organization to help in the tracking of the outgoing and the incoming stock.

Task 3:

Hi, my name is and I am a business graduate. I have a vast knowledge and experience in the field of risk management and customer services. I am looking for an opportunity in the Melbourne’s CBD area in the field o finance. My extensive professional work experience coupled with my strong academic results makes me a preferred and strong candidate for joining team. Due to the experience of working with the ANZ bank as a former risk manager, I have an excellent understanding of how to reduce risks for both the customer and the company. During my tenure at ANZ, I used to have regular meetings with the different managements and thus it was necessary for me to have good communication skill. Communicating effectively will help to reduce conflicts and at the same time increases the effectiveness of the organization.

My personal values that influence my decision and behaviour are leadership, respect, accountability, integrity and excellence. I have learned many skills during my degree for example, auditing, financial planning, risk planning, investment management and mitigation of risks. The “can-do” attitude of mine, the ability to make good communication, ability to work collaboratively and excellent administrative and organizational skills will help me in my growth and lead me to success.


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