BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities Professional Development

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities Professional Development

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities Professional Development

Task 1

Position description

My present role is of the marketing manager of the Thomas cook which is one of the leading tourist companies across the globe.

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities Professional Development

Work plan

Work activity





Person responsible

Effectively use of marketing strategy  

The effort needs to make to use effective promotional technique to build good position in the new market  

To expand the business in new market.

Increase the number of customer by 10% in following two month

Within two month

Marketing manager

Avoid wastage of resources

The effort needs to be made to make optimum utilization of resources

Low cost and optimum quality product

Decrease the cost of production

Within next one month

Production manager and marketing manager


I presently assist the company in stimulating its demand and building good relationship with the customer. The plan of the business is to lead the marketing by satisfying the need of the customer in effective way. The mere concentration of the company is to deliver the quality service to retain the customer for the longer duration. The goal set in the above plan will assist all the staff of the company and provide them direction in attaining organization goals and objective.  The management needs to determine the ways through which company can prevent the wastage of resources which helps in reducing cost of production. The setting of the goals has provided me the direction and standard through which the performance is to be measured. The team goal setting has facilitated the management to make effective utilization of the current resources and guide the team member throughout the process. The goals are set by following the SMART criteria which indicates they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  The management has set the key performance standard against which the performance is to be measured. The company can measure the performance by comparing with the set indicator to attain the desired business goals and objective.  These indicators have helped in effective management of the existing resource and avoid contingency which may affect the performance of the business.  My current strength is effective communication skills and leadership skills which has helped me in building good relationship within the workplace.  Also these skills have helped me in building good relationship with the customer. My current weakness is that I often face difficulty in performing the work in case of huge pressure and adverse situation. During the planning stage I have set certain priorities which are key to organization goals and objective. I have framed proper action plan which has helped in determining the key activity over which focus is to be made. This has also assisted in effective management of time within which the desired task is to be attained.  The work plan has provided direction to all the team members about the process which is to be followed by them. The proper planning will help in creating the balance between various situations and avoid stress.

Task 2

Professional development plan

Professional development opportunity training


Opportunity training

Skills to be developed

1 month

Training for the development of the skills required to serve the customer in the best possible way.

During the period effort needs to be made to build effective communication skills which helps in building good relationship with the customer.

2 month

The training for learning of the different culture to serve the tourist form different part of the world.

During the period efforts are made to learn different culture which assists in attracting the customer and serving them in best possible way.

Meeting notes

To assess my performance the marketing manager needs to meet with the employee of the company and the client which he is serving.  During the meeting certain questions were asked to them to identify the key skills which have improved my performance at the workplace.  The employee of the company provided the information that the more effort needs to be made to communicate with the other team member to lead them in the effective way.  After meeting with the client it was identified that there is always delay in delivering the services on time which is affecting the demand of the company services and creating negative image in the mind of the customer.


It is important to identify my current skills, personal quality and ability which help in building good image among the colleague and the customer of the company.  Assessing my own performance will help in identifying the weakness and the effort to improve them. The current skills can be assessed by identifying your current skill by communicating with others and the effort needs to be made to evaluate yourself under different phase.  You need to identify the training and qualification which I have developed which will help in performing various roles. You also need to highlight the skills which are related to the job which has helped you in performing your existing role. If you are specialized in the particular area than effort needs to made train the other employee in the relevant field.  The other skill which is required at the workplace is problem solving, critical thinking, organization skills, development of the ideas and ability to promote the changes.  The efforts need to be made to review all the jobs which you have performed in the relevant field throughout your life.

The professional development plan has helped in removing the shortfall which was affecting my performance at the workplace. The plan will help in developing the key skills which will increase my performance and helps in serving the customer in the best way. The duration of the plan will help in developing effective communication skills which will help in building good relationship with the other employees and serve the customer in better way.  The plan has helped in obtaining the knowledge about different culture which has helped in serving the customer from all part of the world.  These plans will help in the development of the skills of the marketing manager who plays a huge role in developing the effective relationship with the customer.