BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

1. List and describe 2 leadership qualities that you need to demonstrate in order to serve as a positive role model to others in the workplace

Leadership qualities to serve as a positive role model at workplace are the following-

To have a clear vision

A clear vision towards an organization helps in setting a recognizable brand in this competitive market. Leaders tend to develop and implement a specific plan to achieve success by sharing and gaining support from other employees.

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

To share both success and failure

A dedicated and passionate leader shares both the success and failures with other members as well.  The ability of a leader is to take the complete responsibility in terms of failure and credit others in terms of success.

2. Describe 2 ways that you currently organise your time to meet your daily work and personal activities

Currently I follow two ways to meet daily work and personal activities:

a. I make a list of all the task or activities that needs to be completed on daily basis by using a very simple online list in a detailed format.

b. I set my action plan before starting my work. Breaking a single task into steps helps me to achieve the goals gradually.

3. Provide 3 examples of how you use technology at work and home to manage your time and activities effectively

For managing my time and activities efficiently, I do the following with the mode of technology:

Technology brings creativity and innovative ideas in a small amount of time. By using, the means of social networks communications is at ease in both inside and outside the organization

Technology helps in the process of recruiting and screening of employees. Technology makes my work easy and simple, being HR in my company.

It helps me to track down the productivity and performance of each employee. Productivity of the employees increases because of the awareness of being monitored.

4. What does the acronym SMART mean in terms of setting work, personal goals?

SMART in terms of setting work and personal goal assures one towards achieving the desired goals and serves a clear purpose. SMART goals confirm the following criteria’s- Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Relevant and Timely. This acronym can be used in terms of own expectations and needs as well as attaining success at workplace. For achieving SMART goals, the goals need to be realistic and attainable. Research says employees at workplace gets highly motivated if the desired goal can be acquired at a rate of 50%.

5. What are your long and short-term goals and how are you going to achieve them?

My short term-goal is to take a leadership class or training. To achieve this goal I just need to take out some time from busy schedule and give my best towards its completion.

My long term-goal is to set up my own business firm. In order to achieve this goal I have to consider the following:

1. Working backwards by planning every steps

2. Creating a picture of what I can be in the next 10 years

3. Making a list of what I can in the next five years, in two years, in a year and in each month

4. After the completion of each monthly goal, adjustments of goals are to be done as desired

6. List some strategies that you use to monitor the progress of you achieving your goals

Methods I prefer for achieving the desired goals-

1. To check my daily progress I prefer a tool named iDonethis or the “Seinfield strategy” that helps me to track down the daily progress towards my goal

2. To track down my weekly goals I meet few peoples like me at dinner and we discuss all the work details amongst each other which is indeed motivating

3. I do a checklist of all the activities that I have completed in a month and what things I need to develop the next month for monthly progress

7. List 3 sources where you could access information to support your own professional development 

Professional development can be achieved from the following combination:

1. Performance and appraisal reviews

2.Employee development needs analysis

3. Employee development and review

8. What is the meaning of work-life balance to you?

Work-life balance is an essential concept, which includes appropriate prioritizing between lifestyle (family, leisure, health, etc.) and work (ambition and career). For me both the factors are quite essential as one depends on the other. My work and lifestyle moves parallel with each other. I do not prioritize a single fact, whenever work needs its priority, I give my best to it and whenever my lifestyle needs priority, and I give my best to it as well.

9. Write one SMART goal for each of the categories below with the aim of achieving a better work-life balance. 

a. Work goals

b. Personal goals


SMART work goals:

S- Specific

Expect the employees to deliver or do the work in time

M- Measurable

Identify the quality, quantity or cost of a project

A- Attainable

Completion of the desired goal with the skills and abilities of every employees


Ensuring the goal is quite practical and doable by the employees

T- Time-bound

Specification of limited time to achieve the goal

SMART personal goals:

S- Specific

Using action words like organize, direct, lead, etc. to specify and address what needs to be done

M- Measurable

To track down the progress, establish specific milestones and criteria

A- Attainable

Reasonable goals must be implemented so that it can be achieved


Have the self confidence and the talent to achieve the desired goal

T- Time-bound

Setting up realistic but challenging timeframes to enhance urgency

10. Go to the following link and check your learning style.

Take a moment to reflect on the results. 

a. Is it accurate? 
Yes, it is accurate.

b. What is the best way for you to learn new things?
The best way for me to learn new things is through written or reading learning style.

c. Describe ways that your learning style might affect your work.
My learning style provides detailed information about the desired goal, which assists other employees at work. Written information is quite effective at both work and personal life as it gives a concrete knowledge to achieve the goal.