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BSBLED501 Develop and Learning Environment Proof Reading Services

Formative Assessment

Activity 1

1.Learning can be described as a change in the way we think, or the things we think about, which can be retained, and is not simply ascribable to the process of growth. As we learn more about the world around us our thoughts, perceptions, and ideas change. A baby, for instance, sees a coin as a toy, or something to put in its mouth, an adult’s experience ensures that they see it quite ‘ differently

2.There is an experience of mine which is very fruitful for me. I have learned some lessons from that experience. It is the mixture of both good and bad experiences. I worked in an organisation for few months and analysed the professional culture in that organization. I learned from my mentors and also from my colleagues how to adjust in every situation, to deal with the customers. I faced many problems in understanding the work, faced some conflicts but later on me finally able to understand the culture and the work.

3.A learning organisation is one in which purposeful, systematic and on-going learning is an integral part of a continuous improvement system and a major contributor to a sustainable competitive advantage.

4.Learning applies primarily to the pragmatic learning which takes place in a business or organizational application, learning how to complete specific tasks or roles in the workplace. It focuses on increasing business-enhancing options and revolves around the notion of competence.

5.Formal intentional:

1. Training programs

2.Online learning


4.Seeking feedback

5.Formal Unexpected:

6. Work Experience

7.Work shadowing

6.Informal Intentional:

1.reading with the internet

2. Mentoring



5.Informal Unexpected:

6. Discovery exploitation


8. Observation

9.Through experience

The above are the learning activities that take place in a learning organisationobserved by me.

BSBLED501 Develop a Workplace Learning Environment Assignment HelpActivity 2

1.Bank as an organization: strategies for determining learning and development requirements, modern tools to be acquired to enhance the performance of the organization.

2.Debt recovery section: Software which is helpful in recovery of debt can be used.

3.Existing team members: Training in order to make personnel use the new software and modern techniques.

4.New employees: Technology friendly people are to be recruited in the organization.

Activity 3

1.Performance management is about creating a dialogue between a manager and an employee that fosters a future-focused commitment to continual improvement. It builds in, as an integral part, an agreed and personalised learning and development plan that meets the needs of the individual, team and organisation

2.Good performance management implies effective management in the organisation and effective communication with the stakeholders.  Poor performance management affects the activities of the organisation and therefore result in customer dissatisfaction. Good performance management enhances the reputation of the organisation in the market. 


Qudos Bank

Employee Name:

Anjelina josephs

Employee ID:





Department/ Section:


Supervisor Name:

Andrew castelles

Date review conducted:


23 December


Organisational goals

Team goals

Personal goals

To achieve the objectives as decided

Overall objective to be achieved

To enhance personality and improve services

Sales Enhancement

Innovative strategies to fulfil the objective

Growth of the individual

Personal goal 1

Strategy to achieve a goal:

Team work and project plan

Performance outcome:

Fulfilment of the objective


2 months


Modern tools and techniques

Personal goals 2

Strategy to achieve a goal:

Effective Training

Performance outcome:

Effective services


4 months


New human resource


This is done to improve the performance and identify the problems.


Employees signature

Supervisor signature



Activity 4

1.As a clinical manager, it has been recognized that there is a need for improvement in the organization. An audit is conducted by the health standards authority. Audit report emphasise a good result but there are several areas need to be improved in order to enhance the brand image in the market.  The results are formulated in a written report which is distributed among all the employees. The area which requires improvement is highlighted so that main focus can be given to those activities. A project team is made which overview the activities and operations of the organization. Some strategies are required to be made by the project team in order to formulate a process which helps in enhancing the performance of the organization. 

2.The implications for management/ leadership are that awareness, understanding, and accommodation of difference and diversity enables the organisationto utilize a wide range of competencies, ideas, and information in order to develop and maintain a competitive edge. People have individual learning needs; we all perceive our needs differently and have preferred learning styles. Just as there are preferences in personality type, there are differences between learners.

3.Outcome: There are various outcomes for a given question. There are three responses available for a single question. Response A shows visualized learning. Response B implies the auditory way of learning and response C implies kinaestheticlearning style.

Activity 5

1.I have participated in a training program which helps me to develop ideas in improving the productivity. It helps to better coordinate with the people. The training program has enhanced some of my skills like communication, better interaction, and learning. The training program also provides some new ideas which will be fruitful in enhancing the performance.  The participation in the program is very effective and I gained some learning through the programs.

2.There is a need in the organisation to implement the ideas which are gained from the training program. There are various hurdles which have found while implementing. It makes me feel the little bit disappointing because the ideas are innovative and I feel it will enhance the performance of the organisation and improve the performance. There are many obstacles while implementing the same. There are other managers and employees whose approvals are needed in implementing the same. Different human resources have different views on the topic. Some do not agree with the innovation and changing process. Initially, I faced many problems in implementing the ideas.

3.There is an organisation named Qudos bank, it is a mutual bank which is providing a number of services related to finance. The bank provides a continuous learning process. The bank procedure helps in learning and development of an individual. The process leads to the personality and overall growth of an individual. Through its activities and channels and their policies, it helps in the development of the individuals working in the organization.

Activity 6

Research the knowledge and skills held by the following learning and development specialist roles. What functions do they typically undertake in organizations?

1.Training/ learning and development manager:They have the responsibility to identify the need for training provided to the employees and oversee the activities of the training.

2.Instructional designer:They provide guidelines to the employees as for how to perform the work. They are involving in formulating strategies to accomplish the main goal.

3.Workplace trainer:Workplace trainer provides straining to the employees in order to accomplish the task. They work as a supporter and administrator for the employees.

4.Workplace assessor:Workplace assessor helps in assessing the skills, capabilities, and knowledge of the employees and evaluates them in accordance with the requirements of the organization.

5.External learning and development consultant:Development consultant helps in risk management in relation to the organization.

Activity 7

1.This course is fruitful in boosting the confidence and helps to enhance the skills and learning.

2.Effective communication skills, leadership qualities and attracting and influencing people can help in applying the learning in a workplace.

3.Different viewpoints of the employees about the learning, people are not aware of the benefits of learning and also some cost involved in the training. No positive response from the employees and team members act as a barrier in the application of knowledge in the workplace.

4.Providing the positive outcomes of the learning to all the staff members and influencing the employees about the same.

5.The manager can assist and support in facilitating learning.

6.As a manager, I provide the facilities needed by the employees and motivating them in relation to learning.

Activity 8

Interstate conferences are useful in enhancing the performance of the organization. The summary of the interstate conferences is circulated to the entire staff to improve the overall performance. The process involves various strategies and techniques which can be used to enhance performance. The organisation such as Qudos bank is providing the employees various training and feedback to encourage and motivate them to attain the objective. Experiences of the other employees are also important to share with other employees to avoid the mistakes and errors.

Activity 9

Monthly sales report

Skill/ knowledge/ behaviour





Enhancement in sales





Proper resources





According to the budget





Adequate tools and techniques










Adequate Human resource





The list is prepared to access and consider the points which will improve the services of an organization. There are some obstacles faced to gain the data as some people do not have sufficient time to give feedback. The assessment of peer differs from the self-assessment and doing a peer assessment helps in determining the problems involved in an organization.

Activity 10

1.Some individual will not share their experience because of the fear to get insulted or people make fun of themselves. To negate this, efforts can be made to avoid these things in an organization. In a learning organization, it is necessary to avoid these practices, and a friendly culture can be promoted so that any knowledge and experience can be shared.

2.There are different types of network mentioned in an organization. The network of communication is best in sharing the knowledge. In an organization, such Qudos bank effective communication can lead to better results and remove hindrances.

3.The team members are encouraged to sustain their role in order to accomplish the objective of reducing the carbon footprint of the organization. A project is made which emphasis on providing services and products are made which are environment-friendly. The network of effective coordination is to be chosen which enhances the working and better communication can take place among the team members. In order to implement the plan, the employees are to be provided with the pros and cons of the project and a wide description is also to be provided.

Activity 11

1.It is very important to recognize the achievement of employees. The overall organisation can be benefitted by the quality of employees hired in an organization. It is helpful in learning innovative ideas and skills to perform the activities carried in an organization. It enhances the working of the organisation and results in effective delivery of the services. It provides a positive impact on other employees working in an organization.

2.I participated as a representative in the seminar. The seminar is arranged to create awareness regarding health. The importance of healthy food is discussed in the seminar.  I participated in the seminar and make some efforts to aware people the negative impacts of eating fast food. After completion, I got feedback from the audience that I performed very well and a certificate is also issued to me by the organizer. The feedback was given to me by way of some positive comments, emails and direct appreciation. It motivated me to participate and it helps in enhancing my communication skills. After termination of the seminar, I decided to teach in institutes and colleges regarding the impact of eating unhealthy food.

Activity 12

1.It is very important to evaluate the activity of learning. The learning activity emphasis on improving the skills and abilities of the employees in order to accomplish the target. As a manager, it is important to determine the effectiveness of the learning activity. The effectiveness of the learning activity is evaluated on the basis of performance of the employees. This will impact the organisation in a way which can enhance the goodwill or can affect the same by providing more satisfaction to the employees.

2.Tim is an accounting graduate who has a vast knowledge of accounting but lacks in writing skills. He has undergone various training in improving the writing skills but still, there is no improvement in his work regarding that. There is a need to improve the writing skills of the Tim. The organisation can itself has to arrange some training programs which can be provided to the employees. The training programs result in enhancing the performance and solving the issues faced by the employees. The trainer can oversee the activities of the employees on the continuous basis and supervise the employees in able to improve the writing skills. The trainer can provide the training in working hours and a little time is consumed by Tim in this process.

Activity 13

1.If providing training to a group of employees, the training should be provided in a way which enhances the skills and abilities of the employees. The training can be provided after reviewing the performance of the employees and providing them accordingly. There is the requirement of feedback from the employees. The feedback should involve the issues faced by the employees while attaining the training. The points which needs to improve while providing training. The feedback should be used in a manner which increases the effectiveness of the training so that and satisfactory services can be provided.

2.The feedback attended from the employees should include all the things which need to be considered in an organisation. The information contained in the feedback is properly reviewed and efforts should be made to focus upon and improve the services.

3.Feedback sheets play a very important role in evaluating work place training. It helps in evaluation of the services carried on in the organisation and consideration of the points which is helpful in enhancing the services. The feedback contains the drawbacks and issues which need to be resolved in an organisation.

4.Verbal questioning can be used as a mode to elicit the feedback as issues arising in the feedback can be solved. For example, in an organisation, the issues can be resolved of the employees by interactive mode of communication.  The effort can be made to resolve the issues and to improve the performance.

5.According to the feedback, a learning program is organized to resolve the issues obtained in a feedback. There e some organizations who gained feedback for positive comments but also the negative points to be considered in a manner to enhance the performance.

Activity 14

Course Title

Health and safety for office workers: Manual handling



Strongly agree




Strongly Disagree


The trainer clearly communicated concepts and ideas.







The trainer displayed effective training skills.







The trainer endeavoured to meet my learning needs.







The learning outcomes were made clear.







I was encouraged to actively participate.







The content was well planned.







Opportunities to ask questions/ clarify concepts were adequate.







The examples and illustrations used were helpful to me.







The course met my learning needs.







The course has prepared me to undertake my job role.







The time allocation was suitable.







The course manual was clear and well-sequenced.







The course manual was thorough.







The course manual will be a useful reference tool.







Other resources, if used, were useful: (give details)






What is your overall rating of this course?

Rating No. of participants responding in this category



Very good









It was all ‘talk and chalk’—no chance to ask questions.

I found the topic really interesting but not all of it is important to me in my job.

The instructor was very knowledgeable but it was obvious that they had a set manual to get through.

I would have liked the opportunity to do some of the techniques the trainer suggested.

Recommended changes:

There is a need in the organisation to provide various opportunities to ask questions, no employee or resource is to be forced to participate and also training should be provided which met the learning needs of the people. Various illustration sand examples can be taken to improve the learning.

Activity 15

1.There are various records which should be in an organisation. Some of the records are named as below:

a.Register of names of all employees.

b.Accounting records.

c.Pay scale registers of all the employees.

d.Attendance of the employees.

e.The term of joining of training and termination by the employees.

f.Register of employee guide.

g.Register involving names of the employees who need extra training and focus.

h.Register involving the process of training.

2.It is vital for any organisation to keep training records to access the performance of the employees, to improve the performance of the employees, to focus on the employees who need extra training, to evaluate the process of training and making changes according to the evaluation.

3.The training records which are maintained in an organisation can be accessed only by the managers and top level personnel who have the authority to access the information. No person without the permission of the managers can access the training records. The managers are not allowed to edit any information written in the training records.

Summative assessment1

Question no. 1

Specialist helps managers to teach different aspects of doing works. New innovative ideas are being introduced to complete different tasks in less time. The tasks are designed in such a way to gets complete in less time with fewer efforts. Easy and understandable languages are being used to frame guidelines to complete a task with correct procedures. Timely training is provided to the employees and workers to bring ease in their work. The specialist also helps managers to understand the task so that their personality gets improve with the help of training.

Question no. 2

Organizations need to organize training time to time so that proper development is being enhanced of the managers, employees, workers and staff members. With a maximum number of participants as individuals and group members, other people also think to participate and take advantage of the training programs and events. Their mental and physical personality gets improves they types of sessions. The productivity of the employee's increases, it also affects positively on the work efficiency on the job they do.

Question no. 3

Managers take care of their employees and workers along with other managers working at different levels of the organization. Managers provide timely training programs to improve the efficiency and productivity of their work. More knowledge about their work is provided to them to the better understanding about their job and completing their work with less ease and confidence. New innovative ideas are being introduced to complete their work. Sharing of ideas among them help them to keep their thoughts with confidence.

Question no. 4

Different methods and styles help to monitor the outcome of the work in the organization. Managers can prepare daily reports of the work done on daily basis. Individuals can prepare reports of their work completed by them. High-level managers keep a check of the work assigned to the staff people and check the status of work on the weekly basis. Taking feedbacks of the performance of the work to lower level managers and of new employees in small organizations. 

Summative Assessment 2

Project 1:

Learning is necessary in order to achieve the organizational goals and improve the performance of the employees working in the organization. It helps in assisting the gaps between the present performance and the future outcomes. In consideration from the individual point of view, it assists in the people to develop their potential competence. The organisationneeds to make the effective use of the knowledge and capabilities. The organization, in order to achieve the objectives, implements the training programs to train the employees so they become compatible in order to achieve the set objectives. It has to identify the needs of the employees in the workplace and takes action in accordance with that. It needs to be in conformity with the mission, vision, and values of the organization. The need of the organisationfalls into two categories:

1.Compliance and statutory: Organisationneeds to comply out with all the legislative requirements imposed from outside the organization.

2.Goals and strategies of the business: Decision makers will implement the policies that are vital for the growth of the organization.

There are various benefits for the team learning that accommodates in developing skills among each individual. It assists in the individual in learning training and other opportunities in the workplace. Existing team members support the new staff through training and other methodology.

An individual has the chance for the overall development. Senior members can incorporate the learning strategies in accordance with the available resources and the fixed budget. The best and most appropriate learning tools must be incorporated in guidance with the appropriate authorities. Learning can be provided in the form of formalized training program. Employees can work without the training but such training can prove hazardous to the employees if they will not know what to perform in case of any problem.

Formal training: Three staff trainers are appointed to deliver the training program. After providing them the training, assessment is to be done after the completion of training and feedback needs to be provided to the individual for their performance. Ultimo needs to be launched by the organization. Training can be conducted at any workplace through using books and manuals. Off the job training program must be useful as they are cost effective and through this, soft skills are developed in any individual.

On the job training: It is the most common method for providing training in order to develop the skills among the employee so that they will learn and then apply them in the workplace. The level of supervision is different in the job training. It is useful for the organisationas it will require some additional efforts and production from the employee. It enhances the value of training while developing specialized skills among the employees.

Identification of the level of the learning needs:

1.Job or group needs: what are the skills required to carry out the specific job in the organization?

2.Individual or team needs: What personal skills are needed by each individual or group in order to perform the task or need to do the job efficiently or needed to develop in accordance with the future requirements?

3.Legislative requirements: What legal implications are relevant for the industry? Is there any new legislation that may have the impact on the organization?

4.Organizational needs: What requirements are relevant in order to enable the organisationto deliver the best services to the customer?

Team performance plans: The performance plan of a team must be aligned with the objective of the organization. It can be enhanced with the aligning the performance plan with the team members according to the purpose, aligning the purpose of the team with the organizational objectives. Team performance plan comprises of the key performance indicators, various goals to improve the competency of the team and the overall goals of the team.

Individual performance plan: It will include the necessary skill required by the individual in order to perform the tasks. It will comprise of the expected outcome from the individual performance. The plan would indicate the target date up to which the individual must perform to achieve the goal. It must include the clear consequences occur if the individual fails to achieve the targeted goals.

In order to accommodate the diversity needs of the participants, the staff trainer must be well known with the clear sense of ethnic and cultural identities. They are fully committed to providing equity among all the participants. Various programs according to the demand of the employees are conducted in order to make them engage in the learning session. In order to maximize the participation, they must be asked to put relevant questions and answers in order to promote the learning in them. The way in which the staff trainers communicate with the participants must engage all the participants through the verbal and non-verbal clues.  Various activities are conducted by the staff members in order to promote the participation and learning among the employees.

The senior system engineer of the organisationwill be asked to help in order to do the coding for the proposed training program and to sort out any loopholes in the training system.  The staff trainers will be required for the assistance of conducting the training program. The external trainer who has well experienced in the field of training procurement must be asked to assist in the program.

The change need to be supported by the management and support must be provided in order to communicate and interact with the staff. Employees need to be more comfortable when they see that management supports them. The conditions after change must be broadcasted and what benefit must be achieved by the organisationmust be broadcasted so that all the participants support them. Changes will be implemented with the involvement of all the employees. The change must be communicated to the staff so they will know how it affects their jobs. Poor communication will result in mismanaging the work. Change needs to be following up and assess their working to check whether the necessary changes will deliver the required results.

The supervisor needs to be appointed for monitoring the learning activities that whether all the learners are on the correct path or not. Supervision needs to be done properly in order to yield the relevant results.

In order to encourage the team members, various monetary and non-monetary benefits must be provided to them so they share the necessary information with the other team members during the six months lead up time and help each other in gaining the relevant skills required.  After the launching of the ultimo, the seniors must be appointed who will take care of their respective juniors and assist them if they will face any problem.

Achievements have been recognized after achieving the required targets by the team members. The feedback of the team members must be taken in order to ascertain the relevant requirements and any difficulties faced by them. In accordance with the selling and delivering of the Ultimo courses, the performance of each individual must be measured by assigning them individual tasks and compare them performances in accordance with the allocated tasks. The performance of the overall team must be measured through the achievement of the objectives by the targeted groups. If the individual is having some kind of problem or providing the feedback in relation to the targeted work, he can be asked to have some additional work based support.

Interactive activities must be held in the workplace in order to involve each and every individual in the process of learning.  Feedback must be taken from each and every individual in accordance with the targeted performance. The team must be given group task so that they can manage accordingly in performing the tasks by them.  All the learners, as well as the group, must actively participate in the learning activity in order to widen the necessary skills and knowledge so they must apply them accordingly.

In accordance with the feedback and suggestions received from the learners, one can modify the manner of training procurement in the future and make them comfortable in the necessary outcomes so that each and every individual must work appropriately by learning proper skills and knowledge.  By modifying the learning outcome, it can assist in future learning arrangements. The feedback must be checked and improved necessarily in order to widen the skills and knowledge as per the requirements of the participants.

Feedbacks and suggestions received from the participants must be kept for the future requirements.  Certificates, eligibility criteria must be kept in accordance with the future requirements in order to remove the ambiguity among the participants. The form of training procedures must be kept for future proposes and assisting the staff in accordance with the draft. Training records must be kept to test the competency and to increase the necessary information and skills among the individuals.  It can be used as the basis for determining the goal and selecting the staff by matching the competency with the required skills. It can also prove beneficial in reviewing the personal progress in accordance with the overall objectives.

Project 2:

The requirement of learning is essential for the proper growth of every organization. Learning needs to be implemented at each and every stage in order to accomplish the goals of the organization.  TNT express Australia was announced as the best organisation for learning.  It is the organisation that provides continuous learning opportunities for its employees. It uses innovative technologies in order to provide learning methods and links the outcomes of learning with the goals and performance of the organization. The goals of any organisation must be achievable within the specified period.

In order to remain competitive in the market, one needs to be efficient in learning so that it can move ahead with regard to its competitors.  In order to effectively challenge the competitors, the internal and external environment must be studied properly in order to apply effective strategies for enhancing the knowledge and skills of the organization.  In order to increase the learning capabilities, it is necessary to implement adaptive and generative learning among the employees.

Learning organisation is the term that is given to the organisation that promotes the learning among its members in order to transform itself.  It is developed due to increased pressure of competition in the business environment. It needs to be implemented by the organisation that acquires the knowledge and enough capable of surviving in the dynamic environment.  It assumes that learning is the ongoing process that needs to be implemented in order to develop the overall skill and capability among the employees to perform the tasks assigned.

Learning organizations comprise of the five main activities that may include problem-solving by the systematic approach, learning in accordance with some past experience, learning through the experience of others and transforming the knowledge efficiently in the practices of the organization. By integrating and manage the activities into the daily operations, a company can be able to perform the tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Continuous learning is the continuous updating of the skills through learning and increasing knowledge. Developing the culture of investing in people is developed in the present organisationby providing training to the existing employees instead of hiring the new ones. The organizations want to keep the employees in order to retain the talent.  It assists in developing the trust among the existing employees so they work with full enthusiasm and engaged in the existing work.  It assists in having the better information in order to provide the solution to the existing customers. Every person in the organisation is responsible for solving the queries of the customer and the only methods to solve their query is to through the power of knowledge. Training must be provided to them so they will apply the necessary skills in the betterment of the product. In the dynamic environment, changes need to be implemented in order to survive in the competitive environment. When the organisation provides the necessary care and trust to the employees, it can expect the same from its existing employees. It helps in building the environment where all the employees help each other and provide the meaningful solution. It helps in building the rich culture among the existing employees. The organisation mission must include the training and development operations in order to maintain the long term and short term strategies.  The goals of the organisation must be inconsistent with the mission and vision of the organization. 

Continuous learning should be implemented by every organization. Training and development initiatives must be provided to each and every employee in order to boost the overall development of the employee. All the actions of the training and development must be conformity with the mission and vision of the organizations.  It assists the employees in developing the strong sense of commitment among them.  The training and development process would consist of the four main stages that will include the strategy of the business, training and development initiatives to be developed among the employees, the process of training and development and the metrics that will represent the value of the training.

The learning activities are integrated into the organisation in accordance with the values and the quality. It recognizes the effect that learning and development are the basic needs in the success and the growth of the organization. In the modern times, learning is essential for the overall success. It focuses on the improvement of the workforce that improves the skill and empowered the employees in regard thereof.  TNT express is the organisation that believes in the internal promotion and career advancement of the existing employee and develops skills in them accordingly. 

They have the self-imposed internal recruitments in order to develop the skills and career of the individuals.  The organisation has won various national awards for its strategies related to learning and development methods.  In order to excel at the jobs, they will provide necessary skills and training to the employees.  It conducts a program in order to ensure the well-being of the employees so the employees will maintain the work-life balance among themselves.  They focus more on the well-being of the employees in order to keep them safe, healthy and happy.  The organisation focuses on building the inclusive culture and provides support to all the employees coming from the different culture.  It is promoting the technologies in order to enhance the learning among the employees that assist the employees in working smarter instead of harder.

The tangible benefits that can receive by the organisation as result of providing effective learning are that the employees can develop the bond of trust with the existing employees. The employees will work with full enthusiasm and motivation in order to accomplish the necessary goals. They may provide feedback to the companies if they are facing any trouble or want any help from others.  They manage the health and safety through system based approach.  All the business units need to maintain the health requirement up to the standard requirement.  The operations of the TNT are in compliance with the laws and standards of the environment.