BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Relationship Proof Reading Service

BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships Assignment

BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Relationship Proof Reading Service


JKL industry is an Australian owned organisation, which primarily deals in selling tractors and spare parts. The organisation is planning new business plans but facing poor communication channels. It is highly important to have effective communication mechanism in an organisation for a consistent flow of information. Various activities are planned to resolve communication barriers and to improve top-down and bottom –up communication channels. Further, there is an attempt to improve workplace relations of the organisation through the grievance procedure, networking plans etc.

BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships Assignment

Task 1

Part A: Communication Planning Portfolio

JKL industries are initiating a new business plan of change in its selling structure through organisation restructure. The organisation is developing retail sales in medium and large trucks and excluding itself from the rental business. For achieving the new business goals, the organisation needs to formulate a business communication strategy for eliminating the poor business communication channels and for inclining employee’s efforts with management objectives for overall success.

Communication strategy

Communication refers to the exchange of ideas and information between sender and recipient. An effective communication in an organisation leads to proper conveying of information and fulfillment of organisational goal. Therefore, communication strategy must be formed to provide proper communication channels to both employees and management for the flow of information as well as for feedback mechanism (Singhal et. al., 2012).

Communication objectives

1. Effective internal communication mechanism through a proper policy framework.

2. Top- down and bottom-up communication flow for enhanced communication network.

3. Channelizing of proper feedback mechanism (Singhal et. al., 2012).

Major communicator

Senior management- Management prepares and executes business plans and policies. They form organisation objectives to be fulfilled. These activities need to be conveyed to the entire team for proper working.

Working employees- Employees are the means through which the organisational needs are achieved. They need to have a proper bottom-up conversation to resolve their queries (Singhal et. al., 2012).

Methods of communication- The industry needs to make constant communication with its employees regarding sales services and clients requirements. The best media for communication are emails &telephonic.


Email (Electronic mail)


Email is a written form of communication. It is a formal method, in which any information/ attachment can be conveyed within seconds. It is the best method for the organisation as it would allow quick and fast communication and would also reduce time consumption for a personal talk. 




It is the fastest and cheapest form of communication. The organisation must install intercom at all the levels for improved conversation (Argenti & P., 2015).


Bottom-up consultation-For effective workplace & employee relation, it is highly important for bottom-up consultation. Currently, the organisation is facing numerous consultation issues due to non-adherence of employee’s consultation (Danaher & Rossiter, 2011).

Two provisions

Monthly employee meeting- Meetings and discussions provide opportunities to employees to place their issues and consultation in front of management. Currently, the employees are not satisfied with their pay conditions and this causes dissatisfaction among them. They would provide their reviews such as an increase in pay etc. Since there would be a direct conversation; management can instantly provide their feedback.


Constant supervision-A supervisor must be appointed who constantly supervise and consult with the employees. This supervisor would convey the information to the management and thus, this mechanism would lead to improved work processes. On the other hand, the manager would also convey management feedback to the employees (Danaher & Rossiter, 2011).

Grievance procedure

Grievance refers to a formal complaint regarding any dissatisfaction event. In an organisation, it is common for the employees to have grievance or dissatisfaction regarding any business change or business policy (Polster & J, 2011). Therefore, it is indeed necessary for setting up of a grievance procedure for effective employee relations and for better workplace atmosphere. The organisation can follow up, the following grievance policy-

depicting dissatisfaction among an employee regarding any event

1. Formulation of standard grievance submission form.

2. Setting up of a time period for submission of the grievance form by the aggrieved employee.

3. Any unsatisfied employee, who is unhappy with any policy, can provide a written grievance through the form to the head of the department, within the time limit.

4. The department, then shall call up a meeting between the aggrieved and the management to resolve the matter.

5. The final decision must be submitted in a written form to the aggrieved employee and with the head of the department as well (, 2017). 

Part B: Presentation to the senior management team

Presentation to the senior management team

Presentation to the senior management team

JKL industry is an Australian owned industry. The organisation primarily deals in selling small trucks, forklifts, and spare parts. The organisation is going through a big change in its business plan. The organisation has planned for selling a new range of medium and large trucks through overseas suppliers and closure of rental sector as it has been incurring continuous losses. New business objectives have to be laid down but currently, organisation is facing improper communication channels. This is the biggest hindrance in the path of success.

Presentation to the senior management team

The current organisation goal could be achieved through enhanced effective communication channel. Currently, the organisation has not executed any of the modern communication tools. With the advancement of technology, communication has become simpler through various tools and techniques such as emails, telephones, the internet, direct communication through teleconferencing etc. These are faster and effective means of communication. The organisation could use these for improving the flow of conversation.

Presentation to the senior management team

The benefits of communication are numerous. Constant communication eliminates any form of misleading or misguidance in the workplace. JKL is planning new business plan. Thus, it highly needs to improvise its channels for proper flow of information. The organisation can improvise its emails and intercom facility for improved conversation. These techniques are faster and cheaper.

Presentation to the senior management team

JKL industry has been working for the past 12 years in the field of retail services of small trucks and spare part and leasing business. In order to increase, business profitability and revenue, the organisation plans for a new venture into retail sale of large and medium trucks. New business objectives can be fulfilled through improved means of communication and better workplace relations. The JKL is on the verge of change and changes are resisted in everywhere. Therefore, it needs to implement strategies to facilitate changes in the workplace.

Presentation to the senior management team

The major organisation needs are to implement effective communication tool for better internal communication. Internal communication refers to communication within an organisation for conveying formal information among employees. It is vital for achieving organisation goal. Currently, JKL wants to beat its competitors through its objectives. This could be achieved if the organisation focuses on the improved workplace relations and employee’s relations through effective communication tools and techniques.

Presentation to the senior management team

For better workplace relations & proper employee’s relations, various external regulations are formed with a view to understand the need of employees and to maintain stability in the employer-employee relationship. The external regulations who pose regulations in Australia are WHS (Workplace health & safety) consultations, industrial relations, and varied anti-discrimination laws. WHS is primarily responsible for safety regulations at the workplace. Anti-discrimination laws are formed for analysing any form of discrimination in respect of race, religion, sex, and color among employees.

Presentation to the senior management team

Business ethics refers to morale operations in an organisation between employer-employee relationships.  Workplace relations could be better only through proper ethical conduct on the part of employer and employee. As an employer, he/ she needs to be fair for payment of wages to all its employees, must be loyal in providing equal job opportunities to all the employees. Further, it is the responsibility of the employer, to provide a proper grievance mechanism for addressing and resolving employee’s grievances.

Presentation to the senior management team

The employee also needs, to be honest and loyal towards employer and the organization. The employee must be true and fair in its working and be responsible for all kinds of work provided to them. Any relationship can be built over through trust and reliability which can be achieved by not talking rubbish or spreading rumors about the organisation. Further, an employee should also contribute in resolving organisation conflicts. Thus, it can lead to better workplace relations.

Presentation to the senior management team

For effective communication implementation in the organisation, it is important to have proper communication in the organisation. Communication can be improved through the installation of emails systems and intercoms in the organisation. These will have the employees in direct conversation between an employee and employer. These are also quite fast and reliable. The major audience in the communication channel is management, individual employees of the different department. These are required to have a constant flow of conversation for better deals and sales.

Presentation to the senior management team

JKL is facing the huge issue in a bottom up a conversation. The employees on their part are unable to convey their information to the management. There are various mechanisms which are useful for bottom-up process. Bottom-up process leads to sharing of employee’s information to the above level. This creates a sense of satisfaction and teamwork among employees. Further, any employee grievance can also be resolved through these processes.

Presentation to the senior management team

Examples are monthly meeting with the direct head department. Employees can convey their information, issues or grievance to direct their head, which can further convey the information to the management. It is useful as it happens at certain regular intervals. Second, best method is direct communication with the supervisor. This supervisor can resolve issues and will also convey information to the management head.

Presentation to the senior management team

JKL industries will be highly benefitted due to effective communication channels. Effective communication will improve workplace relations and employee’s relations through the proper flow of communication and elimination of misleading statements. The organisation can improve its sales and purchase by having a direct conversation with its employees and can increase its profitability.

Presentation to the senior management team

Finally, it can be concluded that for an organisation improved workplace relations and employee relation is highly important for achieving overall organisational goals. Effective communication channels, proper business ethical relations, grievances procedures etc all helps in increasing employee relations and leads to retention of employees and staff in the organisation.

Presentation to the senior management team

Continuing from the last slide, communication means such as emails, the internet, telephone etc. helps in faster and reliable business communication. Therefore, these must be installed by the JKL industry for achieving the new business objectives and goals. Further, it should also hold proper grievance mechanism for resolving employee’s issues and grievances. Thus, an organisation can lead to better employee relations and better workplace relation.

Presentation to the senior management team

Presentation to the senior management team

Task 2

Questions 1

The scenario clearly depicts cultural diversity in the organisation but the lack of proper cultural sensitivity among the employees. Team behavior with some of the non-Christians violates the following two policies of the organisation, which are JKL policies incorporate promotion of cultural diversity in the organisation and encourage cooperation among employees for team work. The organisation also adheres to the legislation formed for proper treatment of a human. Anti-discrimination laws have been formed in Australia for equality among all individuals.

depicting team conflict

Policies for promotion of cultural diversity

1. Organisations need to provide access to the facilities to all the employees irrespective of cultural differences. Also, all the employees must have equal access to upcoming opportunities for promotions or increment.

2. Organisation itself should arrange get-togethers for celebrations of varied festivals irrespective of religious concern.

3. Any form of misbehavior should be addressed through face to face conversation (Logan, 2012).

The organisation can make certain changes in its policies such as it that managers and supervisors must be held responsible for countering any discrimination or unjust behavior. Also, it can form policy for small get-together every month for making informal conversation and familiarisation. For resolving the current issue, the head supervisor should take initiative to accommodate the non-Christians and to familiarise them with other colleagues (Logan, 2012).

Question 2

The bad behavior of employees has adversely affected the team members and their unity. Being a manager, it is quite apt to resolve the issue through direct conversation with the employees. In the meeting, the issues can be directly communicated. The major issues were up supportive behavior with non-Christians during Christmas celebrations, lack of mutual concern and togetherness rather rude and free care attitude.

The situation could be well-handled through acknowledging their opinions regarding the wrong behavior without direct allegations. The Manipulative style would be the best way to feel them apologetic for the conduct of wrong behavior.  In manipulative style, the manager could ask the members for the reason of their unbearable behavior towards few employees. In manipulative style, the speaker speaks in such a way so as to influence other’s opinions in accordance with its own needs and advantage. As a manager, this style has often helped me in resolving issues. During a fight between a client and a sales person, due to different discount offers at different tractors. The fight was resolved by explaining the client in manipulative style about the benefits of the small tractor and difference of quality between the high discounted tractor and a less discounted product (Finn, 2010).

Question 3

In the context of communication, networking refers to the building of relationships and contacts with stakeholders. As a manager, it is highly important to build relationships with internal as well as external stakeholders to achieve pre-defined goals and for the betterment of the organisation. Being a new manager, a networking plan could be formed, which will include networking objectives and activities to be conducted for networking. The best networking methods would be personal meetings, business gatherings, and email marketing. This would help the manager to be in contact with all the stakeholders (Rahah, 2014).

Advantages of Networking-

Networking with internal stakeholders

Networking with employees, managers etc. would help in accumulating past information about the company. These would familiarize the manager with the previous suppliers, business environment. Networking can be done through meetings & employees evaluation.

External stakeholders

For organisation growth, networking is immensely useful with stakeholders like suppliers, business networks etc. This could be achieved through the formation of networking plans, business seminars, frequent meetings with big suppliers, social platforms.

At a business event of the manufacturer of varied range tractors really helped in the business growth. The business event created a lot of contacts with the tractors suppliers all over Australia and New Zealand. This helped in the creation of various suppliers/ contractors of tractors. Through this networking, the organisation gained a lot of suppliers at a cost and thus, helped the organisation in the reduction of cost (Rahah, 2014).

Question 4

The sales team of the organisation faces different issues namely, issues with suppliers and issues with customers. Sam has issues with suppliers mainly, relates to irregular delivery dates, high costs, harsh relationships etc. Alex, another team member, has issues with customers who don’t understand the sales deal and increase credit terms. He also has harsh relationships. These issues clearly, predict the lack of networking and professional relationships traits in the sales team (Verbeke et. al., 2011). The issues of Sam and Alex are described as in the scenario are provided with the following professional plan.

Action plan for Sam

Networking activity



Description/rationale for networking activity

Constant touch with supplier’s competitors through personal meetings. 


3 months

This will provide in-depth knowledge regarding other suppliers cost and delivery duration. On this basis, he can keep his views with his suppliers or else can even switch to other suppliers.

Contacts with suppliers another customer.


3 months

This would provide opinions and views of other customers to know their relationships with the supplier.

Action plan for Alex

Networking activity



Description/rationale for networking activity

Social activities


3 months

A social platform such official websites, Facebook pages etc. can be used for sharing information regarding big deals featuring all the benefits of deals.

Emails activities


3 months

It can share information regarding strict credit terms & conditions.

Task 3

Role play guidance session

HR Business partner (Brisbane branch) - Good morning, How are you doing?

Rental Manager- Good morning, Sir. I am fine.


HR- I heard about the rental employee issue. Tell me the issue in detail and how can I help you in that?

Rental Manger- Sir, the concern is regarding an employee from the rental department, who is unhappy about the organisation new business plan to close down the rental department due to continuous losses. This plan has caused fear among the employees regarding the loss of their jobs and insecure futures. The issue has grown serious as that employee is indented to create a union strike in regard to closure as well as the payment mechanism of the organisation. The other issue among employees is regarding low payment mechanism in the organisation. They feel that the organisation is not paying enough as compare to other organisation. Employees are highly unsatisfied with the payments and can take any harmful act against the organisation. I am quite scared as a strike would cause harm to our reputation.

HR- Ok. Surely, the issue is quite serious but I would like to inform you that the organisation restructures are not indented to fire any of the rental employees rather we had planned to provide proper training sessions to rental employees for other business activities. This is a major part of our plan to retain employees and minimize the cost of new recruitment.

As far as the payment issues are concerned, the organisation is already paying according to the Modern awards. Also, I am glad to tell you that in the near future all the employees will get a better pay according to the enterprise bargaining system. I am sure this is good news for all the employees.

Rental Manager- This is good news for all the employees of the organisation. I am sure this news will help in retention of employees. Also, I am going to publicise the information you just gave to avoid any form of employee’s strikes.

HR Manager- I hope now your issues are resolved and the situation could well handle.

Rental manager- Yes sir, surely. I am relieved. The new business plan would surely be fruitful for our organisation.

Action Plan



Person/s responsible

Description of strategy/
tactic/rationale for action

Resources, if required

HR meeting with manager (rental)

1 day (2 hours)

HR Business Partner (you)

To know the possible solution of the employee grievance and actions for refraining employee’s strike.

Proper cabin setup.

Rental manager meeting with aggrieved employee

1 day (2 hours)

Rental manager

Proper writing grievance must be resolved at the meeting by the manager. The issues of the employees must be resolved through adequate reply.

Proper cabin setup.

Rental employees meeting

1 day (3 hours)

Rental Manager and HR Manager & Supervisor

For providing detail information about the company new business plans and strategy of training & development of rental employees.

Conference hall and meeting set-up.

Seminar for new payment plans in future

1 day (2 hours)

Manager, HR manager & supervisor

There should be detail information regarding the new payment mechanism in near future.

Conference hall and management of the meeting.


The above activities clearly depict the importance of maintaining workplace relations and effective employee’s relations in an organisation. JKL industry faces numerous communication issues, workplace relations and employees grievances etc. As a manager of the organization, these issues are resolved through proper action plans, networking strategies.


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