BSBPMG522A Undertake Project Work Paper Editing Services

BSBPMG522A Undertake Project Work Assignment Help

BSBPMG522A Undertake Project Work Paper Editing Services

Business of administration

Part B – short Answer Question

Solution 1- There are varieties of factors which are creating impact on the timeframe of a project. These factors include availability of the resources for the execution of the project, deadline of the project, experience of the teams who are performing the different activities of the project, communication process adopted for the sharing of information and purpose of the project. All these aspects need to be analysed in an effective manner for enhancing the chances of successful completion of the project.

Solution2- Project administration is concerned with the management of the project and activities in an effective manner for the attainment of the goals decided. Different key legislatives and ethical requirements need to be considered during the execution of a project. Motive behind formulation of these key legislatives is to conduct the activities within the legal and ethical framework. These key legislatives are mentioned below:

1.Discrimination act 1991

2.Human rights commission act 2005

3.Privacy act 1988

4.Freedom of information act 1982

5.Public service act 1999

Solution 3-Your project will have a target completion date. However, it may not be possible for you to always meet the timeline or target. What are the factors that affect scheduled time-lines?

Completion of the project within the timeframe decided is an important aspect which helps in maintaining the level of effectiveness of the project and attainment of the objectives of the project. Various factors affect the execution process of the project which results in delay in the completion of the project. These factors include complexity of the activities of the project, technical issues, modifications or changes in the project plan, unexpected events such as accidents, environmental factors and economic factors or shortage of funds.

Solution 4- A project will have a budget for keeping track of the milestones achieved and resources spent. How project budget is monitored?

Project budgets are framed with a motive to estimate the resources involved in the project so as to avoid the future complications during the execution process of the projects. These project budgets need to be monitored on regular basis for ensuring that the budgets planning are prepared in an effective manner. Various techniques are available for monitoring the project budgets and these monitoring techniques include forecasting, performance reviews, variance analysis, earned value management and to-complete performance index.

BSBPMG522A Undertake Project Work Assignment Help

Solution 5-  For the completion of a project, various activities are executed. These activities are responsible for the effective completion of the project. These activities or steps need to be followed in proper manner for the completion of the project. These activities include identification of the project completion criteria, listing the outstanding activities of the project, analysing the execution of the project as per the plans formulated, analysing the availability of the resources during the execution of the project and communication of the closure of the project.

Solution 6- Team-members need to be involved in all the activities of the project starting from the formulation of plan and till the completion of the last activity of the project. This enhances the satisfaction level of the team members and results in enhancement in the level of effectiveness in the completion of the project. Approval need to be taken for the completion of the project plan is a crucial aspect as it helps in analysing the effectiveness of the project plan and accuracy of the plans.

Solution7- Records need to be maintained related to the different aspects such as activities, resources of the project. This is done with a motive to ensure that all the activities are performed in an effective manner by utilising the resources available in an effective manner. Records need to be maintained of the different aspects and these aspects are mentioned below:

1.Records of the resources such as financial resources, human resources, time.

2.Record of the activities and the stage till it is completed.

3.Record of the budget

4.Record of the person responsible for performing the activity.

Solution 8- While setting up a monitoring and reporting arrangement there is a need to consider various elements. These elements are responsible for the purpose of monitoring of the project in an effective manner. These essential elements include resource availability, plans for the manner in which monitoring and reporting will be done, timeframe within which monitoring and reporting need to be done, identification of the aspects which need to be monitored and reported and allocation of the tasks to the individuals.

Part B- short answer question

Solution 1- Give any two examples of documents that can be used by the following departments of business organisation?

a) Sales: sales budgets are used by the sales department for analysing the trend of sales of the business. Another document used by the sales department is invoices which are the bills issues to the customers.

b) Finance and accounting: one of the most important document which is required by finance and accounting is budgets. Another document is financial statements which include income and expenditure and balance sheets.

c) Production: ledgers are required by the production department so as to ensure the availability of the raw material required or the resources required. Another document is route sheet which provide information and instruction.

d) Purchasing: invoices of the resources purchased or procured is an important document which is required by the purchasing department. Another document is purchase order.

Solution 2- Document management standards and style guide are important for conducting every activity. These are responsible for guiding the activities in an effective manner. Document management standards set standards according to which all the activities need to be carried out in a proper and legal manner. Style guides set the manner in which the activities need to be executed.

Solution 3- Organisational requirements are required to be addressed in an effective manner for ensuring that the operations are conducted in an effective manner. Document standards provide guide for the manner in which the operations of the organisation need to be carried out. For example: for the preparation of the financial statements, specific standards have been set and these financial statements need to be presented in the manner in which specified in the document.

Solution 4-

Type of document

Business equipment / software

A hard – copy version of a report containing text and financial statements. Some of the information for the report is only available in hard copy and some alternatives still need to be made.


An e-newsletter, including text and paragraphs, also includes statistical information extracted from client details.

Computer and software

A proposal to another organisation, to be presented in the boardroom by your manager to the organisation’s owner. Your manager requires some notes in hard copy.

Mailing equipment

A database of client information.

Computer network and internet connection

Solution 5- File naming and storing protocol are important for every business as it permits the business to name the file by providing instructions to the business. It is important for business as it helps in organising the data and files in a proper manner and the data or files can be used or retrieved as per the requirement of the business. Storing protocol provides guidance and instruction for storing the information in a proper manner.

Solution 6- Document template is a document or file which is used as a starting point for a new document which contains some details in it and can be adapted i.e. added, detached or altered, differently either by hand or by an automatic process. After the template is completed, the client can edit, protect and manage the outcome as a familiar word processing document.

Reasons for using a template are mentioned as below:

1.Build a form safe group class that can work on data of any type.

2.Add additional type testing analysis for tasks that would otherwise take void pointers.

3.Sum upsets of operator overrides to transform type behavior.

Solution 7-Readability is the simplicity of the document with which a reader can properly understand a written text. Following are the steps that need to be taken into concern to develop the readability of the document:

1.The language used in the document should not be very typical and should be easily understand by everyone.

2.Writing style of the document or file must be simple.

3.Color, pattern sequence should be used in an appropriate manner.

Solution 8- User testing is helpful because its main objective is to focus on genuine behavior patterns and design results as opposed to only depend on the assumptions and prescribed solutions by clients. So it is also important for the below given reasons:

1.There are lot of assumptions made by clients about what is: useful, learnable for their users.

2.It is difficult to recognize the wants, needs of your users while designing from within a vacuum.

Solution 9- Stakeholders are the people who are the legal owner of some of the part of the organization and who are appointed for the maximization of revenue. They are the people who have complete right on the asset or document of the company.

Solution 10- While developing a design and production for the documents we should consider their purpose and their function both. Designing a style and features of document are the main task of document design. Proper layout and Adding styles and page elements to the document or we can say file is of great importance.

Solution 11- Word processing package is a database that is needed to come up corporate files or documents and is used to influence document and apply a basic design to the page. The best example of this is micro soft word. They help to ascertain files and documents worked by several users. Documents are in digital form there is no need to type on page and they help in turning the page into web page.

Part 1- Short answer question

Solution 1-A brochure is an explanatory paper article mainly used for promotion which can be folded into a template, booklet. They are advertisement document which is used for the publicity of the material.

They include so much information in it like purpose of the material, to give the information about the product so that the consumer can get aware about the material, where it is available and so on are listed in the brochures.

Solution 2-After sending the press release to various newspaper, radio, and TV station the next step is to identify the group which are responded to the issue which will be part of the conference.  The next step is to identify the member who will be attending the conference and what will be their part of interest.

Solution3- Conference is a formal meeting which is held to discuss the business matters of the company. Targeted participants to whom the brochures are to be sent to promote the conference will be decided through the documents and mails and from the company’s public relation with other company. To the people to whom the company’s interaction is very good and the people who are the directors and managers of the company are targeted for the conference.

Solution4- It is of utmost important part to send speaker’s abstracts and biographical details to delegates before the conference so that they can get aware about the topics to be discussed in the conference and can come by preparing the solution of the problem which is faced by the organization. By sending the speaker ‘abstract and biographical detail all the people coming in the conference can help in every discussion and can give their opinions about the problem and tell the people who are going to attend the conference that what are the problems going on in the company.

Solution5- It is very important to request written quotes from providers of services because of the below two reasons:

  1. It gets easy to understand about the product by every consumer.
  2. Full description of the product will help the customer to understand more about the product as compared to giving picture in the description.

Solution 6- Following are the things which are to be considered while organising a catering for a conference:

1.Local Flavor: there must be the local element of the place which must be present in the catering of conference

2.Hearty and Healthy: catering must be healthy and contains a balanced diet.

3.Fun finger foods: The best catering can be decided by the taste of the food. So it’s so much necessary to have fun finger food.

4.Sweet and Savory: Without desert a proper food is not completed so it’s necessary to keep sweet in the food item.

Solution7- Arrangements for a conference that could not be confirmed with the provider of the services until the total number of people is not decided are as follows:

1.Sitting arrangement

2.Area of the place

3.Catering facility

4.Availability of basic needs

5.Staff needed for receiving the guest

6.Transport facility for picking and dropping the guest from the place where they are staying to the venue where the conference is going to held

Solution 8– the Contingency arrangement in relation to conference is referred as arrangement which helps in avoiding unknown issues which arises at the time of conference and acts as the obstacle in delivering the quality outcome. The major contingency which arises during the conference is failure of the equipment and the failure of the activity as per the set plan. The other issue are guest speaker fail, venue fail, and attendee failure which needs to avoided conducting the conference in effective way.

Solution 9- The publishing of the conference paper and distributing them among the delegates helps in communicating the key issue which are to be discussed during the conference. This helps in avoiding the complexity which arises at the time of conference and attain the desired outcome from the conference. The publishing of the conference paper helps the member to prepare over the issue which are discussed during the conference.

Solution 10-The recording of the presentation of the speaker helps in communicating skills the outcome of the conference to those who cannot be the part of the conference but are related to the issue which was discussed during the conference. It also helps in referencing is the similar situation occurs in future. The presentation made by the speaker also can be used to motivate the employee towards the work and attaining desired goals and objective.  Also it can also be acted as the legal evidence if certain problem arises at the time of the conference.

Part B case study question-

Urgent & important- preparing of agenda, answering customer call

Urgent & not important- buying more toilet paper

Not urgent & important-restocking the stationary, ordering more photocopy paper, archiving the files, list of items

Not urgent & not important –buying new soap

Part c- short answer question

Solution 1

Organization goals- It is the strategic objective which the management sets to outline the expected outcome which are founded in organization mission and vision and communicate the general purpose of the organization. It helps in guiding the existing resources of the company to improve the company position in the market.

Individual goals- It is the desired outcome and result which the individual envisions and plans the working to achieve them. The individual needs to align the individual goals with the organization goals so that he can easily grow his career.

Solutions 2- The personal goals can be align with the organization goals by educating the employee about the connection between company success and their goals. Also the effort needs to be made to make the goal simple and ask the employee the way their goals differ from that of organization. Also the employee need to uncertain value and creating incentive for the purpose of achieving goals. Also the continuous process needs to be used to inform strategic and department plan.

Solution 3– to set the goal following the SMART criteria one needs to needs to set each goal as the positive statement and be precise at the time of setting goals. Also the effort needs to be made the set the priorities which are key for the attainment of the desired goals and helps in denoting much time to key areas. The set goals need to be written down and keep operating over the goals. Also the effort needs to be made to set the performance goals instead of outcome goals. To attain the SMART criteria goals needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Solution 4-The individual initiative is the key decision which the individual makes at the workplace and the way it affect the personal goals of the individual. To develop the initiative the individual needs to set the plan and show courage and strong sense to avoid the fear that other will disagree with your action and suggestion. The effort needs to be made to spot out the potential opportunity and improvement which improves helps in promoting career growth. The effort needs to be made to build rational persistence and find balance between the activities.

Solution 5- The priority matrix is the time management software application which helps in increasing accountability within the team and providing more access to team activity to the manager. The matrix helps in prioritize complex issues and provide easy way to evaluate the option. It helps in taking out emotion from the process and quantifies the decision with numerical ranking.  It also helps in adapting to the setting needs and facilitates reaching agreement over the key issues.

Solution 6- Thetechnology is defined as application of the scientific knowledge to identify the way through which the particular work can be performed with ease.  The technology which are used at the workplace are-

1.Ambient knowledge

2.Read analytic

3.Production studio

4.Immersive technology

5.My personal cloud

6.My digital university

Solution 7- The technology plays a huge role in improving the way activity are performed at the workplace and also helps in controlling the wastage of resources. The technology which are required to install the technology at the workplace are-

The computer require many software which helps in processing information which increase efficiency at the workplace

These systems also required electricity to run its operation

The expert knowledge is also required to work over the system

The necessary hardware are required to install the system

Solution 8- professional competence is the knowledge attitude and skill which are required at the workplace to perform the entire task with efficiency. The competency standard helps the employee in measuring the performance with the set standard to improve the career opportunity. This helps the individual to improve their outcome at the workplace.

Solution 9The feedback are the responses of the users about the product and service which helps in making future improvement. There are three types of feedback which are positive negative and constructive.  The various sources through which feedback is obtained are customer, sales, support, development and executive.

Solution- 10The various forms of professional development program are as follows

Professional development

Management and supervision development

Technology development

Workshop development