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BSBMKG502 Establish and Adjust Marketing Editing Service


The main purpose of the report is to examine and analyze the marketing mix of the brand Oppo Electronics Company, the Chinese company who is involved in the production of the Oppo smartphones ( 2018). The firm is a consumer electronics organization who is largely involved in the mobile communications, primarily the smartphones and with a considerable market share in other electronic devices as well. The firm has its headquarters in Dongguan, China and the founder is Tony Chen. The company was found in the year 2004 (Pavlou & Stewart 2015). The report aims to look into the company`s marketing strategy which has gone a long way in ensuring the success of the firm and ensured them a considerable market share. The marketing mix shall analyze the product, price, place and promotion.


The method which is used for the report is based on secondary research. In order to examine the marketing mix of the Oppo firm will be examined using various annual reports, journal articles, books and the company website. Moreover, various media reports and other press releases shall also be used.

Case study of Oppo

This section of the report will be analyzing the marketing mix of the Oppo smartphones.

4.1. Product

The product can be described as the physical offering which is made by the organization. Oppo has built a strong reputation of the product it offers and offers a large variety of smartphones, headphones, blue ray players and the amplifiers as a part of its portfolio ( 2018). The smartphone division of the product targets the young customers with its slim design and suitable features like cameras and dual selfies. Moreover, Oppo has taken various measures to differentiate the products by communicating itself as a selfie expert which is the latest trend in the market ( 2018). The reason why the products have been popular have been due to extensive product research. The other product portfolios have been marketing under the firms Digital division.

4.2. Price

The company uses various pricing strategies in order to ensure that it is able to serve the lower segment of the consumers as well as the higher ( 2018). However, in lieu of a competitor strategy, the firm has kept the price of its products comparatively lower than competitors like LG, Apple and Samsung ( 2018). Hence, the pricing strategy of Oppo can be stated to be one of the penetration pricing strategy to gain a larger market (Sulaiman & Syahrivar 2018). In North America, the Oppo company has targeted its headphones to the higher segment of the market priced at $399. For the developing countries the pricing range is quite low ( 2018). Hence, the smart phone division targets the lower segment while the Digital serves the higher segment of the market.

4.3. Place

At present the Oppo smartphones brand has its presence in a large number of countries like the South Asian counties named Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines Thailand, India and Indonesia with the product features slightly altered with respect to the needs of the regions ( 2018). With respect to its distribution strategy, the firm does not rely on traditional retail stores to sell to the customers but has an experience store regime in different locations whereby the customers can get an experience of the product and look out for the charging, Wifi, software upgrade and other strategies (Huang & Sarigöllü 2014). The firm also sells its goods to various countries like USA, Canada and Mexico as well through its e-commerce and online stores.

4.4. Promotion

The promotion motto which has been adopted by Oppo is largely based on the global brand concept whereby the company considers its public relations strategy and uses a geolocalized strategy in order to promote its products in the global marketwhereby it makes use of various local brand promotion techniques and local talents for its endorsements (Malhotra & Peterson 2014). For instance, in India, the brand sponsors the Indian national team and is also an official partner of the Spanish football team in Barcelona (Foxall 2014). The marketing communication which are used by the brand are varied in nature as well. However, a point to be noted is that the brand does not rely on an aggressive marketing strategy and targets a niche segment of customers.


Therefore, from the given analysis, it can be stated that Oppo Corporations has followed a consistent strategy throughout its inception. A commendable point can be made here which states that Oppo has been a brand which targets a particular customer base and ensures that its products have the latest features but at a considerable cost as compared to its competitors. The report identified the marketing mix of Oppo which helped in the analysis of its Marketing strategy.


After the analysis, it can be recommended to Oppo that as it has attained considerable success in the smartphone and other related strategies, the organization can try and utilize its resources in order to reach out in the computer and laptop segment as well and create a niche market for itself.


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