BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain a Workgroup Computer Network

BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain a Workgroup Computer Network Help

BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain a Workgroup Computer Network

Develop a set of procedure documents


The Adept Owl Games Company is the Australian company which used to generate Dice and Card Games for the system. The help desk is the work of the department that helps the customer of the company by listening to their technical complaints regarding the products.  It is necessary to have the help desk worker that answers the question of the customers.  The help desk staff needs to log the calls of the customer and categorised it accordingly. The query of the customer needs to be answered either by phone calls, email or electronic systems. There is need of a leader who builds a strategic network in order to fulfil the personal and professional goals. There is need to provide training to the new staffs and it is the responsibility of the help desk manager to manage training, monitoring and supervising. Managers need to investigate the technology in the company and monitor the trends of the technology. If the company requires the changes then the manager has installed the new technology according to the organisational requirements.

BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain a Workgroup Computer Network Help

In order to achieve the personal and professional goal of the Adept Owl Games Company, there is a need to develop the procedures of documents which are as follows:

Logging helpdesk calls and categorising appropriately

The staffs need to attend the calls of the customers and answer the customer politely or calmly. It is expected from the help desk staff that he/ she gives the resolution to the basic problems in respect to the complexity of the problem. There is need to identify the experience of the specific problems. Staffs have to provide all the general information which is required by the customers. Helpdesk sometimes offers the level 1, level 2 and level 3 support of responsibility. Level 1 involves that the stuff can be resolved in one contact, level 2 involves some research with the investigation. And the level 3 responsibility of staff suggests them to be involved in the internal team of the organisation. The company used to produce the card and dice game for the system so the call received by the help desk with respect to the connection of games and his installation problems.

Response to helpdesk calls (via phone, email, electronic systems)

It is necessary to response the calls of the customers either by emails, phone calls or electronic systems. The help desk satisfies the customers more quickly and efficiently. The time of solving problems to the customer is tracked by the software which measures the time of beginning and closing of the calls. Employees used the six sigma technique for the isolation of the customers. It involves the step by step implementation and the first step is measuring the problems, analyse the problem, generate the ideas for the problem, evaluate and improve the results, suggests control measures to the problems and at the last step record the entire story of the customer’s problem. The customer needs that their problem must be listened by the company and the Adept Owl Games Company has the help desk department to satisfy the customer by resolving their problem and answering them properly.

Response to helpdesk calls

Assisting advanced users in more efficient network practices

It is the responsibility of the help desk manager to arrange the advance users for the efficient network practices. The group of help desk employee needs a leader who influences them to work hard to satisfy the customer. The leader used to motivate the employee and direct them towards the achievement of the organisational goal. The manager has to ensure that the technology used by the employee in dealing with the customer is working or not. The manager has to investigate the technological requirements of the organisation and also monitor the recent trends of the technology in the market. There is software that is used to store the information of the customers and their purchasing. The software such as transaction or financial software used by the company to build the strong network with the customers. The advance user should be assisted to deal with the customers that can create a relation with the customers. The experienced employee brings productivity in the company. The less they practice the network, and then they become less efficient in the company. It is the managers’ responsibility to guide the employee and assist them to do practice.  

Providing training to users, especially new staff

For the efficient practice of the employee, the manager needs to provide training to the employee. The training gives motivation and confidence to the employee. The manager is able to provide the information to the employee about the policy of the organisation through the training program.  The training must be provided to the newly recruited staff to enhance their skills and knowledge related to dealing with customers and the products which the company is delivering. The employee requires the skills and knowledge to develop the workgroup network of the computer with the information technology consultant. The manager can manage the network by responding to the problem of the customer, keeping a record, and assisting users by providing training to them.

Installing software as required (within organisational requirements)

There is need to install the software required by the organisation in accordance with the customer information, product information, and the transaction information. The manager needs to install the software according to the company’s requirement. The manager has to ensure that the skilled employee uses the effective technology to achieve the efficiency in the work. With the modification in the software, there is need to modify the hardware also according to the organisational requirement. As the manufacturer of the Adept Owl Games Company instructs to modify the change in the machine for making the games of card and dice more interesting. 

Managing record keeping of all help-desk interactions

There is the need to keep the record of all call records of the customer regarding the problem in the game. The help desk interaction with the customer is tracked by the software system. The beginning and the closing call time has been recorded by the company, it is an information collecting process that is used the company.


From the above report, it is to be concluded that the manager has to provide training to the employees regarding the software and techniques used by the company. The manager has to monitor the company’s requirement of software and hardware and then made the modification according to the requirement. The help desk interaction with the customer should be kept in the record and the employee needs to answer the phone calls properly and politely.