BSBITB501 Establish Maintain Computer Network Proof Reading Service

BSBITB501 Establish Maintain Workgroup Computer Network Assessment

BSBITB501 Establish Maintain Computer Network Proof Reading Service

Assessment Task 02- (Written Report) IT professionals


There are three IT Professionals who assist the development of the charity with the 15- 20 staffs. The professionals are computer engineer, software engineer and the IT trainer; they help the charity achieving its objectives. The objectives of the charity is to modify the stand- alone computer to integrated workgroup computer network. The report involves the three IT professionals and the requirement of infrastructure to meet the network capability.

BSBITB501 Establish Maintain Workgroup Computer Network Assessment

Identify at least three accessible IT professionals

The three IT professional are computer engineer, software engineer and IT trainer that helps in the development of the charity. The IT professionals are:

Computer engineer

The computer engineer is employed for the installation of the hardware and the software which is used in the organization to manage the business. The charity needs the computer engineer for the development in the organization. The computer engineer performs the activity of installation of hardware and software as per the requirement of the charity. The charity requires the software system for the day-to-day transactions and maintains its financial statement. Therefore, the computer engineers as per the requirement install the software and hardware.  

Software engineer

The charity needs the software engineer for the design, maintenance, evaluation, and development of the software and the system. The software contains the software work in the computers and helps in the installation of the software. The software engineers are concern with all the aspects of the software production and perform the task of the research, develop, and test operating system of the software. The software engineer helps the charity by developing, maintaining and operating the software.

IT Trainer

IT Trainer is the people who are responsible for providing training to the people for the different purpose of the computer. The charity needs the IT trainer for the conducting training programs for its staffs. They are the technical experts with the defined communication skills and they are appointed by the charity as the internal resource. They teach the staffs about the computer, software and the hardware. It is important for any organization to provide training that will enhance the skill of the employee and motivates them to achieve the desired goals of the charity.

Network diagram

The discussion with the IT professional reflects that: -

1. There is an immediate requirement of giving training to the employees so that they make adequate usage of the implemented IT infrastructure.

2. Before giving training there is need to examine the skill set of the employees.

3. On the basis of the results segregate the employees in order to get the suitable training sessions.

4. Managers need to render adequate level of support in assessing the requirement of the training sessions.

5. There is need to arrange the suitable hardware and software that get utilised in their organisation.


It is to be concluding from the above report that the Charity needs the three professional that develops the organization and direct the employees towards the achievement of the desired objectives. The professionals help the organization to couple the activities related to the computer skills. The professionals worked as the success key to the charity.