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BSBMKG502 Establish and Adjust Marketing Mix Editing Service


The Eli electric car is a series of electric vehicles that are small and are of low speed. They are designed to travel for short distances like around a suburban community or within a particular city. So far, in the market, Eli vehicles are small and filled with golf carts. This company, however, intends to have the vehicles to accompany a car-like utility in that it incorporates safety, and comfort. Some of the features of the vehicle includes:

1.The availability of a proximity key
2.Availability of a start to heat push-button
3.Presence of an air conditioning system
4.Presence of a Bluetooth stereo

Generally, the vehicle provides a car-like experience compared to other modified golf carts. Many individuals easily mistake this vehicle for a car since it resemble one.

In size, it is about 35% smaller than the Smart For-Two vehicle. In length, it’s about 88.6 inches thus making it shorter than the 89.2 inches Mazda Miata. However, this vehicle stillhavea room for two passengers. The behind section then has about 5.65 cubic feet where cargo is put(Management Methodology, 2017a).

The vehicle is also safe even if there are no back seats. The vehicle is made of aluminum of high-tensile that ensures that strength is added while weight is reduced. Personally, I have experienced the manner in which aluminum can be effective in my VW Jetta Ute. The rear structure of this VW Jetta Ute stiff enough. Eli has the lights than one would expect to see in any normal car. However, it has no airbags. On the contrary, it has seatbelts (ZERO, 2018).


Even though Eli is street legal, they are exempted from several DOT requirements for both trucks and cars thus, making the vehicle company keep its prices to as low as $9,900 to $11,900. In addition, since the vehicle has four wheels, one only needs a standard driver license to drive it (Perez, 2018).

Currently, the company is touting Eli Zero EV (that goes for $10,000) as the world’s ultimate mobility vehicle for everyone’s simple daily movement. Connected to the vehicle is a small battery pack of 4 kilowatt per hour giving Zero EV a speed that ranges from 45 to 70 miles. The top speed, however, is about 37 KMPH. The weight of the vehicle is then about 453 kilograms (Management, 2017b).

The vehicle may not be in production yet but the company is already taking online pre-orders. The first scheduled delivery is to be done in December. According to the company, the first a hundred customers to put an order are guaranteed a $3,500 discount leading to a reduction in purchase to $7,700 (ZERO, 2018).


According to the website of Eli electric vehicles, those with the ultimate VIP Eli ZERO tickets will receive a buying price of about $7,699 with a guaranteed payment done in full. However, a small deposit needs to be made of about $249 after which buyers are able to receive their Zero vehicles at $7,899. The vehicle the first model of Eli ZERO that will be made available in the market is the L6-e class (Management, 2017b).

However, the company intends to create the next Eli Electric vehicles known as NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) which will empower driver engagement sustainable in the communities. As mentioned before, the company will sell the vehicles at a marked price of $10,900 but apply small deposit that is refundable for the customers that make their pre-orders online. However, for those that make their orders on the company’s website, a discount will be imposed. Meaning that these customers will buy vehicle at a reduced cash of $7,899. On the other hand, those that claim to buy the vehicles through have a chance to claim the first ten units of production (Perez, 2018).


The Eli electric vehicles are found all over the world. However, online retail stores exist where clients are able to make their orders. There are several production lines worldwide; however, this automobile start-up contributes to the field of automobiles in a tremendous way. By introducing electric vehicles, the company is hopeful that it will change the way people go about their jobs in the cities. Such a concept is dubbed by the company as the new way to move from “A to B.’ the vehicle targets people of all classes and living in urban areas be it the inner or the outer sections of the cities (ELI, 2018).

As mentioned before, this vehicle suites everyone and is suitable for all sub-urban areas because the vehicles are made in a manner that they are able to travel for short distances like around a suburbancommunity healthcareor within a particular city. Every production line ensure that the vehicle include standard features such as a proximity key, a start to heat push-button, an air conditioning system, and a bluetooth stereo (CES, 2018).


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