BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

Task: 1

Three Policy option Summaries

Tiny Opera Company operates in a rural NSW Town. The Company vision is to create a theatre accessible to community. Company has provided the safe and clean environment in its theatre. Company has also installed dishwater in its room which is a major step of Company to the sustainability business.

BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

As per the legislative requirements there are various acts such as environment protection act, 1999 and other legislation protecting ozone and synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act, 1989. As per the case Company can include atmosphere protection, prevention of degradation of land and sustainable development in all the activities of business.

Company can have other sustainable development options such as providing a friendly musicals, drama, comedy and pantomine which can promote the society and can contribute to environment. Company can also include in its policy for the adjustment of light and sound level to decrease the sound pollution and promote sustainable development. A relaxed performance medium should be adopted in theatres by the Company to promote public awareness. This will also promote the greater understanding of the autism. This can be implemented by engaging with local network. Company can also include collaboration techniques in its policy to implement the relaxed performance in its strategies. This responsibility should be given to the entire department. Company should promote light and healthy music in theatres for preventing any harm to public. The adjustment and changes in the light level should be as per the requirement of the audience.

Practice models for review informing sustainability policy

The review on the Company’s performance will be made by evaluating the ratio of audience and overall development of theatre. The models will be use of scholars, stenographers’ and architect and exhibition.  

Strategies promoting awareness of the sustainability report

Company will promote more of its policy by including the acts in theatre. The policy of the Company will be promoted by staffs of the Company. These medium of promotion of the policy will aware the audience and enhance the possibility of the implementation.

Strategies for maximising the impact of policy

Company will focus more on promoting its policies rather forcing the staff to implement the same. Company will aware the audience by discussing on the enormous benefits of protecting environment and sustainable development.


Training will be provided to the staff of theatres. This training will aim to provide the ways of including more social causes which are taking place in the recently. This will attract the audience and will increase the more probability of retaining the audience.


Marketing will be done via using the emails and inclusion of the dramas and acts in the theatres. The promotion of policy will also be made by increasing the connectivity on the social sites such as twitter, facebook and instagram.

Stakeholder engagement

Company will engage shareholders by distributing the policy to them physically.

Final Version of the sustainability policy

The sustainability policy of the Company will be more focusing on the improvement of the environment condition to ensure the sustainable development.

Developing a sustainability policy for Tiny Opera Company’s commitment to sustainability

Sustainability Policy

Tiny Opera Company is Company involve in developing theatre and wonder in entertainment. Company has implemented various plans including painting internal walls, installing wall mounted radiators and dressing rooms. The Company policy will include friendly music instruments, drama, and training to 100 theatre staff. Training to the staff will be provided on the cast, box office, bar and ushers. This will provide a way to engage with the potential audience. The policy of the Company will also include increase in connectivity with the audience by improving the theatre performance and including more talents. Company will create a chill out areas for audience to make them more comfortable in enjoying the theatres.

Company will promote environment responsibility by including greenery in its musical instruments, water and food facility, dressing rooms, kitchen, break room and food counter. It will also follow more the electronic system of providing tickets on theatre. Company will also arrange for waste management and tobacco smoke controls facility in its theatre. Company will also include a control on resources used in the theatre.

As a part of society and a good corporate citizen, Company will also include an open dialogue with the audience on each theatre performance evaluate the changes and improvement required in each theatre.

Task: 2

Appendix 2

Implementation plan

Implementation plan



  • Reduction of the energy use.
  • Sustainability of environment.
  • Engage in various activities to save the environment.
  • Recording accurate records.

Action required

Associated target




Planning for objectives

Reduction of electricity by 2%

Human resources

1 months

Mr. John Gilbert.

Organizing the resources for sustainability.

Reduction of wastage of water by 2%.

Human resources and financial resources.

2 months

Ms. Elena GIL. 

Providing training to the employees

Engaging staff in the working of the organization. 

Human resources.

2 months

Mr. James Demal.

Recording of data

Recording on the monthly basis.

Human and financial resources

5 months

Mr. Joey Tribal

Monitoring the working

By inspiring the audiences in an effective and efficient manner.

Human and financial resources.

2 months.

Mr. James Tribal.

Controlling the working

By recording and daily supervisions

Human resources.

5 months

Ms. Monica Ross.

Communication of staff members

By setting the intranet communication system

Human and financial resources.

2 months

Mr. Ross Filal

Evaluation of working

By comparing with actual targets.

Human and financial resources.

3 months

Mr. Ross Bing.

Monitoring strategy

Description of the objectives

Key performance indicators or Metrix

Baseline (Previous year)


Data collection methods

Reduction of the energy use.

Through the electricity bill.


To reduce the energy level to the use of 2 % per annum.

Primary as well as secondary data collection method. Survey is conducted in an effective manner.

Sustainability of environment.

Suitability report as well as the budget of the business to expand the income on such aspects.


Reduction of the use of landfill waste along with the use of recycling and the reuse.

Primary as well as secondary data collection method.

Engage in various activities to save the environment.

Corporate social responsibility report, as well as campaign associated with it.


Provide necessary training to the employees in relation to it.

Secondary data collection method using the literature reviews. 

Recording accurate records.

Record of the data at various places.


Recording of the data on the monthly basis.

Primary data are collected from the sources where there is proper recording is taken into account effectively.

Monitoring strategy

Slide: 2 this slide is the introductory slide explaining the importance of the attainment of sustainability targets. The slide specifies the training requirements of the staff in concern to the attainment of sustainability in business.

Monitoring strategy

Slide: 3 this slide identifies the sustainability targets of Sydney Opera House.

Monitoring strategy

Slide: 4the slide presents the initiatives taken by the Sydney Opera House for the purpose of reducing the use of energy in the operations of the organization. There are several methods determined for the accomplishment of the objectives.

Monitoring strategy

Slide: 5 the slides specifies the initiatives taken by the organization for the establishment and development of environmental sustainability. Elimination of the use of harmful chemicals and reduction in the waste of water can help the organization to initiate for the betterment of the environment.

Monitoring strategy

Slide: 6 in this slide, the initiatives which are required to engage the staff and inspire the employees of Sydney Opera House for the fulfillment of the sustainability targets has been described.

Monitoring strategy

Slide: 7 the slide concludes that the effective training workshops being provided to the employees of Sydney Opera House are important to enhance the sustainability in the organization. Various steps can be taken in this concern and sustainability targets can be achieved effectively and efficiently.

Task 3


In the below report different aspects such as review of implementation plan and monitoring strategy get discussed. It became very important to review the plans so that any gap or discrepancy get identified at the initial level and help in resolving it. Implementation plan is that plan that helps in implementing the strategy prepared by the management in order to attain the sustainable targets. With this monitoring strategy help them in monitoring the activities performed by them so that they process the implementation plan accordingly and attain their set targets.

Review of implementation strategy

In the implementation strategy the major focus is over the reduction of the miss-utilisation of the electricity in the Sydney Opera House. There are various aspects that get followed in order to reduce the usage of the electricity. The foremost factor is the unnecessary utilisation of the lights in the Green rooms by the performers. As they leave the lights on while going out. As per the implementation strategy they left the green room by switching off. If they find anyone guilt then they can charge fine over them. Their second motive is to minimise the use of the gas as it increase their cost unnecessarily. During the show the crew member make inadequate use of the gas but sometimes it can be avoided. So as per the implementation plan they limit down the usage of the gas quantity in order to reduce its utilisation.

Another motive in implementation plan is to safeguard the environment and for this purpose they are highly focused over minimum utilisation of the water and other limited resources. With the help of the show they also communicate the message to safeguard the environment from getting polluted and minimise the usage of non-renewable resources. They must focus over making minimum utilisation of the toxic material that helps in saving environment from getting harmed. They focused over increasing the usage of the re-cycling and re-usable products that reduce the pollution within the environment.

Their ultimate motive is to record the resources utilised and also render adequate set of training that helps in reducing pollution and increase the maximum utilisation of the re-usable resources.

In order to implement the plan it is highly required that their employees make effective and active participation because in the absence of this they are not able to execute their plans accordingly and attain their results.

For the purpose of monitoring over the implementation plan their management prepare a team that helps in implementing the activities in systematic manner. The team members are highly focused over the set activities that need to be performed by every employee. They are authorised to put fine or penalise them if anyone of them is not following the activities mentioned in their implementation plan.

As per their target they need to minimise the usage of the electricity by 2% in the whole year and for this purpose they need to strictly follow their implementation plan. As per their plan they need to switch off the lights of green room when it didn’t get utilised. Further they need to install the system that automatically switches off the Air Conditioner if they forget to switch off it after working hours. The non-renewable resources like water can be utilised minimum so that wastage can be reduced. With the help of the show they also focused over giving message to the others in context to minimise the usage of the toxic waste and other harmful materials that damage the environment. The employees need to manage the food stuff and other renewable resources.

The team is also liable to maintain a proper record of the resources utilised on the monthly basis that helps in meeting their set sustainable target. The recording of resource utilisation helps in setting goals for the upcoming month and with the help of it they attain their set objectives.


In the end it get concluded that with the help of the monitoring team the implementation plan is effectively implemented and helps in getting the set sustainable targets. If the implementation plan is implemented effectively then they attain their sustainable targets.