BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain Computer Network Editing Service

BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain a Workgroup Computer Network

BSBITB501 Establish and Maintain Computer Network Editing Service

It is assesment 04 which is a part of BSBITB501 establish and maintain a workgroup computer network.

Task 4


The report discuss about the way computer network system assist the management of the Adept Owl Games Company in performing various business. It also provides us understanding the resources required implementing the same in the existing process of the business and what is the key factor which needs to be considered at the time of implication.

Power point presentation

Power point presentation

Power point presentation

Identify the type of workgroup computer network required 

The workgroup is the computer network of the marketing operating system which helps the workgroup to share files, printer and internet connection. In workgroup computer system all the computers utilized at the workplace rely on the centralized authentication. The workgroup is the centrally managed network of the computer which doesn’t require the server.  In this network scalability of the future company growth is limited as it is not efficient way to implement the management of each workstation.  The major problem with the workgroup system is that it requires account and password for each machine and is not scalable if the company is lot of computer to conduct its operation. It also requires much time for the setup of new users and requires at least ten networks to implement the system. To implement the workgroup network the organization needs to install the required hardware, servers and mainframe for the purpose of sharing the file between the networks. Also the management of the Adept Owl Games Company needs to ensure the proper internal as well external maintenance of the required system.  The company also needs to identify the skills and knowledge required and the required memory size to implement the system. Also they need to determine the scalability of the system and the required set of needs for implementing the system. The workgroup computer will also require software, operating system, programming and application package.  The company also needs to install the virus scanner and the required security to prevent the system from being misused.

Identify the equipment and the software required

The Adept Owl Games Company requires certain equipment to effectively implement the workgroup computer network to effectively manage the business operation.  The company will require the computer, hardware and other peripheral to implement the network in the current setup of the business.  The company will also require the modem which will provide the internet access to create the link between the different systems. The implementation of the system also requires a server and software to connect the system with the centralized unit and effectively manage all the operation of the company. The company will require external consultant, IT manager, service provider and the system users to effectively manage the system.  The various software which will be required by the company to implement the system are accounting, antivirus,  database, internet, printer, word processing, spread sheet etc. This software will assist the management in performing various roles at the different level of the organization.  To effectively protect and manage the business the management needs to mention the clear instruction or guideline which is to be followed at the workplace. Also the effort needs to be made to prevent the duplication of the electronic storage of information.  The management needs to use the logical set up and effort to improve the reporting process which helps in maximizing the access to the information. Also the effort needs to be made to reduce the processing time and provide adequate training to the staff to use the required system.

Outline the data management and the security measure to be implemented

The management of the Adept Owl Games Company needs to effectively manage the data and adopt the security system to make the effective use workgroup computer network. To prevent the data the company needs to use the assets register, detail of licensing of the software and the location of the software within the organization. The other methods for preventing the data is by maintain the file register, index card, inventory book and required form. Also the control and security measures included allocation of folder and sub-folder and creating the authorized access to the key information of the business.  The management also needs to monitor the stock level and the storage condition and requirement to prevent the data.  The filling and storing software may include creating back-up copy and organization of information storage room and records room.

Describe the training required for the users, including any required skills and audit

To make the effective utilization of the system the organization needs to make effort to provide the required training to the staff.  The training program should include the expert demonstration of the way existing system may be used. The management also needs to conduct the information session to provide the required skills and knowledge.  The training can also be provided by conducting one-on-one training and by arranging appropriate workshops. The people working on the system should also have the required skills and knowledge to work on the system as the success of the system depends on the efficiency with which it is used.       

 Outline the timeline for implementing the workgroup computer network

The workgroup computer should be implemented in the planned way failure to which causes huge loss to the company. The implication of the system required huge resources and time as there are various complexity involved in implementing them in the current system of the business. The company will require around 3 days to plan the way the system will be implemented in the current business format. Further 10 more days will be required to acquire the required resources and train the staff for working on the system.

Estimate the cost of implementing the workgroup computer network

The implementation of the workgroup computer network required huge cost so proper analyse needs to be made before implementing the same. The major cost involved in executing the system is on establishing the network requirement which required necessary hardware and software to implement the system.  The cost is also incurred to acquire the resources for working on the system and provide adequate training to them to develop required skills and knowledge.


So the above report has provided us with the understanding the way workgroup computer system assist the management of the the Adept Owl Games company in performing various business role. It has also provide the understanding the way it can be implemented in the current process of the business.