BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

Activity 1.1.1-1.1.2

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to Identify and collect information on employee health issues from appropriate internal and external sources


Answer these questions individually.

Use the table below to list a couple of the opportunities available under the following headings that will appeal to your workplace. What is the appeal of the initiative?

Alcohol and drug use:It can affect the performance if the employee within the organisation. When employees are addicted to use of drug and alcohol them they cannot better perform.

i.e. Healthy cafeteria food


  1. Allow the Use of fruited and vegetable

Cafeteria should use fruits and vegetables in their menu that is related with the avail salad

  1. Build employee awareness for healthy food

It is related with the awareness program of the organisation with the motive of promote the healthy cafeteria food. It is based on the contribution of organisation for the employee’s wellness.

Diet and obesity:It is related with suggest to employees for diet to reduce their fat as well as allow to employees for exercise. It would help to overcome their fatness and make them fit.

  1. Use healthy food

Organisation should use various strategies to promote the use of healthy food that would help in reduce their fat.

  1. Focus of physical activities such as gym.

Organisation should promote the focus on physical activities of employees that can use some exercise on gym, morning walk and yoga.

Mental health, including depression, anxiety and stress:It affects to employee performance in the organisation. Some time employees come under stress and depression due to work pressure so organisation should focuses to these opportunities to resolve the issue.

  1. Avail employees fun and relax during idle time

Organisation should provide the opportunity of having fun as well as relax during idle time. It is related with take care of the employee’s needs. It

  1. Focus on resolving the issue of the employees

It is related with the developemployee assistance program (DAP) that helps to resolving the issue of the employees problem. It is based on overcoming the issue of employees.

Smoking:In the organisation some employees has the addicted of smoking to overcome their issue. Smoking is based on the employees’ health plan of the organisation. It includes these opportunities to overcome the issue of smoking. 

Conduct the seminar to promote the quit smoking.

Organisation should be conduct the seminar at the workplace with the motive of quit the use habit of smoking. It would be an effective seminar for employees.

Convert to whole organisation in No smoking zone

Organisation should be creating the policies for no smoking as well as Convert to whole organisation in No smoking zone.


For the following scenarios, identify the types of data to be collected, the type of data collection methods you will use and the reason why you would collect that type of information


Type of Data

Type of Collection Method


Research diet options for staff cafeteria

Qualitative data

Observation method

To provide the diet food to employee by cafeteria staff.

To determine how many participants are required in a program for the organisation to obtain a positive return

Quantitative data

Interview method

Identify the use of number of require participant in the program.

Consult with participants to identify which employee health issues they would participate in

Qualitative data

Personal interview

To recognize the personal issue of employee.


Activity 1.2.1-1.2.2

Estimated Time

20 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to Review findings and their implications for the organization and business objectives


Answer these questions individually.

Your employer has asked you to research the process of becoming an employer of choice. List the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an employer of choice.



1.Maintain best personal relation

1. Can be target by executive officer

2.High retention rate of avail employees

2. Changing the strength of corporate officer

3.Helps in easy employee motivation

3. Increase company cost due to high pay

4.Helps in attract more client

4. Lack of realistic expectation of new employees.

Analyse the advantages and disadvantages. Make a recommendation on whether you believe that becoming an employer of choice will assist your organization in attracting personnel using the advantages and disadvantages as a point of reference.

For the availability of employer of the choice in the organization has advantage as well as disadvantage.

Advantage:It would help in maintain better relation with their as well as helps in employee motivation. It can be provide better result in organisational preformation that is beneficial element of the organisation. 

Disadvantage:It allow to company to pay high pay that increase organizational cost. New employees do not have the realistic expectation from organization.

Using the Triple Bottom Line steps below, briefly explain how you would attract personnel to your organization.

1.Step One: Identifying What Needs to Be What Is Being Reviewed

2.Step Two: Identifying Relevant Work (internal and external sources of information and any business objectives that will impact on the information use)

3.Step Three: Assessing the Quality of Studies

4.Step Four: Summarize the Evidence

5.Step Five: Interpret the Findings

1.Identifying the problem of the organisation via research method such as qualitative or quantitative.

2.Organisation can be use internal and external source to identification of appropriate work.

3.Check the quality of the information which is available that can be either internal or external. 

4.Maintain excel sheet to check the effectiveness of the available solution.

5.Solve the issue which is available in the previous step and taking corrective action for their alternatives.

Activity 1.3.1-1.3.2

Estimated Time

20 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to develop options for addressing identified health issues.


Answer these questions individually.

Choose three options. In what circumstances do you believe each option is appropriate for an organization?

Three options can be addressed as bellow.

1.canteen should offer healthy food to employees

2.conduct organizational policies that is based on healthy food and stress management

3.Conduct the awareness raising program that helps to provide appropriate knowledge.

How would you communicate and create awareness of each option to employees?

Organizational top authority can communicate about these options via group communication, email and direct communication.

1.Group communication:Top authority of the organization can talk about the above option via group communication. That is based on communicate with the group of people.

2.Emails:It is based on taking the correcting action via emails that is based on provide the information about any solution generated by top authority.

3.Direct communication:It is an effective way to talk about these options to employees as well as they can provide their opinion immediately. In this method top authority can share their view with workforce and then employees can provide suggestion about these strategies.

You have been asked to provide employees with information about the Health and well-being plan. What do you need to communicate? How would you communicate it?

As the prime responsibility to share the information about health and being plan. There are various things are available to communicate that is based on the resolving the health related issue.

1.Share the organizational policies about healthy food

2.Developing the strategy in the canteen to provide the better food as well as provide fruits and vegetable.

3.Suggest to employee for developing quality life and build their healthy lifestyle strategy.

To provide this information to employees’ organization can use electronic mail method, group communication and direct communication with employees. These medium would help in better management of the sharing the information about health benefit program.



Activity 1.4.1-1.4.2

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to obtain support from senior managers for preferred option.


Answer these questions individually.

How will you obtain senior management support?

To obtain the information about senior management support there are various ways are available that can provide better support to organisation.

1.Involve the availability of the senior manager

2.Discussed the plan with manager clearly

3.Highlight the elements of the organisational program

4.Explain the plan and policies of the health program

5.Focus on the supply of fact and figure of the organisational health benefit related program

What information should you gather to reinforce management support?

To gather the reinforce management support I will provide appropriate information to organization. These information would be based on the healthy and un healthy productivity of the employee. It includes the information about organizational productivity as well as absenteeism of the management authority. It is related with the organisational policy and procedure about health and well-being of employees. This information require immediately for the senior manager.

Activity 2.1.1-2.1.4

Estimated Time

20 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to develop program scope and objectives in consultation with appropriate industry consultants, colleagues and managers.


Answer these questions individually.

What are the two things you should consider when you develop the scope of the program?

To develop the scope of the program I would consider these things.

1.Improve employee moral about health related issue.

2.Reduction of the certainty of illness in the organization

These are two basic things that would consider talking about the scope of the program.

Look at the consultation process. Do you feel that the consultation process includes a close relationship between WHS and your Health and Well-being Plan?

To maintain the relationship between WHS and health plan in the organization consolation process is based on various thoughts. It includes the participative and consultative arrangements as well as sharingof information about the health plan program. 

What approach/es would you use to consult with stakeholders in the consultation process?

To consult with the stakeholder various approaches are available that is related with make discussion with them. It helps to achieve organizational goals. It includes these approaches that are as follows.

1.Provide information via discussion

2.Conducting the team meeting to share information

3.Share the information at the public place

4.Collecting the feedback of stakeholder about information

5.Provide questionnaire statement to personal to collect feedback

Use SMARTER Goals to develop an objective to smoking cessation in your workplace.

To development the objectives in organization about smoking cessation various SMARTER goals are available that can be consider as specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, time based, ethical and reward based.

  1. Specific:Goals should be specific that is based on achieving the program objectives
  2. Measureable:It is based on measure the effectiveness of the program
  3. Achievable:Each goal of the program should be achievable
  4. Realistic:Goals should be realistic that develop the awareness of employees.
  5. Time based:Set the time duration of each goals and focus on achieve it.
  6. Ethical:Each goal should be ethical that should provide benefit to organizational workforce.
  7. Reward:Provide the reward to workforce after achieving individual goals.




Activity 2.2.1-2.2.4

Estimated Time

20 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to plan and create administrative structure and resources for the program.


Answer these questions individually.

What is an administrative structure?

Administrative structure is based on the formal structure of the organization that includes the level of responsibility of the admin and for organizational task. It is based on the level of the individual as well as various departments of the organization. It contains various territory and plans about health and well-being of the workforce.

What resources will be allocated for the plan?

When an organization focus on any plan then it focus on various resources that can be human resource as well as financial resources. It is an important part of the organizational plan that helps to achieve organizational goal and objectives. It can contain these types of resources. It includes two type of budget such as financial budget and non-financial budget. Other resource would include personnel, transportation and it software.

Draw a flowchart of work breakdown strategy detailing how you would arrange training for a program.

BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

 What is the purpose of a needs assessment?

Need assessment is important for implementation of the health and well-being plan of the organization. It helps to identify actual requirement of the plan. It includes the requirement of the particular program within the workplace. It identifies the internal as well as external factors of the organization to conduct the organization plan. It is an important element of the organizational plan. It helps to identify the availability of stakeholder at the workplace.

Activity 2.3.1

Estimated Time

25 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to establish program responsibilities and clearly communicate to all stakeholders.
































Answer these questions individually.

BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

In your own words, explain the above diagram.

Step One: Identify stakeholders

Each organization plans and program is the based on availability of the stakeholder that includes internal as well as external. Main motive to identify the stakeholders is to determine their task as they can complete their work at assigned duration. It helps to determine the way of implement the project.

Stakeholder plan






Internal stakeholder


Using the service


Internal stakeholder

High authority

Setup policies and plans


External stakeholder


Avail the required resources

Step Two: Analyse support and commitment

Each stakeholder provided the support to the organizational plan that is related with the management of the various resources. These are the important factors of the organizational planning for the health program. It is based on the organization value that includes the Critical, natural, desirable and supportive.

Stakeholder Map



Cannot accept failure

Cannot be contribute in outcome of the program

Contribute in program and provide support

Committed with their  work document


Cannot compromise with quality and cost of product

Able to manage of contribution

Make formal commitment

Committed with their promise


Does not lead to contribute in program

Unavailability of proper information 

Focus on program value and avoid to lead in contribution

Committed with their task and promise







Step Three: Plan activities to ensure commitment

During conducting the plan various problem can be developed that is related with the conducting the procedure by stakeholder to resolve these issues. Common problem which can be generating that includes the unavailability of appropriate data, conflict between stakeholders and lack of availability of workforce for planning and decision making process.

Step Four: Perform Activities

After implementation of each activities and evaluate the elements of the program planning stakeholder can perform the activities. It is related with collect relevant information about the program and focuses on fulfil stakeholder’s needs and expectations.  It identify the surety of stakeholder for decision making and make commitment with the stakeholder for better service

Step Five: Monitor outcomes and take corrective action

After the conducting the program, organization should focus on evaluate the actual outcome and taking the corrective actions. It is based on the monitor the actual outcomes and manage the resources properly. It is the step of compare the actual outcome with the standard outcome.

Activity 2.4.1-2.4.3

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to Plan communications and marketing strategies in conjunction with stakeholders


Answer these questions individually.

What is the purpose of communicating with your stakeholders?

It is an important task to communicate with the stakeholder for organizational plan as well as marketing strategy it is based on various reason. It has various purposes such as build report, understand their viewpoint and build the creditability of the stakeholder.

What marketing strategies would you recommend to communicate your Health and Wellbeing plan?

There are various marketing strategy are available for communicating the health plan. It includes,

  1. Train to administrator to resolve the issue which is health related
  2. Develop team that can be support to the people about health related issue
  3. Draw poster to develop the awareness

What is a communication plan?

Communication plan refers to organizational document that is based on identifying organizational goals and objectives, blueprint of the organizational plan and determining the way of communication. It includes the source of communication.

Activity 2.5.1-2.5.2

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to Establish suitable evaluation methods, develop an overall program management plan and communicate this plan to stakeholders.


Answer these questions individually.

An overall program management plan has a balance of both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods. Recommend different evaluation methods and explain why you chose them.

There are various quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods are available that are as follows.

  1. Cost benefit analysis:It is based on the measurement technique that is related with calculate the money value of the health benefit.
  2. Interviews:It is an effective way to conduct the information various stakeholders. It helps to generate the accurate information and avail immediate feedback.
  3. Mapping:To evaluate the effectiveness of the health and well-being program, mapping is the best method that is related with the creating charts and diagram of the activities in the program.
  4. Feedback from:Identify the level of satisfaction and avail the suggestion from stakeholder, feedback form is the best method that helps to provide accurate information.

What should you consider when you evaluate your program?

During evaluating the program there are various elements such as level of stakeholder satisfaction, presence in the program , determine cost benefit analysis, check the documents of the health and well-being program and compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome.

Activity 3.1.1-3.1.3

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to prepare policy documents, implement and monitor strategies in conjunction with team leaders


Answer these questions individually.

Is confidentiality important when you collect information from employees and other stakeholders? Why? Why not?

It is require to maintaining the privacy system of the workforce in the organization that is important for collecting the information by them. It should be discussed the personal health related issues and provide the information about the solution available.

It is very important task of the organizational management to provide the proper training to their workforce about health and well-being plan. It would help to encourage to workforce about resolving health related issue and make them sensitive about their health. It is required to participate in the health and well-being program if the organization that can provide better solution about their health related issue.

Why is it important to develop a sound administration system?

It is an important task in the organization to develop the sound administrative system. It would help to manage the documentation of the health and well-being plan by team leader. It can reduce the work pressure of the workforces that helps to optimum use of plan related records. Manage the communication plan with stakeholder of organization.

Develop an evaluation survey for a smoking cessation program.

Most youth of the nation is addicted of the smoking that is harmful for them. To conduct evaluation survey for a smoking cessation program various strategies would be followed that is related with identifying the opinion about smoking cessation program. It is based on three basic process

  1. Program Design:Identifying the opinion of the stakeholder and design the program accordance to their needs.
  2. Implement the program:Put the plan into the action as the designing strategy of the program  
  3. Evaluation:Evaluate the actual result of program and taking corrective action.

Activity 3.2.1-3.2.2

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to provide appropriate support, assistance and mentors to relevant personnel.


Answer these questions individually.

How can you provide support and assistance to relevant personnel?

It is an important task of the organization to provide the appropriate support to personal that is b based on appreciate their work as well as suggest them for better performance. There are various ways are available to provide proper support to personal that would help in better performance.

  1. Encourage to personal for decision making
  2. Support them at the each level of decision making
  3. Looking for providing better information
  4. Understand the role and responsibility of the personal
  5. Provide them appropriate source tom achieving their goals. 

What can a mentor do?

A mentor is the organizational personal that provide the suggestion as well as guidance to the workforce for achieving organizational predetermined goals and objectives. Mentor helps to increase the diversity of the workforce that is based on understanding the roles and responsibility of each employee and reduce the certainty of discrimination. It provides proper motivation to an employee that helps in the employee satisfaction and develops their competency for doing better in organization. Mentor guild to stakeholder that is related with the listening their needs and demand.

Activity 3.3.1-3.3.3

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to implement and monitor tracking systems according to program guidelines.


Answer these questions individually.

What does ISO9000 do?

ISO Refers to international standardization of organization that shows the quality measure of the organization.

ISO 9000 is related with the quality assurance of the organizational service that is related with meet the needs of stakeholder and their customers. It is based on proper management of the quality of service. By using iso9000 organisation can resolving their product quality related problem that helps in profit maximisation by improving their efficiency.

What must the document tracking system do?

It is a simple and effective method that is related with the tracking he system of organisational management. It has various features that help to manage the organisational system. It is require to do various things such as:

  1. Enterprise content management
  2. Management of combined documentation
  3. Updating procedure documentation
  4. Program related various require in the tracking system,
  5. Controlling documentation related information
  6. Managing the tracking system and control their efficiency

What happens when there is a change in the program?

Change in the program in the organisation can affect the management system that is a major variation in the organisational task. Now it is the prime responsibility of organisation to provide the updated document about program and change in the tracking system. It should be updated.

It can affect the health and safety of the individual and stakeholder as well as avail negative impact in the document tracking system. It affects the overall management system of the organisation and affects the stakeholder expectation about health and well-being program.

Activity 3.4.1-3.4.3

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to reach program milestones within agreed timelines and provide regular progress reports to stakeholders.


Answer these questions individually.

What is a benchmark? Give an example of a benchmark.

In the corporate world each company set a benchmark to identify the impact of the program within the organization. It is related with the planning and analysis the organizational goal and objectives. It helps to determine the way of working in the organization.

As the example of the health and well-being program in the organization benchmark helps to identify the impact of the program in the organization. It determines the initial point of program and identifies the risk and return consider in health and well-being program.

What is a milestone? Give an example of a milestone.

Milestone can be identity as the initial point to start a program that helps to determine the accurate way of doing the work. It defines various policies and procedure in the organization that helps to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.

In the organizational health and well-being program milestone consider various policies and procedure to achieving the goals and target of this program. It would help easily communicate the goals and objective of health and well-being program that provide better effect.

What should you do once a milestone is reached?

At the time of availability of milestone in organizational timeline it would identify the policy and procedure of organizational effectiveness. It is prime responsibility of mine to avail the feedback about the program at the milestone by workforce. Each workforce can share their information and their solution about the problem which occur in the organizational development.

Activity 4.1.1-4.1.2

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to use agreed evaluation methods to assess effectiveness of program at specific stages.


Answer these questions individually.

How can you start evaluating a program?

Evaluating the program is an important part in the organizational task. For health and well-being program of organization Evaluation of the program shows the impact in the organization stakeholder satisfaction. For evaluation the program it is prime element to creating the strategies for organizational as well as organizational personal. It can be conduct without develop any policies and procedure about the program and compare the actual result with expected result. To evaluate the program there are three points are available that includeSummative evaluationNeeds assessmentand Process evaluation.

What are the three main evaluation points?

There are three basic evaluation points are available that are as follows.

Summative evaluation:It is related with the measure organization goals and objectives about the assigned program. It helps to determine the effectiveness of health and well-being program as well as taking corrective action.

Needs assessment:It identify the requirement of the organization program that identify the relevant and irrelevant of program.

Process evaluation:After the implement the program plans accordance to requirement of stakeholder and personal. It is based on creating the strategy about development of feedback to determine needs and wants about program requirement.


Activity 4.2.1-4.2.2

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to communicate information from program evaluation process to stakeholders.


Answer these questions individually.

How can you communicate information from program evaluation to stakeholders?

Stakeholder has an important role in the organizational program that is related with the managing organizational program plan. To discuss the information about program evaluation there are various ways are available.

  1. By conduct meeting of stakeholder and personal
  2. By policies and procedure distribution
  3. Policies publication at organizational  interact
  4. Provide pamphlet to stakeholder about the program
  5. Provide policies related information to management

These ways would help to communicate with stakeholder about evaluation program.

What information may you provide stakeholders with? What is the purpose of this information? What is the information required for? Whose responsibility would the information be communicated for?

Type of Information and Format


Information required


Policies and procedure

Communicate program evaluation plan

Program evaluation

Follows these policies and share with personal



To share the information about program process

Maintain process document and check the accuracy

Top management would be responsible for  collecting the information

Conduct meeting

Share the information about health and well-being plan

Stakeholder and personal health related information

Personal would be responsible for avail information

Planning and analysis

Set up the benchmark about health and well-being program

Tools and technique about planning and analysis

Personal management would be responsible to share the information


Activity 4.3.1

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to incorporate evaluation process and outcomes into continuous improvement strategies, enterprise agreements and future corporate plans.


Individually or in pairs, discuss the following questions:

What is continuous improvement? How can it assist the organisation?

Continuous improvement is related with improve the organizational efficiency about the assign task. It is related with the evaluation process of the organization. It helps to gain the knowledge of the stakeholder as well as their workforce about the particular program. it is related with designing the organizational task and manage various things for availability of stakeholder. It can reduce the issue occurrence in the designing the organizational plan.


It can assist by various things that are as follows.  

  1. Overcoming the plan related issue
  2. Sharing workplace knowledge for the program
  3. Technology development for program plan
  4. Designing proper framework for organizational task
  5. Reduce human fault in the program plan

It helps in these tasks of the program plan that is an important element of the health and well-being program.

Skills and Knowledge Activity

Estimated Time

2 Hours


To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the foundation skills, knowledge evidence and performance evidence.


Complete the following individually and attach your completed work to your workbook.


The answers to the following questions will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Navigate the world of work
  • Interact with others
  • Get the work done
  • Identify a range of employee health issues and options for improving health outcomes
  • Locate and name relevant industry consultants
  • Outline steps to create a program management plan
  • Explain why it is important to monitor program progress

Answer each question in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements for each one.

  1. What employee health issues did you identify and what were the implications for your organisation and its business objectives?

There are various health related issue is identified as the smoking,depression, anxiety and stress from the organisational work. Therefore organisation should conduct health and well-being program that would help to reduce these issue.

  1. Explain how you have collaboratively planned and implemented a health and wellbeing program for your organisation. You should include how you:
  • Provided feedback to stakeholders:Prepare a questionnaire identify the satisfaction of stakeholder via feedback.
  • Prepared policy documents:Determining the policies and procedure about the program plan.
  • Provided appropriate support to relevant personnel:Provide support to personal for decision making and helps in providing the information
  • Monitored the program:Evaluate the actual outcome of the program and compare it with expected result.

Attach examples of supporting materials/documentation that evidence your work where possible.

AS the conducting the health and well-being program these elements would be applicable that would support to the organisational personal and stakeholder.

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of your health and wellbeing program and identify how you intend to improve it for future programs. Include how you have communicated this information to stakeholders and how the improvements align with organization objectives. Attach supporting materials where possible.

To determining the effectiveness of the health and well-being program we would evaluate the actual output and set up the benchmark for the future program plan. To communicate these plans with stakeholder we would focus on conducting the meeting and share poster about program plan. When stakeholder and workforce would satisfy with their health then they can provide better result to company.

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Major Activity

Estimated Time

2 Hours


To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the entire unit.


This is a major activity – your instructor will let you know whether you will complete it during class or in your own time.

Attach your completed answers to the workbook.

You must individually, answer the following questions in full to show your competency of each element:

  1. Research and analyses employee health issues
  2. Plan health and wellbeing program
  3. Implement, administer and monitor program
  4. Evaluate program

You have been asked to develop a preliminary Health and Safety Plan for your organisation. If the organisation already has a Health and Wellbeing Plan, then you should review it and make recommendations required to enhance the program. If you are not currently employed, choose an organisation that you are familiar with. If you refer to any web page to assist you in the development of the plan, please ensure that you refer to the URL Address. This will assist your trainer in establishing that you have the ability to correctly research the plan.

Answer all of the following questions:

  1. Identify the information that you will need to collect for the employee health issues that apply for your organisation. For each issue answer the following questions:
  • Is this information an internal or external source of information?
  • Is this information primary or secondary information?
  • What employee issues will each type of information assist you in making decisions about?

Using your circle of friends in your class or in the workplace, discuss the

different employee health issues available to them in your plan. Which

employee health issues will you address in your health and well-being plan?

Why? (Choose at least three) Make sure that your answer draws from both

first tables.

In my organisation three health related issue is available that is smoking, mental pressure and illness. These issues of health are identified as the primary method via personal interview and employee observation.

My organization is focused on health and well-being program to resolve these issues.

  1. There are three business objectives that you must choose from. You may choose one or more of these business objectives that are:
  • Improving productivity and decreasing illness and absenteeism through work life balance
  • Becoming an employer of choice; or
  • Triple Bottom Line.

Explain which business objective/s you will use for this project. Be sure to briefly outline how these objectives may be met by using the employee health issues chosen in question one.

For resolving these issue my organization is focused on the conducting the health and wellbeing program. It would help to provide the solution about illness and absenteeism of employees. Further the steps of triple bottom line identifying the internal and external source to collecting the information and increase these qualities via study.

  1. Using the options in chapter 1.3 and the answers you have given in question one and two, what options do you think will be appropriate to your workplace? Briefly explain why you chose these options.

Three options such as provide healthy food to employees in canteen, conduct the policies for health related and conduct awareness about the health of employees. To follows these option my organization would conduct health and well-being program.

  1. For this question, you may need to perform research, so you will need access to the internet. You must focus on the employee health issues, options and research that you have completed when performing this task.


Before you implement the Health and Well-Being Plan to the organisation, it is imperative that you obtain management support in the implementation of the program. Using the answers, to questions one to three, outline how you will gain management support.


Give at least two types of facts and figures and explain their importance in gaining management support.


It is related with the evaluating the organizational plan and implement the program via Consultative and participative arrange. These facts are important to provide the management support for health related plan. Consultative arrangement help to provide the idea about health program as well as participative arrangement help to invite the personal for program implementation. 

  1. With which appropriate industry consultants, colleagues and managers would you consult in order to develop the program scope and objectives?

In the industry these objectives are related with reduce the illness issue and conduct health awareness program. It would help in increase the workforce productivity. Scope of this industry identifies the WHS plan that would help in resolving the workforce issues.

  1. Document your organisational administrative structure for the project which should include:
  • Levels of authority, individuals and departments
  • Levels of responsibility
  • Roles and responsibilities


Document all the activities which must be performed throughout the project and for each one, identify the person responsible for its completion.


For each activity identify the resources required.

For available of posters- primary resources

Generation of strategy- Organization top authority

Personal consultants- primary resources (Personal management)

  1. How have you established program responsibilities for your stakeholders and how do you intend to manage their commitment to their respective responsibilities?

It includes various steps that are as follows

  1. Identification of stakeholder
  2. Support analyzing
  3. Plan for stakeholder commitment
  4. Activity performance
  5. Outcome monitor
  6. Taking corrective action
  7. Document your plan for marketing the health and well-being project and the stakeholder communications plan.

It identifies the whole activities that conduct in the health and well-being program. It includes the communication plan for stakeholder that helps to identify the need accomplishment, organizational goals and program evaluation method.

  1. How do you intend to evaluate your health and well-being program?

For intent the evaluation of health and well-being plan organization can ne consult with their stakeholder or personal as well as compare the actual outcome with expected outcome.

  1. What policy documentation have you put in place to administer and monitor the health and well-being program? Attach an example of two of these policies to your work book.

Policy document will include these elements such as

  1. Evaluation survey
  2. Mission statement of health and well-being.
  1. What support have you provided to relevant personnel throughout the health and well-being program?
  1. Providing healthy food to workforce in canteen
  2. Develop health awareness program
  3. Develop organizational policies to reduce the health related issue
  1. What tracking systems do you recommend should be put in place for the program and why?
  1. Control system of program: To control whole activity in the plan
  2. Proper documentation: Maintain the records for future use
  3. Developing policies: Achieving the objectives
  1. Draw a timeline to document the milestones in your program.

 BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

  1. At which three points in the life cycle of the program should evaluation occur and what is the purpose of these evaluations?

These cycles are related with these activities.

  1. Identification of stakeholder: To identify the availability of stakeholder at each level of program
  2. Support analysis: Support require from the top authority of organization
  3. Activities planning: plan the program related activities
  1. To which stakeholders should you communicate evaluation information and what methods of communication should you use?
  1. Personal: organizational meeting and posters
  2. Management: client and personal feedback
  3. Clients: events and posters
  4. Government: organizational policy and procedure statement
  5. Explain the four steps that can be used to develop a continuous improvement process.
  6. Identifying the useable element of process and put appropriate information at organizational timeline
  7. Develop a framework at workplace with including polices and procedure about program
  8. Use the available alternatives and provide feedback 
  9. Ignore fault for human but use proper information that is error free.