BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Proof Reading Service

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Help

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Proof Reading Service

Assignment 1

Participation in the two role plays

Role play of Sales and Marketing Manager

Marketing manager:Discussion on various topics and issues faced by the organization in order to expand the business and to capture more market share

Sales Manager: expenses include all the cost involved in travelling and delivery of the products to the customers. It also includes the cost related to the sales

Marketing manager:Decide a budget for marketing, to expand more amounts on promotion and advertising in order to successfully increase market share

Sales manager:agrees with marketing manager on this topic and estimate some of the additional expenses involved for the process.

BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan Assignment help

Marketing manager:Effective training needs to be given to the employees

Sales manager:formulation of the strategy to convert goals into action.

Role play of technology consultant

Technology consultant:Discussion on various factors regarding the strategy of E- commerce

Software developer:Tools and techniques that is required to fulfill the objective

Technology consultant:Estimation of the cost involved in hiring technicians in order to attain the objectives of the organization.

Software developer:budget planning and preparation for the decided purpose and to recruit some more human resource in order to implement the strategy which is decided by the managers

Present the resourcing proposal for approval from the Operations General Manager


The operational general manager,

Subject: Resourcing proposal for approval.

There is a resourcing proposal which includes the cost estimations and expenses involved in a project. As the organization decided to adopt new strategies and policies in order to capture more market share. The organization plans to implement a e-commerce strategy and for that purpose approval is required for recruiting some more people who are friendly with the technology.


In consultation of the view points of the all the sales, marketing and technology consultant, a planning portfolio is prepared including the following points:

Summary of the operational Environment of BBQfun:Operational Environment is a term remains for monetary, social, social, legitimate and political elements that influence any participation done while executing any venture. Any venture is fruitful when operational elements and condition is thought to be taken. This implies: the things are done in a correct way, right decision, and with right gatherings. In the present contextual analysis the CEO and BOD chose to actualize a methodology of E-Commerce to expand the piece of the overall industry of the BBQfun. So, an External administrator it is my duty to break down and check the new system precisely so as to accomplish the objective as chose in the arrangement.

Action plan: In relation to the given case, an action plan is made to list the matters required to attain the target. The main aim of the action plan is to decide the resources required to achieve the target, to estimate the resources and expenses.

Action and/ or objective


Person Responsible

Budget of Resources

To provide quality in the services and to improve the performance

Plant and tools i.e delivery trucks & forklifts

Sales manager

300,000 + 20,000= 320,000

To expand electronic commerce strategy and build a goodwill in the market

Developers for the website and to handle problems associated with technology

Technology consultant


To arrange resources and equipment in order to provide satisfaction to the consumers.

Enrollment costs

Operational general manager


To deliver effective service in order to make the strategy successful

 Training to the staff and effective guidance and supervision

Sales & marketing manager


Performance Indicators for operational and financial targets:Performance indicators are an estimation method which is utilized to set the objectives with a specific end goal to actualize the methodology with the end goal of accomplishing the objectives. Business dependably profited by incorporating execution pointers in the association. Performance indicators help to accomplish operational and money related targets. Operational targets, for example, profitability as indicated by the objective is accomplished, diminishment in operational costs, quality administrations are to be given, fulfillment of the purchasers and ultimate consumers and also the monetary target, for example, general cost decrease, less wastage identified with the item, increment in deals arrange, productive administrations and so on.

Balanced Scorecard for E-Commerce customer service representative:Balanced scorecard is an instrument of utilized vision and chose procedure. To enhance the correspondence and to screen the execution of the association, it changes the vision of the association into activities. It is beneficial for the E-commerce strategy It is useful to give client benefits as it is a fundamental piece of the association to keep up great relations with the client. An agent is required for the undertaking to give client benefit. This gives benefit to the client in a way which brings about building relations with the clients. The general vision of the association ought to be satisfied while providing client satisfaction.

Proposal for resourcing:There is a need of resourcing in BBQfun as the organization is extending its business. The organization begins internet retailing of its items in order to expand the business and to capture more market share. There is a need of human and physical resourcing. For human resourcing the association needs a man who has two years' involvement in any online business, who has phone and support skills, capacity to learn, encouraged and excited, which includes costs such as for contingency and advertisement, six conveyance drivers, four distribution center staff.  For physical assets, there is a requirement for excellent engineers, plant and hardware, training, office design, initiative preparing for group pioneers, inauguration advancements and creative advances to enhance the work effectiveness of the new online business.

Assignment 2

Participation in two interview role-plays

Role play 1

Human resource manager:what do you want to join the organization?

Candidate:to gain experience and want to work with a reputed organization based on my skills and abilities

Human resource manager:why the company will hire you

Candidate:I am a suitable candidate according to the requirement of the organization. I am friendly with the new technologies and have access knowledge about the work which I have to do in this organization

Human resource manager:Tell me some positive and negative points of yours.

Candidate: my positive qualities cover friendly behavior, adjusting nature, flexible and can easily adjust in any environment

Role play 2

Human resource manager:tell me something about your strength and weakness

Candidate:sir I don’t have many strength but I have a positive attitude which I guess covers all my weakness     

Human resource manager:any past experience you have

Candidate:I worked with amazon, who is a popular brand in the market; I left the job because of some unfavorable circumstances

Human resource manager:why should we hire you?

Candidate:I find myself a suitable candidate for this job. The job profile who have given matched my requirements and I want to gain a wonderful experience from this organization. If you hire me then I will devote all my efforts in order to fulfill the goals of the company.

Submission of a portfolio including:

A portfolio is prepared to consider some points by the organization. With the help of the portfolio the organization will focus on the hurdles which are faced by the resources. With the help of the portfolio, the organization will take steps or measures to improve the performance of the organization

Action plan:

The action plan is made to enhance the performance of the employees and helps to attain the objectives as set by the organization, BBQ fun. The action plan of BBQ fun is detailed in the below table:

Action and/ or objective


Person Responsible

Budget of Resources

Implement an E-commerce strategy

Plant and equipment needed to attain the objectives

Technology consultant


To attract consumers and to maintain effective relationship with the consumers

Customer service representative

Operational general and human resource manager


To provide effective services and to build consumer relations

Six delivery drivers, four warehouse staff, five technical staff, training expert and other staff members required to provide services to the organization

Operational general manager and human resource manager.


To provide training to the staff people and managers

Training to the staff and also to the external trainer and technology expert

Technology consultant and human resource manager


Interview plan:

An interview plan is required to be made to distinguish the applicants and evaluate them on the basis of their skills and abilities. The interview plan of the organization BBQ fun is as under:

Planning aspect



Type of interview

Face interview, group interview, formal interview, informal interview, competency interview, panel interview etc.


30 days


To enlist those people who know about the online business and have a decent reputation in light of the past experience.

25 days

and style

Designed, directed and repetitive approach which is useful to do collaboration and coordination among the people.

15 days


Make plans for the gatherings, steady with the inquiries questions, consideration of breaks, affirmation of meeting timetable with each individual who going to come for the interview.

5 days

Topics and questions

Questions in relation to the, knowledge of technology, Involvement in the past employment, administration abilities, profile of job, qualities and negativities of the individual both to be considered, need of occupation, relational abilities can be judged as well.

8 days

Assessment and evaluation record with recommendations

The assessment and evaluation of record is detailed below with some recommendations.



Ideal answer contains:

Number of possible points



40 points for group discussion and personal interview




25 points for communication and coordination with the managers




50 points for the interview




20 points for skills and abilities




25 points for body language




40 points for effective

Job description and performance



Total 200 points


Recommendation: The human resource manager should consider the overall performance of the interview. The points of individual and overall performance need to be considered. Various qualities such as behavior and nature needs to be considered by the manager while conducting the interview.

The human resource manager should choose the candidate in consideration with the overall process of recruitment of resources.

Assignment 3

Participation in two role-plays

Coaching an underperforming employee

Role 1needs to improve the skills and abilities of the employees

Role 2various strategies needs to be formulated in order to enhance the performance

Role 1requirement to find the hindrances and hurdles

Role 2needs to resolve by evaluating the performance of the employees

Presentation of report to Operations General Manager

Role 1report to operational manager indicating the hurdles

Role 2suggestions and recommendations for enhancing the performance of the employees

Role 3feedback of the employees in relation to the issues faced by them

Role 2strategies to be formulated to improve the performance

Role 1modes and methods to deal with the employees

Role 2effective measures to solve the problem

A monitoring plan:

A monitoring plan is one which created afterwards. It is designed before the designing stage and after the planning stage. The plan includes steps of assessment of the program. A monitoring plan is to be made to evaluate the performance of the employee. To check the activities and the work performed by the employee. To monitor the performance of the employees certain points needs to be considered. There are also some points which are considered in improving the performance of the employees such as a proper effective plan, availability of resources, proper schedule, training policy , effective training to the staff members, proper encouragement and motivation to the employees.

A contingency plan:

As indicated by the above case, an emergency course of action ought to be made to recover adequately from an interruption which may happen due adoption of modern and new technique. As bbqfun is building up its online store to expand piece of the overall industry there are such a variety of issues which will be confronted by the association and there are chances that it will prompt to a major misfortune in the association as staff is not acquainted with new work, preparing costs, poor correspondence lines as it is another assignment for the representatives, , issue of understanding the idea of CRM, issues in regards to proficient conveyance administrations, additional, the costs for preparing and administering the workers to enhance their presentations and every one of these issues which the association is confronting may prompt to hazard which should be overseen.

A coaching and performance management plan

In connection to the above case, Performance Management Plan is a device used to help in setting up and dealing with the process of monitoring. It is a consistent progressing process which is conveyed between the staff individuals, for example, workers, administrators and chiefs consistently. It is done to give persistent training, planning successful prizes for distinguishing those workers who are meeting the expectations in their work, fortune of special support and direction to the representatives, if new enrollment is done then choosing on the premise of powerful determination criteria and conversation to assess the execution of the workers and to recognize the purposes behind failing to meet expectations of the representatives and along these lines trying endeavors to enhance the execution.

An operational plan:

An operational plan status report is prepared to evaluate the present performance of the staff. The productivity of the organization is also evaluated. With the help of operational plan, improvement can be made in the performance of the entire organization to serve effectively to the consumers. An operational plan is made to compare the performance of the employees with the past records available with the organization. It helps the employees to improve the discrepancies find in the work and also helps to motivate the employees in order to achieve the objectives of the organization.

An operational plan status report is prepared in relation to budgetary and financial performance:The budgetary control system helps to achieve the objective. The objective of the BBQ fun is to improve the performance of the employees, to capture more market share and to enhance the services provided by the organization. A budgetary control helps to minimize the expenses and maintain cost of the strategy. Budget helps to give estimation about the future expenses to an organization. It helps to avoid and prevent risk. Preparation of budget is helpful to find the discrepancies in the output. It helps the managers to take measure to improve the quality of their services. It is also useful in providing satisfaction to the customers.

An operational plan status report is prepared in relation to productivity performance:In relation to BBQ fun, productivity focus on the skills of the employees needed to accomplish goals according to the decided target. It is the evaluation of the employees in context with the output of the employees undertaken in terms of specific period of time.An operational plan status report helps to enhance the performance and improve the skills and abilities of the employees.