BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Proof Reading Service

BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Assignment

BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Proof Reading Service

Introduction –

In this assignment we will work in group and help the group members in achieving the objective of the group. While working in the group there are always some issues and problems so how we overcome from that. For working in group there should be proper bonding among the group members. So they will work properly. Members of the group are assigned by the task and which is done with in timeline which is reviewed according to the performance plan. After reviewing we are able to know who is skilled and who is unskilled so we will do necessary changes on time to increase the efficiency of the group and the task will be done on time. Task will achieve when all the group members were actively do work in group and help each other. All the group members should try to solve the problem own self without any involvement of the management. The group leader should motivate the members and help the members when it is require to any member.

BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Assignment

Task 1

Assessment task 1

Your team has been charged with the task of identifying an e-commerce opportunity for Apparel Brands and developing a proposal to put to the board of directors. For example, your team could decide to propose setting up an online business in which customers design their own custom t-shirts.?

As we all know that in today’s world the online business or e-commerce have its own importance in the marketing  plan because the consumer can access it by his/her mobile or PC. It saves so much of time of consumer and the business both. Apparel Brands is selling their products offline and now to sell the product online they have to give offers to attract the customers.

Huge discounts on first purchase from us. Cash vouchers are given for the next two purchases. We will provide only clothes for all the. The quality of the clothes will we good because it is certified by our inspector who inspects all the clothes then give permission to sell it online. The price of the product will be reasonable so that the people of any income group can purchase the product. It is beneficial to the customer because they get the good quality product at reasonable price and with return service of 30 days.

Our target market will be the customers who want to wear good quality clothes by charging some extra amount than usual. Because the price of the good quality clothes is very high and it is only for the high income level people. The product is only for the people who have passion and knowledge of fashion. We will provide products according to the latest fashion and some special clothes are designed by our designers also. And customers can design their own clothes. We will try to fulfil the entire needs customer so that they will feel happy after shopping with us.

For setting the venture we have to do marketing and surveys so that according to that we can customize our web portal. We have to understand the current scenario of e-commerce and the needs of the people.

We will take help of consultants in e-commerce business which helps us in reducing the cost of setting up the venture and some necessary steps to attract the customers. Because they are expert in their respective field.

Firstly understand the market according to the customers then design web portal according to the. The website should be easy to use for the customers. Use of search engine because it helps in reducing the traffic and customer can easily search what he/she wants. And follow up with the customers through SMS or E-mail because than they are aware with the new offers or sales. Payment system will cash on delivery, online payment through debit or credit card and e-wallet. Full security for the users who are doing online payment. Our website can be search through the search engines so that customer can easily find us and start shopping with us.

We will determine the cost according to the quality of the product and the services given by us to the customers. Prices of the product will reasonable or little bit above from the normal rates because we are providing the good quality products to the customers.

Appendix 2

Performance Plan


Action 1

Action 2

Action 3


Gathering information and understanding the current scenario for the starting of online business.

Designing of website which is easy to use and easily searchable on search engines so that customer can access our website.

Measurement of our plan and feedback from the customers.


This action is depending on the marketing and surveys which is done by our employees.

This action depends on the expert’s in web page designing  

This is based on the top management of the business and on our employees


Timeline for this task is 1-2 months because it is very important task because evaluation is needed in this process.

Here timeline is 15-20 days or it may extent if needed.

Timeline for this within one month after the launch of the online business.


Here manager is responsible for it because he/she have to assign the area of the research to the employees.

Here the group is responsible because the group is taking consult from the expert.

Here again the manager is responsible for both of the task.


In this task the information is gathered from the market so the resource is market.

In Webpage designing resources are network, computer, back up for electricity when it goes.

Again market survey and evaluation of the plan whether it is done in proper manner or not

Review dates

After 20 days of starting of work.

After 5 days when the task is started.

15 after the starting of the survey to predetermine the results.

Measurement: KPI; Outcome

Evaluating the result of the surveys. So that we can take next step according to it.

It is measured in the sense how easy it is for the use of customer. They can easily search any product which they want to purchase.

It measured after providing the services by us and the reaction of the customer on everything whether it is related to web page or quality of the product or delivery of the product or related to mode of payment

 Appendix 3

Third party report

Assessment 1 – Third-party report for candidate:

Did the candidate propose and agree on strategies for ensuring participation of team members?

Y  /  N

Describe how:

Yes agreed because the every team member has their own task. So no mix up is there and every member is actively doing their work.


Did the candidate help develop policy and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work?

Y  /  N

Describe how:

Yes policies are developed and if any team member is not doing his/her task properly then he/she will blacklist for next few tasks. Review of the individual’s task on time is there so that it is easy to find out who is skilled and who is unskilled.


Did the candidate work with group to determine common understanding of organisational requirements and team goals?

Y  /  N

Describe how:

Yes the candidate work with team to achieve the goal of the group. Candidate timely do their task and then help the other members also who are unable to do task due to some reason or cause.


Did the candidate work with group to determine and agree on specific duties to support team members with assigned responsibilities?

Y  /  N

List the candidate’s support duties:


 Motivate the member, help the member who is unable to perform its task, behave in descent manner with the members.


Did the candidate demonstrate knowledge of group behaviour and how to gain consensus and work within groups to enhance team effectiveness?


 Yes candidate share the knowledge of working in group by helping each other, no conflicts among the group members, take care of each other, try to talk in positive manner so that the working environment will be good.

Y  /  N

Describe how the candidate demonstrated this knowledge in their interactions with the team:


By showing some examples, presentation and with the help of a live example.


Task 2

Assessment task 2

You will need to meet to discuss achievement of individual goals and provide feedback on others’ work. You will need to work through and resolve any issues with your team in order to achieve your team goal/s.

Now after preparing the performance plan it is necessary for us to start the plan on time so that the target which is set in the plan can be achieved on time. As in performance plan every group member will assigned by the task so he/she have to do in time limit which is set during preparing the performance plan. In performance plan it is mandatory for all the group members to achieve its target so that the group will attain its objective. If any worker will not doing work properly he/she is replaced by other and he/she will be blacklisted for next few tasks. A copy of performance plan is given to the every member of the group if they have any problem regarding its work. No disputes should be there in the group members every group member will help each other to attain the objective of the group. If every individual perform in perfect manner then it increase the efficiency of group.

Task 3

Assessment Task 3

1. Consult with your manager (your assessor) to discuss issues and corrective actions.

Now we have to talk with manager regarding the performance of the group. Level of completion of work and issues in doing the task in the group. Our group is facing some technical issues and some financial problems. We are unable to fix the issues regarding designing of the website. The web page is crashed automatically while designing it. So the manager should consult with an expert in web designing to solve the problem ASAP. Otherwise it will be big problem to the customers also because they are unable to us it properly and hard to search the product which they want. And the financial problem regarding the setting of server room to manage the website and follows up the customer to update them for new offers. And our group is facing the problem regarding the skill group members because we have only limited skill members in the group so due to it there is slow in the process of doing task and it is not done in proper manner also. So replace some members with other new person which will help in task.

2. Meet with your team to resolve team performance issues and to implement corrective actions.

We have to talk with our team members and take his/her thoughts to solve the problem ASAP. We can consult an expert so that he/she will give advice to us which will help us in present and in future also. While designing the website we have to keep in mind that in near future there will increase in the number of users in online shopping. So we have to design web page according to it and back up of the website when it shall crash or hanged due to the many users at one time. Because this is now common problem faced by all the e-commerce businesses. We should have a backup for every problem which can be in near future. We will select the new person according to our work and his/her qualification because then we will give task in the group according to it and his/her capability will help us in completion of task effectively and efficiently. We can solve the financial problem by setting the limited resources in the server room so that we can start our online business on time and when we have fund we will upgrade our server room. But to meet the limited resources we should try to cut the cost of other activities.

3. Write a report to your manager describing the corrective action you have taken to resolve the performance issues. Explain the rationale behind your actions.

Manager Sir we are facing some technical issues financial problem and unskilled group members. So our group is going to counter these problems and issues in this manner. Firstly we are going to consult with an expert in web designing because the help and advice of an expert will go to help us in future also. Because in near future there are so many problems which will be faced by us due to excess users, lack of network, website is not updated, slow loading of webpage etc. so an expert will help us in all these issues. For counter the financial problem we are just setting the server room with the limited resources. We will upgrade our server room when we have sufficient fund till then we have to fix the number of users on webpage in one time otherwise the webpage will hanged or crashed then it will be become big problem for us. So we will give access to limited users in one time. Third problem we are facing is that our group has some unskilled members so due to them the process of the whole group is slows down and it will become hard to complete the task on time. So we are replacing the some unskilled group members with some skilled persons. So that we get the speed in the task. And task is done in innovative manner which saves our time and money.

Appendix 3

Third party report



Did the candidate provide you with information from manager?

Y  /  N

What was the information?


Yes candidate provide full information which is given by the manager that is related to the implementation of the performance plan and the duties assigned to the group member should be according to the plan and review of the plan should be done properly on time to increase the effectiveness of the plan.


Did the candidate help you to achieve goals by overcoming issues with achieving activities on performance plan?

Y  /  N


Describe how:


For implementing the performance plan in reality there are always some issues.

Yes the candidate help in solving the issues because we are already prepared for the unexpected issues and the candidate gives full support to solve the problem in innovative way.

Candidate also increases the morale and motivates the group members during the issues so the members were doing their work continuously without any hurdle.


Conclusion –

In this assignment we know that how the group works and how the tasks are assigned to the group members. The duties of the group members should be known to every member of the group so that the whole work will work properly and effectively. Without the bonding in the group members no group will work properly. Every member of the group should respect the other member. If any member is unable to do task then other members of the group should help them. It is good to the group member and to the group. Effectiveness in the group is when the group works in proper manner and no conflicts are there in the group. In apparel brands the group which task is starting the online business of the apparel brands the whole group members are supportive and they help each other. They try to solve the issues with the help of other group members. Skilled and unskilled members are necessary to find out because then it is easy to us evaluate the performance of the group. And unskilled should be replaced by other person who is skilled and he/she will be good for the group. The whole group works according to the performance plan. Then it is easy to review the individual’s task and the level of the progress of the task. So that if any need have changed then it can be done on time which will speed up the working of the group.