BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Proof Reading Services

BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Assignment

BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Proof Reading Services


In this assignment analyst has discussed case study of MacVille which is in export and import business of Australia. Company is planning to expand its business by entering into markets of selling and distributing coffee beans machine to be delivered to hospitality sector. The company mission vision set for the period of time is to enhance the sales into particular segment. The profit of the organisation will allow to the stakeholders of the organisation to invest and all communities in which MacVille operate to prosper. According to the analysis of product offered current competitions and rivalry position of business is to be analysed in review of current market segment positioning of business. Various business strategies will be discussed in the below mention assignment to achieve the desired business objectives of the business. Analyst will be discussing the tools and techniques of SWOT and PEST analysis to make a better understanding of internal and external geographical position of business organisation.

BSBMGT616 Develop and Implement Strategic Plans Assignment

Task 1

Confirm organisational vision and mission

A completed draft email, as outlined above in steps 1–4, using the headings provided for each step.

MacVille is the export-import businessof Sydney. To enhance the business MacVille need to make the strategic planning and implement it.

Existing vision and mission: The existing vision and mission of MacVille to promote its business for a long time. It is working on older strategy and wants to see itself in a large business all over the world. For implementing its strategies, the General Manager of the MacVille present the annual report of previous year in board of meeting and the revert has come from Chair Board that is MacVille will be going in a right direction. Chair Board is assuming that MacVille will be the know company within 5years by providing good facilities to its customer and it will be integrated as the part of the hospitality industry and perceived its services for taking both large and small hospitality industry. It became the key components of establishment of large and small hospitality services. It is the existing mission of MacVille to provide Espresso Coffee Machine to the hospitality sector so that they can be satisfied towards the services of MacVille and able to meet the sustainability, reliability and efficiency need of the clients of hospitality which will revert as reward and profit to the business. All above mentioned above is the existing vision and mission of the MacVille. To allow the stakeholder’s investment in the MacVille vision is to bring up the organisation in higher level and to make complete the vision, mission of MacVille is to promote the products in hospitality industry so that they can earn huge revenue.

Current approaches:

After the reviewing of vision and mission of the MacVille the understanding has come out that the existing value of the MacVille will remain same until the existence of the has been understood by the employee of the organisation that the stakeholder of the business will be treating as before and it has been about stewardship. The standard of moral will be conducted as before business does. For the employees of the MacVille the opinion of CEO of MacVille is that the health and safety requirements of them will be get preference first. Self-directed team conducted to encourage the employees so that the aim of the MacVille make easy to achieve. In the point of external response, MacVilleis committed with wisely to environmental practices and maintain the strategic planning to make the customer happy and satisfied.

Revised vision and mission:

After the having response from CEO of MacVille, the General Manager of MacVille researched and have words with CEO. CEO explains that for viewing last years it has been found that the strategic planning of the business unable to promoted the products and services as per expected. As per Compact (2015), there have been so many an area of business is developing which is unable to figure out. The discussion made that the changes is become the requirements for the organisation. As per the prior criteria or planning MacVille want to make the future in hospitality industry to earn huge amount of profit but after changing time and analysing it could be found that there is a need to make changes in incorporate innovations because it has been tan outcome of directive of self-directed team. It is the priority of MacVille to improve the effectiveness and process of customer solution. It is important to evaluate the planning and its implementation so that it come to know that how the business is doing work and how much the implementation of the working going on. Evaluation of the working style should be done in the form of making the improvement in the business. It would be good for the business. It is important to adopt the new technology and make the innovation as per changing time. The new strategy of planning should be not dependant on laurels. The organisation needs to embrace strategic alliances. It is the time to do partnership with well-known company and make the reputation of the business in front of market in well-known and it can be made only for health partnership which will helpful to implement the mission to attain the vision. 

Organisational values:

According to Network (2012), the value of organisation considered as important part of the organisation. To implement the strategic planning organisation need to know the value of the customers as well as the employee of the organisation. There are so many approaches have with MacVille to make the profit in an effective manner. MacVille need to identify those sectors which impact on the value of the organisation. The aim of MacVille is to making the position of the organisation in marketing at high level and for this it is contributing their services to being a good corporate citizen in the way of recognising the responsibilities to be active participants in local communities. It will enhance the value of the organisation. As per God & People (2012) it has been seen through many organisations that to give the donation to profit and non-profit organisation increase the value of the organisation and it also helpful to those people who need help. So for it would be add on the strategic planning of MacVille to donate some part of the profit of the organisation to the variety of communities and non-profit organisation.

Task 2

Organisational environment has been impacted on the various factors. As per Mahara (2013),PEST analysis is a business measurement tool which helps to identify those factors which impact on business strategy and its profit. It includes political, economic, social and technology. After completing MacVille’s review of the vision, mission and values, it has been considered the environmental factors that could impact on MacVille’s goals and objectives.

Organisational environment


It contains the different policies by government. If the changes occur in the political environment of the government it would definitely give impact the strategy of planning of MacVille. Different regulations and legal policies are assessed the ability of the business environment and trade markets. The vision mission and value of MacVille can be affected by the changes in taxation, safety regulations, trade regulations and employment laws.


As per Mkude & Wimmer (2015), under this factor economic issues have been considered. It involves inflation, economic growth, interest rate, unemployment rate, policies and business cycle of the government. Through this factor MacVille can be affected in various form in term of effective growth it would be good for MacVille and in the opposition MacVille could be unable to handle the situation so in the strategic planning there is need to make alternative action of worst situation.


Through this factor MacVille will be able to recognise those part which impact on the profit of the organisation. As per Jurevicius (2013), it includes the lifestyle of the customer, their attitude, cultural, demographics and education. It would be helpful to create the strategy as per planning and the innovation of new ideas of espresso machines can be delivered those areas which is very demandable.


New ideas and technology has been taken place in the market so it is necessary to analyse the factor of technology before supplying the Espresso machine in hospitality sector because new technology life style, internet usage might be impacted on the new launched.

SWOT Analyses

SWOT analyses would be helpful to MacVille to know the strength, weakness, threat and opportunity which make easy to MacVille to promote the products with evaluation. Strength includes some questions in it like what advantages can be made by MacVille through Espresso machine? What do you better than anyone else? Weakness could be in term of MacVille is that in lack of technology and social factor acceptation the investment in new machine could be go in waste. Opportunity can be done in term of acceptance of Espresso machine in an effective manner through hospitality industry it would make the chances to grow. As per Helms & Nixon (2010), threat could be in term of competitor’s performance, obstacles, cash flow problems and technological threatening.

SWOT Analyses

A review of existing and potential competitors and allies

MacVille's contender of note is BeanEx organisation, a substantial espresso bean provider that has made a late entry in bringing for their clients in coffee machines market. The nearness of at least one contender can diminish the costs of merchandise as the organizations endeavour to pick up a bigger piece of the overall industry. 

Macville while entering into untapped market of Sydney where there is great turnover of coffee machines on annual basis. In the particular market an existing contender has withdrawn which is a major issue for the company. Competitors or business rivals in an organization works in a similar industry or a comparative industry which delivers or manufactures a comparative item or administration. The worries of business organisation was fixated on a worldwide partnership, Nufix Incorporation moving from moment espresso has entered into emerging markets of coffee bean and machine showcase. This new entrants will dilute the existing customers control. This will effect on the overall revenue of the organisation sue to shift in customer base to the newly entered competitors. The assets available to them will help in promoting their products to be delivered. This could be a genuine risk to MacVille's arrangements.

Task 3

Formulate strategic objectives for the organisation

As per the minutes prepared on the basis of board meetings of MacVille enterprises following objectives were discussed and formulated for the future purposes. Patricia Mees CEO of the group company presented various objectives which would be standard guidelines for the operations of business enterprise as per the next five years plans. These are detailed as follows

1. MacVille primary objective is to offer and administration coffee espresso machines in each geographical location of Australian country. As per Java Estates delicate this would be top need that would include its acknowledgment. This will be critical cooperation that ought to be overseen at the most elevated amount.

2. To expand overall revenues by 5% in the upcoming period time. The time frame given here for the expansion approach will be 5 years. This ought to get implemented in factuality with expanded deals taking into account while making better value transactions with providers of raw materials and other resources. Apart from that human resources in the business organisation is motivated to achieve the desired task.

3. To build the brand value of the group in the untapped geographical regions in a time span of 5 years

4. To reduce the overall wastes and reducing the abnormal wastes account to the extent of 10 %. Various guidelines and standards are to be formulated to achieve the desired goals and objective. 

For each objective, develop and describe strategies that you think could be used to meet the objective in the future

After setting out various short term and long term objectives of the business enterprise various strengths available to the business needed to be united. Accordingly organisation has to view its external market opportunities and utilise it to attain maximum output. Company cannot provide its cent precent output until and unless there is total commitment from the employees of the organisation will be delivered. Strategic plans & targets are objectives considered very critical to present and future wellbeing of organisation. As per Steiner (2010), goals are organized by an exhaustive investigation of company's practices and an effective communication among the employees in an association. Keeping in mind the end goal to fulfil the overall needs and objectives of a business organisation and to expand their share of aggressive markets effective policies and procedures is to be formulated. Promoting arranges begin with the general vital strategy for success of an organization. Strategies are prepared while reviewing the present organisational strengths and weaknesses and further analysing the rivals position in the market. Strategic decision is taken in core aspect of investments portfolios, market risk,human resource managementand trigger to implement an effective change. Strategies are prepared according to the internal business position and external environment conditions. Company can go for existing market penetration into the competitive market scenario or develop an untapped market according to the current product that is offered by customers. Here company is looking for an expansion approach by entering into new regions and focusing on increase in revenue by almost 5 % in the span of 5 years. Company is focusing on effective and efficient utilisation of business resource while minimising the wastes by almost 10 %.

The below mentioned table will describe the strategy that will be required to achieve the objectives prepared by business organisation to be achieved in the span of 5 years. Along with that key responsible person is also set which will take care for the achievement of desired objectives.


Business objectives

Prioritised list of strategies

Timeframe for achievement of objectives

Responsible authority for each strategy

Performance indicators


Expand in untapped regions of Australia

Increase in marketing and promotional approaches

5 years

Marketing and research head

Increase in the revenue over the period of time in particular region of Australia


Increase the overall revenue by 5 %

  1. Motivation of human resource to effectively increase in sales

  2. Introduce newly designed products offered to its customer base

5 years

Marketing and research head

Increase in client base of the customers and upcoming orders.


Build brand value of business

  1. Process engineering skills

  2. Build competitive advantage by effective promotion

  3. Building product line

5 years

Hiring of effective expertise and offering products at comparable lower price as of rival brand price

Increase in requirement and demand of the products


Reduce the overall wastes by 10 %

  1. Prioritising and division of work base.

  2. Checking areas where major defaults exists

  3. Curbing those areas to maximum extent

5 years

Quality and control management head

Witness of subsequent decrease in the overall wastes


In the above assignment based on the case study of export import business group of MacVille various business strategies of the group has been analysed. MacVille strategic plan describes its future standards or guidelines that decide the roadmap for achievement of the various business objectives. In the above assignment company political, economic, social and technological factors are analysed which helps in sustainable growth of the business enterprises. Similarly viewing is current capabilities and strengths possibilities or external opportunities are viewed. As making the changes in the strategic planning of organisation there is need witnessed and accordingly various business plans are made as per the requirements of the demand of customers.


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