BSBITU202 Create and use spreadsheets Proof Reading Services

BSBITU202 Create and use spreadsheets Assessment

BSBITU202 Create and use spreadsheets Proof Reading Services



1. Adjust workspace, furnitureandequipment to suit own ergonomic, workorganisationand work health and safety (WHS) requirements. What is the correct position for your feet hands and neck when facing a computer screen write 3 bullet points?

A) The height of the chair should be such that the feet should be placed flat on the floor. The knees position after placing the feet on the floor should be equal to the position of the hips and slightly less than hips. The footrest can be used for the if the feet used to be dangle for the particular individual.

B) The height of the keyboard should be adjusted in such a way that the hands and the wrist should be straight. The shoulders should be relaxed in such a way so that hand and the wrist should be straight. Wrists rest should be used for the neutral posture for any individual. The wristrest help in resting the palm of the hands between keystrokes. An individual should not use wristrest at the time of typing.

C) The screen of the monitor should be adjusted in such a way that there should not be any problem of awkward posture. The adjustment of the screen should be better so the neck should be relaxed. This would help in maintaining the overall posture of the body.

2. Use energy and resource conservation techniques to minimize wastage in accordance with organizational and statutory requirements, read below what is Nestle makers of Nescafe doing for the planet in 3 points.

For the conservation of the energy by 25% as compared with of the year 2005, the Nestle have to implement the guidelines of the clean energy council. The clean energy council used to cover the 400 business that are operating in the Australia. The business council of sustainable energy (BCSE) and AusWind used to provide the methods so the sustainability in using the energy can be attained by the business. The use of wind energy is signifying that nestle is using the clean energy its some production units. The inclusion of such technology in the production that helps in using the energy efficiently by the Nestle is done.

Aluminium, Steel, Glass, Paper, Plastic bags are used in the packaging of the products of the Nestle so the recycling of the wastage of these articles is done to attain the same new product that is used in the further packaging of the Nestle product.

The implementation of the National waste policy is used to be applied in the Nestle that would help this company in attaining the zero waste goals till 2020. The waste should be reduced in the company, waste is the responsibility of the company that the waste that is created by the company at the time of any type of production. This responsibility comes under National Waste Policy. The operations should be used by the company such that there would be less wastage in the company so that the sustainability can be acquired.

NESTLE Resource efficiency

Our commitment: Improve resource efficiency in our operations

To do more with fewer resources and generate less waste, we use the most efficient technologies and processes to further optimise energy and water consumption; use sustainably managed renewable energy sources; recover value from by-products; and minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2015, we launched the Nestlé Commitment to reduce food loss and waste, and played a leading role in developing the Consumer Goods Forum’s Resolution against food wastage.

Our objectives

By 2015: Reduce energy consumption per tonne of product in every product category to achieve an overall reduction of 25% versus 2005.

By 2015: Achieve zero waste for disposal in 10% of our factories.

By 2020: Achieve zero waste for disposal in our sites.

3. Identify spreadsheet task requirements and clarify with relevant personnel as required. Who is the main person that determines what data you will enter into a spreadsheet work?
Requirements: -Computer System & MS office is required for completing this task.

Supervisor and accounting department: - Supervisor supervises the different data and the accounting information that are available to that particular individual. Then the different methods are adopted that would help making financial data management for the company for the sustainability of the company.   


1. Ensure data is entered in micros, checked and amended in accordance with organizational and task requirements, to maintain consistency of design and layout.

2. Format spreadsheet using excel functions; to adjust page and cell layout to meet information requirements, in accordance with organisational style and presentation requirements

3. Ensure formulae are used and tested to confirm output meets task requirements, in consultation with appropriate personnel as required.

Formula used
Total Cost = Quantity*Price



1. Select chart type and design that enables valid representation of numerical data and meets organisational and task requirements.
2. Create a chart using appropriate data range in a spreadsheet.

3. Modify chart type and layout using formatting features.



1. Ensure spreadsheet and any accompanying charts are previewed, adjusted and printed. (in accordance with organizational accuracy, time  and task requirements)

2.  Name and store spreadsheet in accordance with organizational requirements and exit application without data loss/damage.