BSBPMG522 Develop Project Management Skills Proof Reading Service

BSBPMG522 Develop Project Management Skills Assignment Help

BSBPMG522 Develop Project Management Skills Proof Reading Service

Task 3 Finalize and review project

Budget variation report for sign off

The estimated budget for the activities conducted in Max Lionel Realty for the program initiated in order to inform about the ethical obligations and professional conduct.

BSBPMG522 Develop Project Management Skills Assignment Help



Estimated Budget

Actual Budget


Access to the room to conduct the seminar

$ 600



Purchase of computers and other technical devices to better communicate in seminar




Installation of required software in computers




Printing of templates, promotional posters




The estimated budget for the event in which the Max Lionel Realty will communicate with the agents WHS and the anti-discrimination legislation. The ethical and legal obligations are communicated in the seminar conducted by Max Lionel Realty. For the purpose of which, the budget has been prepared with the estimated amount of $15000. There were variances in the estimated budget and the actual budget by $ 270. Max Lionel should plan the budget in an effective manner and the finance manager is required to take the necessary initiatives to control the costs of the resources required (Lidia, 2014).

Signed role descriptions for sign off                                                   

For the seminar conducted in Max Lionel Realty, there are several roles and responsibilities have been assigned to various individuals in the organization. Members of the project team members will be allocated the roles for the assigned tasks. There are various authorized persons in the organization who are assigned the tasks along with the timeframe in which the activities are to be performed.




Planning for the event

Operations general manager

2 weeks

Raising the funds for the event

Project sponsor

3 weeks

Purchasing the computers and installing required software

Technical experts

1 week

Conducting the seminar on ethics

Experts on the subject

1 week

Evaluation of the plan

Quality assurer

2 weeks

Handover report

The handover report for the project undertaken by Max Lionel Realty being presented to the project sponsor.

Handover report

Project name

Seminar on ethics and obligations

Handed over by

Project team of Max Lionel Realty

Taken over by

XYZ (Project sponsor)

Subject for handover

Project report on the seminar conducted on ethics and obligations

Method for handover

Delivered to XYZ, the project sponsor through email

Signature sheet

Representative authorized to hand over the project



Representative authorized to accept the project handover report



Post-project review report

The operational general manager of Max Lionel Realty initiated a project to conduct the seminar with regard to the understanding of the ethics and legal obligations that are required to be followed by the organization. In order to promote the professional standards and effective code of conduct and the applicable relevant legislations, a seminar has been conducted by the project team. The budget that was estimated was $15000. Variances were found in a comparison of the estimated budget with the actual budget. The roles and responsibilities have also been assigned to the authorities according to the tasks allocated. The timeframe has been recorded for the particular tasks in which the activities have to be performed. The seminar was conducted on the ethical and legal obligations and experts on the subject presented the information in an effective manner. The advanced software was used in order to establish a better understanding of the professional code of conducts for the organization. In future, Max Lionel Realty conduct more seminars with regards to the communication on the matters concerning ethics and professional conducts. The project has been completed successfully and the presentation taken by the experts in the seminar has developed the understanding of the ethical requirements. The objectives determined for the project regarding the seminar have been accomplished (Narbaev & Marco, 2014).


Lidia, T., 2014, “Difficulties of the budgeting process and factors leading to the decision to implement this management tool”, Emerging markets queries in finance and business, pp. 466-473

Narbaev, T., & Marco, A., 2014, “International Journal of Project Management”, Research gate, pp. 1-14