BSBMKG603 Manage the Marketing Process Proof Reading Services

BSBMKG603 Manage the Marketing Process Assignment Help

BSBMKG603 Manage the Marketing Process Proof Reading Services


This report discusses about the marketing management of the company named Houzit. It is the company that deals with the houseware products in Brisbane region. The report focuses on description of the marketing activities and its alignment with the organizational objectives. It provides the idea of the company’s KPIs and the plan of marketing to achieve the KPI targets.

BSBMKG603 Manage the Marketing Process Assignment Help

Marketing activities:

There are different marketing activities that has been conducted by the company called Houzit in order to make the people aware about the brand and the products.(Cobos, Wang and Okumus, 2009)The main three activities that has been conducted by the organization are:

Magazine advertising and PR:According to the analysis, it has been identified that many leading magazines that supports the advertising of the home wares are facilitating the home ware companies with the advertising space in their magazines.

Web based advertising:Web based advertising allow the company to put the visual advertisement on the home page of the website and alos includes the PR articles on the content of the web page of the company’s website.(Du Plessis, Strydom and Jooste, 2012)

In-store advertising:In store advertising helps the company to display the visual advertisements in the stores along with the featured products that attracts the customers in more number.

The above three marketing activities shows that the company has the potential to market its products in different ways and the company is focusing on managing these activities very well.

Integration of organizational activities:

The marketing activities that are conducted by the organization are aligned in such a way so that they can be integrated with the organizational activities and the objectives.(Johansson et al., 2011)The activities like PR, web based advertising, magazine advertising etc. helps in achieving the organizational objectives such as increasing the sales volume of the company and increase in the market share by 8.5%. magazine advertising helps in increasing the customer base of the company by making most of the people aware about the products. Web based advertising is one of the best way to increase the market share as most of the people now a day focuses on online advertisements.

Monitor progress:

The products that have been marketed by the company are house ware products. The company is using some of the marketing activities such as web based marketing or advertising, in-store promotion etc. According to the market condition related to pricing, the strong position of the Australian Dollar leads to cheaper imports and thus pit the pressure of the local suppliers to decrease their prices. This affect the pricing of the houseware products by the companies. Economy pricing is the strategy that can be used to price the products.(Winer and Dhar, 2014)

Distribution and pricing:

According to the study, it has been analyzed that the distribution of the products is done by the stores only but according to the changes in the market it has been recommended to the company that it should alos allow the customers to make orders and payments for the products online from the website of the company or the store. The pricing strategy shoule be economy pricing. This is because the changes in the strength of the Australian Dollar results in cheap imports that put pressure on the local suppliers to match the prices with the imported products that are cheap. To monitor the distribution and the pricing of the products over time, the company has to keep the records of the competitor’s strategies as well as the market conditions.





Market share


Market share can be measured by measuring and identifying the competitor’s environment analysis and the industry analysis.

Increase in Sales

Increase by 8.5%

Increase in sales can be measured by matching the sales records of the previous year with the preset year. Matching of the records help in determining the gap or the increase in the sale from the last year.(Sheehan, 2011)

New sales generated

By 15%

New sales generated cam be measured by observing the market and keeping the records of the new customers and the new market where the sales have been generated.


Marketing activity

Personal responsible


In store marketing


I am the one who is responsible for maintaining the marketing activities inside the store. I have to display the visual ads in the store that are associated with the features products so that it can attract the key customers

Web based marketing


Tony is the one who is responsible for managing the marketing activities on web with the help of search engine optimization. He alos designs the webpage of the company that helps in displaying the visual ads on the webpage.



Marie is responsible for managing the marketing activities through PR. The magazine advertising is the best activity conducted by the organization


Houzit is the company that focuses on three types of marketing activities such as web based marketing, in store marketing and PR.(Johansson et al., 2011)It has been recommended to the company by the consultancy that it should alos allow the customers to pay and order the products online so that customer base of the company can be increased and the company can achieve its marketing objectives.


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