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BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Management Assignment Help

BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Management Proof Reading Services


In this assignment we will going to about the performance management of the Australian hardware. How the company deals with the poor performers. The company tried to make their employees efficient so that they will work with full efforts and helps in achieving the organizational goals. Every individual have their target also and which is achieved by him/her with in time limit and when they are not able to achieve the targets so organization will going to conduct training and counsel individually with poor performers. So they can achieve their targets. If any employee is not achieving the target even after training and all so organization will terminate that employee same is going to happen in this assignment an employee named Kim who is poor performer from last 6 months even after training and all so organization will terminate her.

BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Management Assignment Help

Task 1


With garden product manager-

While talk with the manager about the Kim role. She have the good attitude acquiring the new skills and knowledge and she can easily adjust herself in the different working environments. Because we have to analyse the skill and job of the Kim then she will give desired results. So it is very necessary. The manager told about the every work done by the Kim and she is very good in customer support. So she will get the work according to her talent which is beneficial to the business and Kim then she will work with full efficiency.

With seconded employee-

After making plan for the role of Kim then we have to negotiate with her also and give him full details for the plan. She has to analyse it deeply because there are some changes in her job profile and she have to understand the new role carefully. And then she will start work according to the plan. In plan there are two or three goals and measurement of the performance according to the task is given to the Kim. So she has to work carefully. Because after assigning the new role according to her qualities then there are some expectations of the business from her. So she has to fulfil them also.

Submit an agreed work plan-

After making the plan it is necessary that the both the parties are agreed on it or not. Because sometimes employees are not ready for the plan which is prepared by the management. So it work plan should be agreed by both the parties. There are always some risk while making the plan or giving new role to the employees. As Kim is going to have new role in the business so there are some risk which shall be bear by business or by Kim so when the both the parties are agreed that they will bear this level of risk. In work plan there should be all the things regarding work place or new role which saves time and money.

Risk management plan-

While making the plan we have to make risk management also because there are so many risks in the future which will affect the working of the business. For Kim’s new role there are some risks also regarding her training. Because the company don’t want to spend a lots of time on training which slow down the process of the company. Risk management is very necessary for the every company it helps the company to reduce the risk and increase productivity. Kim’s manager also prepares the risk management while making the plan for the Kim. firstly manager have to find out risk associated with the new role of Kim. Risk related to training, duration of training, eligibility for the new role etc.

Appendix 2 

employee work plan






Optimum utilisation of funds. Fund should be utilized in good manner. Business wants to have good financial condition and want to increase the profit as per the projects.

It is measured how effectively we are using funds and its results also. It is measured after the completion of project.

It is fully depends on the CFO of the company Because he/she issue the funds according to the task and then evaluate the performance in the project.

     Internal process

The working environment of the business should be peaceful and no disputes should be there. A proper schedule is been followed by the employees. Every employee is assigned by the task. Like Kim’s new role she should be properly aware about her new role.

It is measured on daily basis because the workings of the employees are checked daily and give them feedback and help them

It is depends on the manager because he/she is responsible for the internal process and to solve the conflicts among the employees

     Customer focus

A time to time feedback from the customers is necessary.  So that we will make changes in our product according to the need of the customers. To retain the customers and attract the new customers.

It is measured after the product is served to the customer.

This is depends on the Customer Relation Manager because CRM have to maintain good relationship with the customers.


we should have to develop skills and learn new things so that it will helpful for us in fulfilling the demands of customer.

It is measured after the task is performed by the employee.

It comes under the training department.

Manage People Performance Management

Appendix 3:Risk management plan template


Risk likelihood

Risk impact







Financial health of the business

Finance of the company

Financial health


Finance department



Development of the employee

Training and development

Training process

As per candidates qualification

Training and development department

      Human    resource


Selection of the employees

Human resource of the company

Selection of the employees

When needed




Operation of the business

Day to day operation of the business

Smooth operations

For every operation

Operation manager



Competition in the market

Market competition of the company

Market of the company


Marketing department



The person who being defaulter

Borrowing going in to default

Credit capability


Finance department



Covert goods in to cash

Selling of goods

Market share of the goods


Marketing department

Task 2


participate in a training session role-play

Fallen in the performance of the employees because they are far behind from the targets. The employees should be treating in positive and in good manner so that they feel motivated and confident. Management should support the employees in every step and try to make them tension free so that they will work with full efforts. Try to make employee participations in the management so that they will feel confident and exposure of the employee.

submit amended performance management system documentation, such as revised policy or procedures for performance management

Management should revise the policy because then they are able to increase the performance of the employees. Employees should get a rest after the working for some hours which fresh the mind of the employees and then they will work in cool manner. Performance appraisal will be there, formal and informal feedback should be there so that the employees can share their problems and which may be solved by the management. Monitor every employee during work. Set the goals for every employee according to his/her calibre. So they can do their work with full perfections which is beneficial to the company to achieve its targets. Record the work of every employee and then evaluate his/her work.

Submit training planning documentation, and presentation materials, such as PowerPoint presentation and any handouts provided.

Training of the employees should be done in the way so that they learn more things in less time by giving presentations which impact psychologically. It is attractive way of training and employees are actively takes part in it. live examples, videos, interaction with the employees etc. all these things has been use in training so that the employee learn all the things which are to be use in their job role. Which helps the management also because then the work will be done effectively and efficiently. In presentation there should be use of graphs, data, and meaning full information so that the employee learns fast as comparison to lectures and theoretical knowledge. Training should be given to employee for enhancing skills and which makes an employee skilled.

Training is very much helpful in achieving the organizational goal. Because training is given to the employees according to the roles in organization. As in Australian Hardware simulated business they have to revise their training process to increase the performance of the employees so they can achieve their targets and helps in achieving the organizational goals.

Task 3

Specification –

participate in a 10–15 minute role-play

In this session we tell the Kim about the expectations which we have from Kim. Because she is not doing with her full capability. Organization has so much expectation from the sales staff if they are not achieving their targets so that it is very bad to organization because due to it the performance of the company goes down. So the sales staffs have to perform their task on time which is beneficial to the organizations and to the employees. We have set the target according to your calibre even you are not achieving the target. There is a big gap between the set target and actual performance. If you will achieve your targets then there is good scope for you. You may get promotion.

submit a coaching plan

In coaching firstly we will provide lectures and presentation classes to give them theoretical knowledge and teach them in good way so that they can work with full efforts. Videos and live examples are used to teach the employees. He/she is monitored while work so that mistakes can be finding and should be correct on the spot. All this will affect the employee so much and he/she will feel motivated and confident.

the performance development plan as prepared by you prior to the role-play

Performance of any employee can be developed by solving the issues with them and give them a proper training so that he/she will work effectively. Performance of the employees is developed by giving them a proper instruction of the work, make them aware about their new work role and monitor him/her until they do work with full expectations.

The performance development plan as completed in agreement with the employee during the role-play.

While giving job to the employee so his/her training is based on the role and according to his/her capability. All these things are in the agreement with the employee so that employee is fully aware about his/her training process. Because this training will train him/her according to their role in the business. And this will be good to the employee and to the organization because all the work will be done in proper way.

Appendix 2: Coaching plan template

Coaching phase


Goal and performance expectations

The targets are not achieved by the Kim so that she requires training. Her targets are getting low at this stage her targets should be increase.

Reality of actual performance

Target is $8000 in a month but she achieved on $ 5000 on average which is too low.

Opportunities to develop

Employee have to learn seriously because they take it in casual way which is harmful to them and to the organization. Employee had to use full efforts.

Willingness to develop and commitment

Sometimes employee show his full willingness and do commitment that he/she will do it but due to lack of efforts he/she didn’t fulfil his commitment.


Appendix 3: Performance development plan template

Reference from operational plan

Key result area

Indicator of success/ performance

Status report/results

Target should be set by in new manner

sales and marketing of the product

When she achieved approx. $7000 and target is $8000. But current performance is $5000

Result is good when she will achieve $7000 below it unsatisfied.


Development of employee

When employee do their work before time

When they do it on time then good, if before time then very good, if after time so there is need of support to the employee


To train the employees

When they do work with full efforts and no mistake will be there.

Increase in productivity or they start achieving the targets.

Motivation and attitude towards the organization’s goal

Helps in building confidence in the employees.

When they actively and voluntarily takes part in the tasks.

They start giving help to the other employees also.

Task 4

Question 1: Monitoring and coaching

How could variables such as recognition and continuous feedback help reinforce excellence in performance? Give two examples that could work at Australian Hardware to affect performance.

Feedback is very important in the performance because with the help of the feedback we are able to understand the current performance of the employee so that if he/she is doing according to the set performance if any deviation is there so correct it on the spot. Feedback from both sides helps the both in doing the work. In Australian hardware feedback helps too much because we are revising the performance of Kim after 6 months if we do it on regular basis then it will good to the organization because then we will give instructions to the Kim according to it but right now her performance become too low so now Kim have to use their full efforts and takes time also which is not good to the organization. So proper feedbacks is very necessary to the company because it shows the current situation of the company.

How would you apply Australian Hardware procedures to monitor and coach individuals, specifically those with poor performance?

In Australian hardware after training of the employee we will monitor until they do work with no mistakes and giving him support and help on every step to the employee. Coaching every individual those who have poor performance we will give training to them according to their last performance if it is too bad then we will start from beginning to  train them according to their role.

Question 2: The legal context of performance management

For three of the following areas, what are the relevant pieces of legislation applicable to performance management at Australian Hardware?

1. equal employment opportunity
2. anti-discrimination
3. competition and consumer protection
4. privacy
5. industrial relations
6. health and safety (OHS/WHS)
7. Environmental issues.

In Australian hardware there are properly legislation are followed

Equal employment opportunity is given to the every candidate no one is discriminated on the basis of religion, caste, gender, etc.

we take care of environmental issues the working environment of the organization is peaceful and too good for every one employees do their work with full dedication and they help each other also.

Health and safety is also priority for us because healthy employees do work in full efforts and full efficiency so we are fully focused for the health of the employees.

For each piece of legislation identified above, identify at least one requirement relevant to performance management at Australian Hardware.

An environmental issue in Australian hardware means the working condition in the company is good so that is helps to employees to achieve the target. Performance development is also done by the doing changes in the working condition sometimes due to bad working conditions the employees are unable to achieve the target. That’s why environment of the organization plays a very important role in performance management.

Question 3: Seeking advice

Name any positions of an internal source you could approach for HR or performance management advice.

Kim is not meeting with her targets so she should be demoting the Kim after a discussion with HR so that she will be trained from beginning. So it will help Kim to start from new.

Name one external source (individual professional, consultancy or government) of HR or performance management advice, particularly for managing poor performance.

An expert or any mentor from outside the business which will be with Kim for next one month and he/she will give advice to the Kim on every step and make her efforts for effective.

Question 4: Counseling and support

What steps would you take to counsel the employee in accordance with organisational policy and relevant legislation for disciplinary meetings?

Employees who are not achieve their targets so we have to counsel our employees. Firstly we have to talk with the poor performer individually so then we will try to solve their issues if anything is related to the law then the organization have to follow the legislation so that the organization will help them and try to sort out the issues.

What legislation is the most relevant in this scenario?

The relevant legislation is only giving the training to the poor performer because we can’t terminate them or before termination the organization have to give a notice so that the training is relevant.

What is the relevant award for the employee’s role at Australian Hardware?

They are awarded regularly according to their performance on regular basis.

What support services could you offer the employee?

We will start a new department for the employees for their training and it will keep their eyes on the poor performer and any type of issue employees can share with the department.

Question 5: Dismissal

What is the process of termination in accordance with organisational policy and legal requirements? Summarize the details.

As we know that Kim is not meeting with her targets from last 6 months now we are going to terminate her and the procedure of the termination is –

Firstly we have to give a notice to the employee of 10 days if she start performing good then termination can be cancelled otherwise she is terminated due to simultaneous bad performance after the training and lectures also. So only a notice is sufficient for the termination of any employee.

What are the relevant unlawful dismissal rules and due process that you must follow?

 The unlawful rules of dismissal is the when the organization terminates the any employee with giving a notice to them or sudden termination of the employee. And this is must be adopt by our business also because due to employees like Kim who performing bad from last 6 months so it is necessary to terminate them on the spot.


In this assignment of Australian hardware we know how the organization tries to make their employees skilled and efficient like Kim the poor performer in the business so business try to give her all the types of support but at last when she is not performing the work even after training. So the organization follows a lawful step for the termination if it is continued then organization should adopt unlawful termination. The organization always tried that his employees should work properly. But sometimes employees didn’t do their work with full efforts so it become harmful to the company.